Maupiti Bora Bora en Bateau

In French Polynesia, two of the most stunning islands are Maupiti and Bora Bora. These Pacific Ocean islands include magnificent beaches, clear waters, and breathtaking scenery. While both islands are well-liked by tourists, one of the greatest ways to properly appreciate their natural beauty is to explore them by boat.


A big ferry on the islandThe Advantages of Boat Exploration in Maupiti and Bora Bora


A special and exciting approach to truly appreciate the natural splendour of these islands is to explore Maupiti and Bora Bora by boat. During a boat excursion, you can get up-close views of the turquoise waters, gorgeous coral reefs, and breathtaking scenery, to name just a few attractions. In addition to the visual advantages, boat exploration provides a stress-free and enjoyable approach to discover the islands.


Exploring Maupiti and Bora Bora by boat offers the best chance to experience the islands from a unique vantage point. While it is possible to appreciate the beauty of the islands from the ground, travelling by boat gives you the opportunity to get much closer to the ocean and have a closer look at the amazing coral reefs and marine life. This is particularly true when you go snorkelling or scuba diving because you can observe many kinds of fish, rays, and even sharks swimming around you in their natural environment.


The possibility to visit distant beaches and lagoons that are difficult to reach by land is another advantage of exploring by boat. You can truly appreciate the natural beauty of the islands in these isolated regions since they provide a tranquil and quiet retreat from the busier tourist sites.


Last but not least, travelling about Maupiti and Bora Bora by boat is a stress-free method to do so. You can relax and take in the beauty as your boat glides across the water without having to worry about manoeuvring through traffic or finding a parking space. Exploring Maupiti and Bora Bora by boat is a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience, whether you’re on a snorkelling trip, a sunset cruise, or just taking in the breathtaking vistas of the islands.


The Greatest Boat Trips in Bora Bora and Maupiti


At Maupiti and Bora Bora, there are numerous boat excursion companies that provide a selection of tours. Snorkelling, swimming with sharks and rays, exploring uninhabited beaches and lagoons, and sunset cruises are some of the most well-liked tours. The following are a few of the top boat cruises in Bora Bora and Maupiti:


In addition to snorkelling and swimming with sharks and rays, Maupiti Explorer also offers excursions to secluded beaches and lagoons. Their boats are cosy and well-kept, and their educated instructors offer an enjoyable and educational trip.


The Bora Bora Lagoon Safari provides a singular and unforgettable experience. Their excursions take you to some of Bora Bora’s most breathtaking locations, such as the Coral Garden and the renowned “aquarium,” where you can snorkel amid an array of vibrant fish and coral reefs.


Moana Adventure Tours: Moana Adventure Tours provides a range of tours, such as private charters, sunset cruises, and snorkelling. Visitors can enjoy a fascinating and interesting experience thanks to their experienced, passionate guides who are passionate about the islands.


You can fully appreciate the natural beauty of Maupiti and Bora Bora thanks to the superb customer care provided by all of these boat trip providers as well as their educated tour guides. These trips are a wonderful opportunity to acquire a truly one-of-a-kind and unforgettable impression of the islands, whether you’re interested in snorkelling, swimming with sharks, or just enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the islands.


Two people snorkelingDiving and Snorkeling in Bora Bora and Maupiti


For snorkelers and divers, Maupiti and Bora Bora are paradises because of their gorgeous coral reefs and teeming marine life. The following are a some of the top snorkelling and diving spots in Bora Bora and Maupiti:


Tereia Pass: In Maupiti, Tereia Pass is a well-liked location for diving and snorkelling. The pass, which is on the island’s northwest coast, is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and a variety of aquatic life, including vibrant fish, rays, and sharks. The pass is also home to a number of coral gardens where you can get up close and personal with a variety of coral species.


Coral Gardens: Another well-liked snorkelling location in Bora Bora is the Coral Gardens. The Coral Gardens, which are located on the western part of the island, are home to numerous coral varieties and vibrant fish. It’s a fantastic place for beginners to learn to dive because the seas are typically quiet and clear.


Anau: On the eastern side of Bora Bora, there is a well-known dive location called Anau. The location has a sharp drop-off and is populated by several fish and coral species. Anau is a fantastic location for more experienced divers because it also has the potential to see sharks and rays.


Muri Muri: On the western side of Bora Bora, there is a shallow lagoon that is perfect for snorkelling. Giant clams, sea turtles, and a variety of colourful fish reside in the lagoon. It’s an excellent place for novices and kids because of the quiet, shallow waters.


It’s crucial to adhere to the instructions supplied by your boat tour provider when snorkeling or diving in Maupiti and Bora Bora. This entails donning a life jacket, remaining in predetermined regions, and avoiding damaging coral reefs or marine animals. Use reef-safe sunscreen to further safeguard the vulnerable coral reefs.


What to Expect at Maupiti and Bora Bora on a Boat Trip


There are a few things you may anticipate if you decide to go on a boat tour in Maupiti or Bora Bora. You may anticipate seeing some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, first and foremost. The magnificent coral reefs, azure waters, and verdant scenery are simply breathtaking.


The majority of boat cruises in Bora Bora and Maupiti are leisurely and unhurried. There will be plenty of time for you to enjoy the landscape, go swimming and snorkelling, and unwind on the boat. Water and juice are typically provided as refreshments on boat cruises, and some tours may even include lunch or snacks.


Selecting a trustworthy tour company that prioritises safety is essential when making a boat tour reservation. The boats must be well-maintained and furnished with safety gear like life jackets. Your questions regarding the islands and marine life should be answered by the qualified and experienced guides.


Finally, while taking a boat excursion, it’s crucial to respect the environment and the local way of life. This entails adhering to the instructions given by your boat trip provider, such as not littering, not causing distress to aquatic life, and respecting regional traditions and customs.


SunscreenTips for boating around Maupiti and Bora Bora


There are a few things to keep in mind if you intend to tour Maupiti and Bora Bora by boat. These pointers will make sure that your time touring these lovely islands is both safe and enjoyable:


  • Choose a trustworthy boat tour provider: It’s critical to select a trustworthy tour provider that prioritises safety when making a boat trip reservation. Seek out operators with positive feedback and a solid safety record.


  • Be sure to carry the necessities before departing on a boat excursion, including sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a towel, and a change of clothes. Bring a waterproof camera with you so you can document your adventures.


  • Observe the instructions that your boat excursion provider has provided: Make sure you adhere to the instructions given by your boat tour provider to ensure both your safety and the safety of marine creatures. This can entail adhering to set boundaries, donning a life jacket, and avoiding damaging coral reefs or marine life.


  • When touring Maupiti and Bora Bora by boat, it’s crucial to show respect for the environment and the native way of life. This entails avoiding pollution, being aware of your environmental influence, and respecting regional traditions and customs.


  • Be hydrated: While out on a boat excursion in French Polynesia, where the sun may be very harsh, it’s crucial to keep hydrated. Bring a lot of water or other hydrating beverages.


  • Be aware of seasickness: If you frequently get seasick, make sure to take the necessary precautions before embarking on a boat excursion. This can entail taking medicine, occupying the front seats, or abstaining from alcoholic beverages and fatty foods.


  • The weather in French Polynesia can be unpredictable, so it’s crucial to be ready for shifting weather conditions. In order to be ready for sudden changes in temperature or weather patterns, make sure to pack appropriate gear such as a lightweight jacket or raincoat.


A wonderful time! Finally, keep in mind that going on a boat tour to Maupiti and Bora Bora is supposed to be entertaining and fun. Spend some time unwinding, enjoying the beauty and the sun, and creating some life-long memories.


In conclusion, taking a boat tour of Maupiti and Bora Bora is a unique experience. There is so much to see and do on these lovely islands, from the breathtaking blue waters and lush green scenery to the rich marine life and coral reefs. Everyone may enjoy themselves, regardless of their level of snorkelling or diving experience. You can be sure to have an unforgettable trip sailing between Maupiti and Bora Bora according to the instructions supplied by your boat tour provider, showing respect for the environment and the local people, and taking the time to unwind and take in the landscape

Our Top FAQ's

The best time to visit Maupiti and Bora Bora for a boat tour is during the dry season, which typically runs from May to October. During this time, the weather is typically warm and dry, with lower chances of rain and more stable sea conditions.

Maupiti and Bora Bora are home to a diverse range of marine life, including colorful fish, sea turtles, rays, and sharks. If you’re lucky, you may even spot dolphins or whales during your boat tour.

When embarking on a boat tour of Maupiti and Bora Bora, it’s important to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and appropriate clothing. You may also want to bring a camera, a towel, and any necessary medication.

Yes, it’s important to follow safety guidelines provided by your boat tour operator, such as wearing a life jacket and not disturbing marine life or coral reefs. It’s also important to stay hydrated, be mindful of seasickness, and be prepared for changing weather conditions.

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