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For its breathtaking natural beauty, pristine oceans, and opulent resorts, French Polynesia is renowned. Yet Maupiti Guesthouse gives a special chance to immerse oneself in the local culture and discover a less well-known island paradise for those looking for a more genuine and off-the-beaten-path experience.


Guesthouse bedroomLocation and Accommodations


The Maupiti Guesthouse is situated on Maupiti, a tiny coral atoll in the Society Islands of French Polynesia. Because it is significantly less developed than some of the more well-known tourist locations like Tahiti or Bora Bora, this island is frequently referred to as the “untouched gem” of French Polynesia. Maupiti is a serene island with a population of only 1,200 people that is virtually unspoiled by tourists.



The actual guesthouse is situated on a stretch of fine white sand beach with views of a turquoise lagoon that is teeming with many species of marine life. A local family that has been residing on the island for several generations runs the guesthouse, and they are devoted to sharing their customs and way of life with visitors.


Traditional Polynesian-style bungalows that are modest yet cozy and furnished with contemporary conveniences like free Wi-Fi and air conditioning make up the lodgings at Maupiti Guesthouse. Each of the bungalows has a private balcony with views of the lagoon and is constructed of native materials like bamboo and thatch. The guesthouse also has a community eating area where visitors may savour delectable meals produced with farm-fresh ingredients from the neighbourhood.


Cultural Immersion



The chance to fully experience local culture is one of Maupiti Guesthouse’s key attractions. A local family who is passionate about introducing their customs and way of life to visitors runs the guesthouse. Visitors can take cooking classes featuring traditional Polynesian fare, try their hand at weaving coconut fronds, or take part in workshops teaching Tahitian dance. The family also provides guided island tours, which might include hikes to secret waterfalls and excursions to historic marae (sacred sites).


Food is one of the best ways to learn about a new culture. Traditional Polynesian cuisine like poisson cru (raw fish marinated in coconut milk and lime juice), fafaru (raw fish marinated in coconut milk and onions), and mahi mahi are expertly prepared by the family at Maupiti Guesthouse (grilled fish). Guests are welcome to observe and learn as the family makes these meals before sitting down to a satisfying lunch in the community dining room.


Authentic crafts are another method to get a sense of the local culture. The Maupiti Guesthouse family are expert weavers of baskets, headgear, and other products from coconut fronds. Visitors can take this skill home with them as a special reminder of their trip to the island by learning how to do it themselves. Also, the family provides demonstrations of various other traditional skills, like woodcarving and tapa fabric production.


Eco-friendly Practices


The Maupiti Guesthouse is dedicated to safeguarding the local ecosystem and reducing its negative effects on it. The guesthouse recycles waste, produces electricity using solar panels, and uses rainwater for the bungalows. The family also instructs visitors on sustainable habits, such as applying sunscreen that won’t harm the coral reefs and staying away from single-use plastics.


Coral reefs, sea turtles, and several fish species are among the marine fauna found on the island of Maupiti. The proprietors of Maupiti Guesthouse are dedicated to protecting this fragile habitat, and they implore their visitors to follow suit. In addition to snorkelling excursions where they may learn about the local marine life and how to protect it, visitors can participate in beach clean-ups.


two men kayakingActivities and Water Sports


The Maupiti Guesthouse is the ideal starting point for exploring the nearby lagoon and engaging in a variety of aquatic pursuits. There is a private dock at the guesthouse where visitors can launch kayaks and stand-up paddleboards to explore the tranquil lagoon waters. The family also organises guided snorkelling excursions so that visitors can swim around vibrant coral reefs and many kinds of fish. Mahi-mahi, tuna, and other species are readily available in the waters of Maupiti, which is another popular location for fishing.


Maupiti Guesthouse offers guided visits to surrounding motus (small islands), where guests can explore uninhabited beaches, go on hikes, and have a picnic lunch, for those seeking a more adventurous experience. The family can also organise a manta ray expedition so that visitors can swim with these magnificent animals in their natural environment.


Wellness and Relaxation


The Maupiti Guesthouse is the ideal location for relaxing and getting away from the pressures of modern life. It’s simple to decompress and unwind due to the tranquil surroundings and relaxed attitude. Daytime activities for visitors include reading a book, napping in a hammock, and relaxing on the beach.


Maupiti Guesthouse provides massage and spa services for guests seeking a more opulent experience. The family employs native products like coconut oil and noni juice to make a variety of relaxing therapies since they have a thorough understanding of traditional Polynesian healing techniques.


Yoga and meditation sessions are also provided by the guesthouse, and they are held either on the beach or in the common dining room. All skill levels, from complete beginners to seasoned practitioners, are welcome in these classes, which are taught by qualified teachers.


In conclusion, Maupiti Guesthouse is a distinctive and genuine experience that provides guests with the chance to experience Polynesian culture firsthand, discover the natural beauty of Maupiti, and unwind in a tranquil and picturesque location. Maupiti Guesthouse is a brilliant example of responsible tourism and a model for what can be accomplished when local communities collaborate to promote their traditions and way of life thanks to its dedication to eco-friendly practices and sustainable tourism.

Our Top FAQ's

Maupiti Guesthouse offers traditional Polynesian bungalows made from local materials such as bamboo, wood, and pandanus leaves. These bungalows are located just steps from the beach and feature private bathrooms, comfortable beds, and outdoor seating areas.

Guests at Maupiti Guesthouse can enjoy a range of activities, including snorkeling, fishing, hiking, and exploring nearby motus. The guesthouse also offers cultural experiences such as Polynesian dance lessons and traditional weaving demonstrations.

The food at Maupiti Guesthouse is made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients and is a mix of Polynesian and French cuisine. Guests can enjoy meals in the communal dining area, which overlooks the lagoon, and the family can accommodate dietary restrictions upon request.

Maupiti Guesthouse is committed to eco-friendly practices and sustainable tourism. The family uses solar power and rainwater harvesting to minimize their environmental impact, and they also promote local culture and traditions through their activities and experiences. Additionally, the guesthouse supports local conservation efforts and encourages guests to respect and protect the natural environment.

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