You are currently viewing Journey Through Paradise: What to Expect on an Aranui 5 South Pacific Cruise

Journey Through Paradise: What to Expect on an Aranui 5 South Pacific Cruise

Embark on a mesmerizing journey aboard the Aranui 5, a vessel that not only promises adventure but also immerses you in the rich tapestry of South Pacific culture. From the majestic Marquesas Islands to the untouched beauty of the Austral, Cook, and Pitcairn Islands, every moment is an invitation to explore and discover. As you sail through paradise, the Aranui 5 offers a unique blend of cargo service and luxury cruising, providing an authentic and comfortable experience. Here’s what to expect on your South Pacific cruise.

Key Takeaways

  • The Aranui 5 is a specialized vessel that combines cargo delivery with passenger luxury, offering a unique cruising experience through the South Pacific.
  • Destinations include the enchanting Marquesas, Society, Tuamotu, and Gambier Islands, as well as remote gems like the Austral, Cook, and Pitcairn Islands.
  • Cultural immersion is a cornerstone of the journey, with onboard lectures, Polynesian entertainment, and activities that bring the Marquesas culture to life.
  • Passengers can maximize their experience with special offers and a loyalty program designed to reward returning adventurers.
  • Essential information such as booking procedures, travel formalities, and contact details is readily available to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish.

Embarking on the Aranui 5: Your Home at Sea

Embarking on the Aranui 5: Your Home at Sea

Vessel Description and Features

The Aranui 5 is a unique vessel that combines the comfort of a cruise ship with the adventure of a cargo freighter, offering a one-of-a-kind experience in the South Pacific. Built in 2015, the ship spans 9 decks and accommodates up to 254 passengers, ensuring a cozy and intimate journey.

Year BuiltDecksPassengersSize
201592547,500 tons

The ship’s design reflects both its dual purpose and the cultural heritage of the region, with spacious communal areas and decor inspired by Polynesian aesthetics. Whether you’re lounging on the sun deck or enjoying the view from the panoramic lounge, the Aranui 5 promises a comfortable and immersive travel experience.

The Aranui 5 is not just a mode of transport; it’s a gateway to the vibrant cultures and breathtaking landscapes of the South Pacific.

Accommodation: Choosing Your Cabin

Selecting the perfect cabin on the Aranui 5 is a crucial part of your South Pacific adventure. With a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets, you can choose from standard cabins with portholes to the luxurious Presidential Suite with a private balcony. Each cabin type offers a unique set of amenities and space, ensuring a comfortable stay as you sail through paradise.

The choice of cabin not only affects your comfort but also your overall experience on the Aranui 5. Consider the view, the location on the vessel, and the size of the cabin when making your decision.

Here’s a quick overview of the cabin types and their starting rates:

Cabin TypeArea (m²)CapacityLocation on VesselStarting Price (USD) per Person
Standard Quadruple Cabin171-4Lower deck6,393
Dormitory131Upper deck
Standard Cabin111-2Lower/Main deck6,393
Standard Cabin Obstructed111-2Boat deck7,612
Standard Single Cabin91Lower deck8,799
Superior Deluxe151-2Main/Upper/Sun/Sky
Presidential Suite411-3Sky deck12,692

Please note that the third and fourth occupants of the quadruple cabin benefit from a 25% discount, and rates are subject to change. For the most accurate pricing and to secure your preferred cabin, early booking is advised.

Navigating the Vessel: Understanding the Vessel Plan

Getting to know the layout of the Aranui 5 is an essential part of your cruise experience. Familiarizing yourself with the vessel plan will help you navigate the ship with ease and make the most of your time on board. The Aranui 5 is designed to provide both comfort and adventure, with various decks and areas dedicated to relaxation, dining, and entertainment.

  • Deck 1 houses the cargo hold and is the heart of the vessel’s operational capabilities.
  • Deck 2 features passenger cabins and the infirmary, ensuring your well-being throughout the journey.
  • The main lounge, dining room, and reception are located on Deck 3, serving as the social hubs of the ship.
  • Decks 4 and 5 offer a mix of staterooms and suites, each with unique views and amenities.
  • The upper decks (6 and above) boast outdoor spaces, a pool, and a fitness area, perfect for soaking in the sun and sea air.

By taking a virtual tour or studying the deck plans before your voyage, you can locate key facilities such as the dining areas, lounges, and your cabin. This preparation allows you to transition smoothly into cruise life, leaving more time to enjoy the stunning vistas and onboard activities.

Virtual Tour: Previewing Your Journey

Before you set sail on the Aranui 5, immerse yourself in a virtual tour that offers a glimpse into your upcoming adventure. Navigate through the decks and cabins, exploring the amenities and spaces that will become your home away from home. This interactive experience allows you to familiarize yourself with the ship’s layout, ensuring you make the most of your time at sea.

The virtual tour is an invaluable tool for planning your daily activities and choosing the perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploration.

The tour highlights include:

  • The spacious lounge areas where you can socialize with fellow travelers
  • Dining venues that showcase the flavors of the South Pacific
  • Recreational facilities for your leisure and fitness needs
  • Panoramic views from the sun deck, inviting you to relax and take in the ocean vistas

By the end of the virtual tour, you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect on your journey, allowing you to embark with confidence and excitement.

Exploring the South Pacific: Destinations and Itineraries

Exploring the South Pacific: Destinations and Itineraries

Island Hopping: From Tahiti to the Marquesas

Embark on a voyage that takes you from the bustling hub of Tahiti to the mystical Marquesas Islands, a journey that promises an array of unforgettable experiences. Fatu Hiva emerges as a highlight, renowned for its verdant landscapes and rich Marquesan crafts. In Omoa, witness the traditional art of tapa making, or for the adventurous, a 15km hike to Hanavave offers panoramic vistas and a rewarding lunch with a view.

The crossing to the Marquesas is more than just travel; it’s an opportunity to immerse in the culture and history of these ancient islands. Engage in onboard lectures, or sway to the rhythm of Tahitian dance, learning from the spirited Polynesian crew.

Discover Taiohae, the quaint capital of the Marquesas, where history breathes through the bay that once welcomed Herman Melville. Excursions in 4×4 vehicles reveal the Taiohae Cathedral, local markets, and significant archaeological sites. Hiva Oa awaits with its tribute to artist Paul Gauguin, offering insights into his life and a visit to the impressive Tohua Ta’oa archaeological site.

The Aranui 5’s itinerary is meticulously planned to ensure a seamless blend of relaxation and exploration:

  • Day 1: Departure from Tahiti (Papeete)
  • Relaxation at the Pool Deck or in the lounge
  • Cultural lectures and Tahitian dance lessons
  • Exploration of Taiohae and archaeological sites
  • Visit to Atuona in Hiva Oa, following in the footsteps of Gauguin

The Marquesas are not just a destination; they are a passage to a time and place steeped in myth and mystique, where every island offers a story, and every moment aboard the Aranui 5 is a step into the heart of Polynesia.

Discovering Remote Gems: Austral, Cook, and Pitcairn Islands

The Aranui 5 cruise offers a unique opportunity to explore some of the most secluded and enchanting islands in the South Pacific. Makatea, with its dramatic raised coral landscape, invites you to discover its phosphate mining history and natural caves. A picnic under the cliffs or on the pristine beaches provides a serene escape from the everyday.

The Austral, Cook, and Pitcairn islands are jewels of the Pacific, each with their own allure. From the rugged beauty of Makatea to the legendary tales of Pitcairn, these islands promise an adventure that is both mythical and mystical.

The Cook Islands, a nation of former warriors with a rich culture, offer a glimpse into a way of life that has remained largely unchanged over the centuries. The Pitcairn Islands, known for their connection to the Bounty mutineers, provide a historical narrative that is as captivating as the island’s landscapes.

  • Makatea: Phosphate mining history, natural caves, and raised atoll beauty
  • Cook Islands: Rich Polynesian culture, warrior heritage, and untouched nature
  • Pitcairn Islands: Bounty mutineers’ legacy, remote living, and dramatic cliffs

Sailing the Society, Tuamotu, and Gambier Islands

As the Aranui 5 gracefully navigates through the Society, Tuamotu, and Gambier Islands, passengers are treated to a symphony of turquoise waters, lush landscapes, and vibrant coral reefs. The journey is a seamless blend of relaxation and exploration, offering a unique opportunity to witness the untouched beauty of these remote islands.

  • Day 9: A day at sea to reminisce about the Marquesas, with engaging conferences and activities.
  • Day 10: Arrival at Rangiroa or Makatea, where adventure awaits.

The tranquility of the sea is a prelude to the enchantment that each new island brings. As you sail from one paradise to another, the passage of time seems to slow, allowing for full immersion in the moment.

Fakarava, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is a highlight with its rare species and coral church. Whether you’re snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters or basking on sun-kissed beaches, the memories made here will last a lifetime.

Planning Your Voyage: Sailing Schedule and Rates

Embarking on an Aranui 5 cruise is an investment in unparalleled adventure and cultural enrichment. Rates are inclusive of cruise transportation, taxes, accommodation, meals, and a plethora of activities and excursions. However, they do not cover personal expenses such as shipboard purchases, liquor, gratuities, and certain port taxes.

The rates provided are based on current costs and are subject to change. For the most accurate pricing and availability, it’s essential to confirm details at the time of booking.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect for your planned journey:

DateDestinationRate (per adult)
April 18, 2024Southeast Trade WindsTBD
April 17, 2024MarquesasTBD
March 9, 2024Unknown LocationTBD
February 29, 2024Carnegie Hall RouteTBD

Please note that the above table is for illustrative purposes only and actual rates and dates will vary. For detailed information on sailing schedules and rates, reach out to [email protected] or consult our terms and conditions of sale.

Cultural Immersion and Onboard Enrichment

Cultural Immersion and Onboard Enrichment

Lectures and Learning: Dive into the Marquesas Culture

The Aranui 5 cruise offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the Marquesas Islands. Engage with the past and present of this ancient civilization through a series of enlightening lectures.

  • Discover the significance of traditional Marquesan cuisine and its preparation methods, such as the "umu" underground oven.
  • Learn the intricate art of Marquesan crafts, including tapa making from the bark of local trees.
  • Experience the vibrant Polynesian life through music and dance performances, and even learn to sway your hips in true Tahitian style.

The journey on the Aranui 5 is not just a voyage across the ocean, but a passage through time and culture. As you sail towards the remote Marquesas Islands, the stories and traditions of the Polynesian people come to life, offering a deeper connection to the lands you are about to explore.

Entertainment and Activities: Polynesian Nights and Dance Lessons

As the sun sets over the vast Pacific, the Aranui 5 transforms into a vibrant stage for Polynesian culture. The air fills with the strumming of ukuleles and the rhythmic beating of drums as the crew, ablaze with the spirit of their ancestors, invites you to partake in an evening of traditional entertainment. Embrace the opportunity to learn the hypnotic movements of Tahitian dance, an experience that is as unforgettable as the islands themselves.

During the cruise, not only will you witness the mesmerizing performances of the Polynesian crew, but you’ll also be encouraged to join in. The nights come alive with songs and stories that have traversed the ocean for generations, offering a glimpse into the heart of the South Pacific.

The festivities often culminate in a Polynesian evening with a plancha buffet around the pool or at the restaurant, depending on the weather. Here’s a taste of what to expect:

  • 7pm: Begin the evening with a sumptuous plancha buffet
  • Post-dinner: Engage in interactive dance lessons
  • Late evening: Relax and enjoy the company of fellow travelers and crew

For those seeking additional adventures, optional excursions are available at each port. These can be booked onboard and come at an additional cost. Here are a few options:

  • 4X4 DRIVES in Ua Pou
  • PRIVATE TOURS in Fatu Hiva
  • DIVING in various locations
  • GLASS BOTTOM BOAT in Rangiroa
  • BIKE RENTAL in Fakarava
  • FISHING excursions

As you sail from one enchanting island to the next, these activities and performances provide a perfect blend of relaxation and cultural immersion, ensuring that your journey on the Aranui 5 is nothing short of magical.

Life on Board: What to Expect During Your Cruise

Aboard the Aranui 5, every day is a blend of relaxation and adventure. Your journey will be enriched with cultural experiences and scenic beauty, ensuring that your time at sea is as fulfilling as your time on land. From the moment you step on board, you’ll be immersed in the warmth of Polynesian hospitality.

The cruise fare includes a wide array of amenities and activities:

  • Shipboard accommodation
  • Three meals per day
  • A bottle of wine for every four passengers during onboard meals
  • Lunches in local restaurants
  • Guided shore excursions
  • Cultural performances

While the fare covers most necessities, it’s important to note that personal expenses such as shipboard purchases, liquor, gratuities, and certain port taxes are not included.

The Aranui 5 offers a unique opportunity to explore the South Pacific in comfort, with all the details taken care of. As you sail from one breathtaking island to another, you’ll gain insights into the local cultures and histories through onboard lectures and site visits. The memories you create during your voyage will last a lifetime.

Maximizing Your Experience: Special Offers and Loyalty Program

Maximizing Your Experience: Special Offers and Loyalty Program

Exclusive Deals: Making the Most of Special Offers

Securing a spot on the Aranui 5 South Pacific Cruise is an investment in unparalleled adventure and relaxation. To enhance the value of this experience, exclusive deals and special offers are frequently available, providing savvy travelers with the opportunity to save while they sail.

  • Early Bird Discounts: Book your journey well in advance and enjoy reduced rates.
  • Last-Minute Deals: Flexible with your travel dates? Keep an eye out for significant savings on upcoming cruises.
  • Group Rates: Traveling with friends or family? Special pricing for groups can make your collective adventure more affordable.
  • Combination Packages: Combine your cruise with a pre- or post-hotel stay and other amenities at a bundled rate.

When planning your voyage, it’s essential to regularly check for new promotions or reach out directly to the cruise line for the latest offers. These opportunities can significantly enhance the value of your trip, allowing you to indulge in more excursions or onboard luxuries.

Rewards at Sea: Understanding the Loyalty Program

The Aranui 5 loyalty program is designed to reward returning guests with a range of benefits that enhance the cruising experience. The more you sail, the more you gain, with rewards accumulating as you continue to embark on these unforgettable South Pacific voyages.

  • On your second cruise, enjoy a welcome back gift and a discount on your fare.
  • As your journeys accumulate, so do your rewards, including cabin upgrades and exclusive invitations to special events.
  • Dedicated cruisers reach a status that offers complimentary services and even free cruises.

The loyalty program is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to our valued guests. It reflects our commitment to making each Aranui 5 cruise more memorable than the last.

Preparing for Your Journey: Essential Information

Preparing for Your Journey: Essential Information

Booking and Sales Agreement: Securing Your Spot

Securing your spot on the Aranui 5 is the first step to an unforgettable South Pacific adventure. Ensure your reservation by understanding the sales agreement and completing the booking process promptly.

  • Review the sales agreement thoroughly to understand the terms and conditions of your cruise.
  • Complete the booking form with accurate personal and payment information.
  • Submit any required deposits or payments as outlined in the agreement.

The sales agreement is your contract with us, detailing your rights, obligations, and our cancellation policy. It’s essential to be clear on these details before you embark.

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation number and further instructions on preparing for your journey. Keep this information handy as it will be crucial for check-in and boarding.

Travel Formalities: What You Need to Know

Before setting sail on the Aranui 5, it’s crucial to understand the travel formalities required for your South Pacific adventure. Ensure your documentation is in order, as requirements can vary depending on your nationality and the destinations on your itinerary.

When entering French Polynesia, for instance, the process is typically straightforward for many nationalities, with no visa or bond necessary for short stays. However, this can differ based on your country of origin and the length of your visit.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you prepare:

  • Valid passport with at least six months remaining before expiration
  • Any necessary visas for the countries you’ll be visiting
  • Completed declaration forms where required
  • Proof of return or onward travel

Keep in mind that regulations can change, and it’s always best to check with the relevant embassies or consulates well in advance of your trip. Additionally, be aware of any import fees or restrictions if you’re bringing items like a boat into the country.

Staying Informed: Brochure Requests and Contact Details

To ensure you have all the necessary information for your Aranui 5 adventure, requesting a brochure is a great first step. Brochures provide detailed insights into life on board, itineraries, and accommodations, and can help you plan your journey effectively.

For a comprehensive understanding of what to expect, consider the following resources:

  • Life on board / FAQ
  • Sales agreement / booking
  • Travel formalities
  • Brochure request
  • Contact details
  • Blog updates

Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance, the contact section is your gateway to personalized support. Here, you can find answers to hotel and cruise search questions, subscribe to newsletters for the latest offers, and access important documents such as terms and privacy policies.

Preparing for your cruise is an exciting process, and having the right information at your fingertips makes it all the more enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any clarifications or additional details you may need.


Embarking on an Aranui 5 South Pacific Cruise is more than just a vacation; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of Polynesian culture and the unspoiled beauty of the South Pacific. From the mythical landscapes of the Marquesas Islands to the enchanting bays of the Tuamotus, each destination offers a unique window into the region’s rich history and vibrant traditions. The Aranui 5 itself, a vessel of comfort and character, serves as your floating home, providing intimate access to remote islands while ensuring a cozy retreat after days filled with exploration and cultural enrichment. Whether you’re lounging on the Pool Deck, engaging in educational lectures, or participating in traditional Polynesian dance, the Aranui 5 promises a blend of adventure and relaxation. As you sail from one paradise to another, the memories of the sights, sounds, and smiles of the South Pacific will linger long after your journey ends, beckoning you to return to these enchanting islands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Aranui 5 for a South Pacific cruise?

The Aranui 5 offers a unique blend of cargo and passenger services, providing an authentic and immersive cultural experience. With 40 years of history, it’s a vital link to the Marquesas, offering breathtaking landscapes, ancient civilizations, and a chance to explore mythical and mystical lands.

What kind of accommodations can I expect on the Aranui 5?

The Aranui 5 offers a range of cabins to suit different preferences and budgets, all designed to provide comfort and style. From luxurious suites to standard cabins, each accommodation is air-conditioned and well-appointed to ensure a pleasant stay.

What destinations will I visit on an Aranui 5 cruise?

The Aranui 5 itinerary includes visits to the Marquesas Islands, the Austral Islands, the Cook Islands, Pitcairn Island, the Society Islands, the Tuamotu Islands, and the Gambier Islands, each offering unique experiences and stunning natural beauty.

What types of activities and entertainment are offered onboard?

Onboard the Aranui 5, passengers can enjoy lectures on Marquesas culture and history, Polynesian dance lessons, and themed evenings. The crew provides a lively atmosphere with activities that allow guests to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Are there any special offers or loyalty programs available?

Yes, the Aranui 5 offers special deals and a loyalty program for returning passengers. These exclusive offers provide added value and rewards for those who choose to cruise with Aranui again.

What do I need to know about travel formalities for the cruise?

Travelers should be aware of necessary documentation such as passports and visas, depending on their nationality. It’s important to check the sales agreement, booking conditions, and to stay informed by requesting brochures and contacting the cruise line for the latest information.

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