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With its turquoise lagoons, white sand beaches, and overwater bungalows, French Polynesia is a stunning location that attracts tourists from all over the world. There are many other stunning islands in the area to discover, even though Bora Bora is frequently the first island that springs to mind when people think of French Polynesia. The Maupiti Express, a fast catamaran that connects Bora Bora to the neighbouring island of Maupiti, is one of the best methods to accomplish this. This article will examine the Maupiti Express in more detail, as well as five subtopics associated with island hopping in French Polynesia.

A big ferry on the islandMaupiti Express: The Fastest Way to Maupiti 

A little island called Maupiti can be found around 40 kilometers west of Bora Bora. It is possible to travel there by plane from Tahiti, but the flights are uncommon and often rather expensive. On the other hand, the Maupiti Express is a significantly cheaper alternative. The trip to Maupiti by catamaran, which leaves from Vaitape, the island of Bora Bora’s main town, takes around 45 minutes. Tickets can be purchased online or at the Vaitape pier for the catamaran’s Tuesday and Friday trips. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the weather may have an impact on the catamaran, so it’s wise to check the itinerary before making any preparations.


Up to 100 passengers can travel on the luxurious and contemporary catamaran known as the Maupiti Express. The catamaran has toilets, air conditioning, and excellent seating, which makes the trip to Maupiti enjoyable. The catamaran also offers panoramic views of the neighboring islands, giving visitors a singular viewpoint on French Polynesia’s splendor. 

Maupiti: The Hidden Gem of French Polynesia

Although Maupiti is less well-known than Bora Bora, that adds to its appeal. With a population of just more than 1,200, the island is small and mostly unexplored by tourism. Although Maupiti’s beaches are as stunning as those in Bora Bora, they are frequently desolate. The lagoon encircling the island is also remarkably clear and ideal for diving, swimming, and snorkeling. There are a few restaurants and guesthouses in Vaiea, the island’s capital, but no big resorts or enormous numbers of visitors. To experience a more genuine side of French Polynesia and get away from the bustle of Bora Bora, head to Maupiti. 

Motu Tiapaa, a little islet off the coast of Maupiti, is one of the island’s top tourist destinations. A stunning coral reef on the Motu Tiapaa is the ideal place for diving and snorkeling. A small town on the islet can be explored by tourists who are interested in learning more about the local way of life. Hiking is another well-liked pastime on Maupiti, and there are many routes that take visitors to breathtaking vistas overlooking the island and its lagoon. 

island tour by boatIsland Hopping in French Polynesia 

Notwithstanding the beauty of both Maupiti and Bora Bora, French Polynesia is made up of many other islands. Island hopping is a well-liked method of getting to know the area and its many cultures and landscapes. Flights, ferries, and private boats are just a few of the transportation options available to go across the islands. The Maupiti Express, however, is a practical and reasonably priced choice for tourists wishing to venture outside of Bora Bora.

The chance to explore each island’s distinctive culture is one of the best aspects of island hopping in French Polynesia. Although being a French colony in administrative terms, several of the islands of French Polynesia have their own unique cultures and languages. For instance, the Marquesas Islands, which are in French Polynesia’s northeast, have a long history of dance and tattooing. The southeast-located Gambier Islands are renowned for their beautiful churches and black pearl fields. Visitors can experience the various cultures and customs that make up French Polynesia by going island hopping there.

Culture and Cuisine in French Polynesia 

Because of its Polynesian and European heritage, French Polynesia has a rich history and culture. Visitors to the area can discover more about local traditions and practices, such as dancing, music, and handicrafts. The islands are also home to a thriving culinary industry that emphasizes local foods and fresh fish. Fish marinated in coconut milk and lime juice is known as poisson cru and is one of the most well-liked dishes in French Polynesia. Taro root, grilled fish, and dishes made with breadfruit are some further regional delicacies.


While visiting French Polynesia, it’s crucial to respect and understand the local culture, and many of the islands provide cultural events and tours to educate tourists about the country’s past and current customs. Visitors might, for instance, learn the craft of weaving coconut fibers while on an outrigger canoe excursion on the island of Moorea. Visitors to the island of Tahiti can see a traditional dance performance or learn about the history and culture of the area by going to the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands.

Maupiti Express Schedule Details (Updated 3 April 2024)

Monday: 7am Depart Bora Bora for Tahaa and Raiatea (arrive around 9:30am)
Monday: 3pm Depart Raiatea then Tahaa for Bora Bora (arrive around 5:30pm)
Friday: 7am Depart Bora Bora for Tahaa and Raiatea (arrive around 9:30am)
Friday: 4:00pm Depart Raiatea then Tahaa for Bora Bora (arrive around 6:30pm) During School holidays this departs one hour earlier
Sunday: 2pm Depart Bora Bora for Raiatea only (arrive around 4pm) Trip Cancelled during school holidays.
Sunday: 4:20pm Depart Raiatea then Tahaa for Bora Bora (arrive around 6:30pm) During School holidays this voyage is cancelled
Tuesday: 8am Depart Bora Bora for Maupiti (arrive around 10:30am)
Thursday: 3pm Depart Maupiti for Bora Bora (arrive around 5:30 pm)
Air-conditioned fast boat.
Maximum 120 passengers outside the lagoon
Islands served : Bora Bora, Taha’a, Raiatea, Maupiti
Tickets sold on board at the time of boarding and at the ticket office in Vaitape, Bora Bora.
Schedules are subject to change
Reservations with Far and Away Adventures can be made 1 day to 30 days in advance as part of a vacation package
Child (ages 2 to 12) and Students (up to age 26): 2700 xpf each way (approximately $25 US)
Adult: 5400 xpf (approximately $50 USD)
Between Tahaa and Raiatea 750 xpf (approximately $7 US)
For more information or reservations, phone or The duration of the trip from Bora Bora to Raiatea is 2.5 hours, present yourself at the boat 45min before the departure time.

Sustainable Tourism in French Polynesia 

French Polynesia, like many other well-known tourist locations, is dealing with issues relating to sustainable tourism. The islands are particularly susceptible to the effects of climate change, and the region’s sensitive ecosystems are under risk from practices like overfishing and pollution. Yet, there are initiatives in place to promote eco-friendly tourism in French Polynesia. Visitors are urged to be conscious of their impact on the environment and take use of the eco-friendly hotels and activities available on several of the islands. The French Polynesian government has also undertaken a variety of conservation projects, such as the establishment of marine protected areas and the maintenance of cultural heritage sites.


Travelers may contribute to the preservation of French Polynesia’s natural and cultural riches for future generations by encouraging sustainable tourism there. Choosing eco-friendly lodging and activities with less environmental impact is one approach to do this. Visitors can also assist regional conservation efforts by giving money or giving their time.


Finally, the Maupiti Express is a great method to get around French Polynesia outside of Bora Bora. Every sort of traveler can find something to enjoy when island hopping in French Polynesia, from the hidden treasure of Maupiti to the wide variety of islands in the area. While visiting the islands, it’s crucial to show respect for the local way of life and environment and to support eco-friendly travel strategies that help save the area’s natural and cultural treasures. French Polynesia should be on every traveler’s bucket list, whether they’re seeking leisure, adventure, or cultural immersion.

Our Top FAQ's

The Maupiti Express is a ferry service that connects Bora Bora to the neighboring island of Maupiti, as well as other islands in French Polynesia. It provides an affordable and convenient way for visitors to explore the region beyond Bora Bora, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in French Polynesia.

Visitors can experience a wide range of activities and attractions while island hopping in French Polynesia, including snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, cultural tours, and more. Some of the most popular islands to visit include Moorea, Tahiti, Huahine, and Raiatea.

The traditional cuisine of French Polynesia is centered around fresh seafood and local ingredients. One of the most popular dishes is poisson cru, which is raw fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk. Other local specialties include breadfruit dishes, taro root, and grilled seafood.

Visitors can support sustainable tourism in French Polynesia by choosing eco-friendly accommodations and activities, being mindful of their impact on the environment, and supporting local conservation initiatives through donations or volunteering. Additionally, visitors should respect and appreciate the local culture while visiting French Polynesia, and take steps to minimize their impact on the region’s delicate ecosystems.

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