Maupiti Ferry

Beautiful and far-flung Maupiti is an island in French Polynesia. It’s renowned for its breathtaking beaches, beautiful waters, and abundant marine life. Taking a ferry from Tahiti to Maupiti is one of the most well-liked ways to get there if you intend to visit. The Maupiti ferry and everything you need to know about it will be covered in this post.


Sea FerryWhat is Maupiti ferry?


The secondary form of transportation for residents and visitors between Bora Bora and Maupiti is the Maupiti ferry. The Maupiti Express 2, runs the ferry service. The company has been running ferries to Maupiti for a while. It also uses the same vessel to operate connections from Bora Bora to Raiatea and Taha’a.

The Maupiti Express 2 is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, such as GPS, radar, and sonar. The boat has a sitting area and a small outdoor area in the front for those wanting fresh air. It can carry up to 140 passengers.


It takes under 2 hours to get from Bora Bora to Maupiti, and there may be some turbulence along the way, especially in bad weather. The crew is knowledgeable and well-trained, and the boat is constructed to withstand choppy waters. You will have lots of chances to capture pictures of the breathtaking vistas during the voyage, which is secure and comfortable.

How to book the Maupiti ferry?

You may easily make a reservation for the Maupiti ferry at the ferry terminal in Bora Bora. There is no website to make online reservations or to book ahead.

What is the cost of the Maupiti ferry?

Depending on the time of year and the class of travel, the Maupiti boat has different prices. On the ferry, there are two different travel classes: business and economy. The business class is more opulent, while the economy class is more reasonably priced.


In 2023, a one-way ticket in economy class will cost approximately 14,500 XPF (roughly 130 USD), and a one-way ticket in business class would cost approximately 22,500 XPF (around 200 USD). It is advised to check the Bora Bora Cruises website for the most recent information as the costs are subject to change.


In light of the distance and length of the trip, the costs are fair. Comfortable seating, air conditioning, and entertainment options are provided on the ferry, which enhances the enjoyment of the trip.


ship deckWhat to expect during the Maupiti ferry journey?


You will never forget the unique experience of taking the Maupiti ferry. The trip takes around 5 hours, and there may be some turbulence, especially in bad weather. You will have many chances to take pictures, but the views of the water and the islands are stunning.


A restaurant on the ferry provides meals and snacks throughout the trip. There are vegetarian options available, and the cuisine is delectable and reasonably priced. The bar also sells beverages, such as beer, wine, and cocktails.


You can engage in a variety of activities while riding the ferry. You may stroll about the ferry, visit its various decks, and take in the scenery from the open deck. Also available are reading, watching a movie, and listening to music.


There is a play area where kids can play and have fun if you are traveling with them. On the ferry, there are also clean, well-maintained facilities and showers that are accessible to passengers.


On the ferry, the staff members are welcoming and accommodating. Before the trip, they provide you safety advice, and they are ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have while you’re traveling.


Tips for traveling on the Maupiti ferry


Following are some pointers for using the Maupiti ferry:


Pack sensibly: Include a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and comfortable clothing and shoes in your luggage. It’s vital to take precautions against the sun because it may be very harsh, especially on the open deck.


Observe the safety recommendations: Wear a life jacket if necessary, and pay close attention to the crew members’ safety instructions. To ensure a secure and pleasurable voyage, it’s critical to adhere to the safety recommendations.


Avoid drinking excessively: Although the ship includes a bar that offers alcohol, it’s vital to do so in moderation. Alcohol overconsumption can make you seasick and be hazardous in an emergency.


Carry seasickness medicine with you: If you frequently get seasick, bring some medication and take it before the trip. It’s crucial to be ready because the trip can occasionally be rocky.


Maupiti is a small island with a rich culture and customs, so please respect them. It’s crucial to respect the natives and their customs and to refrain from photographing them without their consent.


Carry cash: Some island businesses might not accept credit cards, so it’s crucial to pack some cash. On the island, there are ATMs, however they might not always function.


The Maupiti ferry is a great way to go to this stunning island in French Polynesia, to sum up. The scenery is breath-taking, and the travel is comfortable. It’s crucial to get your tickets in advance, to prepare properly, and to adhere to the crew members’ safety recommendations. You may have a great trip to one of the world’s most stunning islands with a little forward planning.


Our Top FAQ's

The Maupiti ferry journey takes around 30-45 minutes, depending on the weather and sea conditions.

Some popular activities to do on Maupiti Island include snorkeling, diving, hiking, visiting historical sites, and enjoying the local cuisine.

Yes, it is important to follow the safety instructions provided by the crew members, wear a life jacket if necessary, and avoid consuming too much alcohol.

The best time to visit Maupiti Island is between May and October when the weather is dry and sunny, and the sea is calm for water activities.

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