Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry

A collection of islands known as the French Polynesia Islands can be found in the South Pacific. The islands are renowned for their breathtaking scenery, azure oceans, and lovely beaches. Using the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry is among the greatest methods to visit these islands.


ferry portHistory of the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry


The history of the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry is extensive and goes back a long way. A group of local business people who saw a need for a more dependable transportation option between the two islands founded the ferry service. Little boats that could only accommodate a small number of passengers at once were initially used to run the service. But as demand increased, the fleet of ferries grew larger and more contemporary.


The French Polynesia Islands’ infrastructure and economy have largely come to depend on the ferry service. Both the tourism industry and inter-island travel for locals have benefited from it. With the arrival of larger and more up-to-date vessels, the ferry service has undergone a number of alterations and enhancements throughout the years. The Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry now runs a fleet of cutting-edge boats that are intended to make travel fun and comfortable for customers.


Features of the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry


The Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry is a cutting-edge, well-appointed boat that provides travellers with a number of conveniences and services. The ferry’s layout accommodates people, cars, and cargo. It offers passengers a comfortable and delightful trip because of its roomy seating space, comfortable seats, air conditioning, and huge windows. Also, there is a restaurant and bar on the ferry where patrons can get food and drinks.


The ferry has space for both cars and goods in addition to passengers. For natives who need to transfer items between the islands, this is very helpful. It is simple to load and unload automobiles because the ferry has a specific location for them. Also, the boat service provides free Wi-Fi, making it simple for customers to maintain contact while traveling.


Schedule of the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry


Throughout the year, the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry runs on a regular schedule. The ferry travels between the two islands many times each day, with more departures during the busiest months. The boat timetable is made to offer passengers ease and flexibility, enabling them to visit several islands at their own pace.


Online or in person at the ferry terminal, passengers can purchase their tickets in advance. It is advised to purchase tickets in advance, especially during peak season when the ferry may become congested and tickets may quickly sell out. For individuals or groups who want a more specialised experience, the ferry service also provides private charters.


Paying money at bora bora beachCost of the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry


The Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry’s price varies according to the kind of ticket and the time of year. Depending on the ticket type and the season, one-way tickets can cost anywhere from $20 to $50. In some cases, buying two one-way tickets can be more expensive than buying a round-trip ticket.


Children, students, and senior citizens can all receive discounts on the ferry service. For the most up-to-date pricing details, it is advised to visit the ferry company’s website or make inquiries at the ferry terminal. The ferry service also provides visitors with package options that combine boat tickets with additional activities or lodging, giving them an affordable way to discover the French Polynesia Islands.


Benefits of the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry


The Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry benefits travellers in a number of ways. First off, it makes it simpler for visitors to discover the French Polynesia Islands by offering a dependable and reasonably priced means of transit between the islands. Locals can transfer goods and travel between the islands easily thanks to the ferry.


Passengers can also enjoy a special and pleasurable experience with the ferry service. The ferry ride itself is an unforgettable experience because of the breathtaking views of the islands and the waterways nearby that it offers.


Also, a variety of onboard amenities are available to passengers, including a restaurant and bar, free Wi-Fi, and comfy seating, all of which enhance the overall experience of the trip.


The flexibility of the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry is another advantage. Passengers can select a departure time that best fits their schedule from among the many departures that occur throughout the day. The boat service also provides private charters, giving customers more freedom and control over their trip arrangements.


For tourists visiting the French Polynesia Islands, the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry offers a distinctive travel experience and is a necessary form of transportation. The ferry service is a great choice for both tourists and locals because of its current fleet, onboard amenities, and reasonable costs.


The Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry provides an easy and entertaining way to visit the islands, whether you’re traveling alone, with friends or family, or in a group. Passengers may easily organise their route and visit the islands at their own speed thanks to its dependable schedule.


Also, the ferry service gives visitors access to some of the most gorgeous and inaccessible regions of the French Polynesia Islands, such as secret coves, quiet beaches, and breathtaking scenery that are only accessible by boat. The cargo capacity of the ferry can be utilised by passengers to send goods or equipment to far-off areas.


Also, the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry is dedicated to giving every traveller a safe and secure journey. The ferry is frequently maintained to ensure that it is in top shape and the crew is trained to assure both the safety of the passengers and the vessel.


Overall, traveling on the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry is a great way to discover the islands of French Polynesia. The ferry service offers a distinctive and delightful travel experience that is ideal for both tourists and locals, thanks to its contemporary vessels, onboard amenities, and reasonable costs. The Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry is a fantastic choice to take into consideration if you’re searching for a convenient way to get between the islands or want to take in the breathtaking scenery of the area from the water.


Our Top FAQ's

The ferry service was started by a group of local entrepreneurs who recognized the need for a more reliable transportation service between the two islands. Initially, the service was operated with small boats that could carry only a few passengers at a time. However, as demand grew, larger and more modern ferries were added to the fleet.

The ferry is designed to accommodate passengers, vehicles, and cargo. It has a spacious seating area with comfortable seats, air conditioning, and large windows, providing passengers with a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The ferry also has a restaurant and bar, where passengers can purchase food and drinks, and free Wi-Fi.

The cost of the Maupiti Bora Bora Ferry varies depending on the type of ticket and the season. Prices for one-way tickets range from $20 to $50, depending on the class of ticket and the time of year. Passengers can also purchase round-trip tickets, which can be more cost-effective than buying two one-way tickets.

The ferry service offers several benefits to passengers, including providing a reliable and affordable mode of transportation between the islands, making it easier for tourists to explore the French Polynesia Islands, providing locals with a convenient way to travel between the islands and transport goods, and offering access to some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the French Polynesia Islands.

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