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Insider Tips for Booking Blue Lagoon Cruises: How to Get the Best Deal

Embarking on a Blue Lagoon Cruise promises an unforgettable journey through serene waters and breathtaking landscapes. Securing the best deal for this luxurious experience requires insider knowledge and strategic planning. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or a first-time traveler, understanding the nuances of cruise booking can lead to significant savings and enhanced enjoyment. In this article, we’ll delve into the secrets of snagging the best deals on Blue Lagoon Cruises and provide practical tips to maximize your cruising adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify the best times to book by comparing peak and off-peak seasons, and weigh the advantages of last-minute deals against early bird specials.
  • Explore exclusive offers and packages that provide extra perks, and consider the benefits of loyalty programs for additional savings.
  • Choose the right cruise that aligns with your preferences, and don’t miss out on shore excursions and onboard activities to enrich your experience.
  • Compare booking strategies, such as using travel agents or direct booking, and learn the art of negotiation to get more value for your money.
  • Prepare for the unexpected by understanding insurance and cancellation policies, and stay informed about health and safety measures.

Unveiling the Best Times to Book

Unveiling the Best Times to Book

Understanding Peak vs. Off-Peak Seasons

When planning your Blue Lagoon cruise, understanding the dynamics of peak and off-peak seasons can lead to significant savings. Peak seasons often coincide with local summer months, where long days and mild weather attract the most visitors. Conversely, off-peak seasons, typically during the colder months, may offer lower prices and the unique opportunity to witness natural phenomena like the northern lights.

While the allure of summer activities and the midnight sun is strong, consider the spring and fall for a balance of pleasant weather and fewer tourists.

Here’s a quick guide to Iceland’s seasonal offerings:

  • June to August: Ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking. Expect higher prices due to demand.
  • December to February: Perfect for northern lights seekers, with the trade-off of colder temperatures.
  • Spring and Fall: These shoulder seasons provide a sweet spot with moderate crowds and prices.

Always compare vacation packages as they can bundle accommodations, transportation, and activities at a more attractive rate. Keep in mind that while off-peak travel can be more affordable, it’s essential to check for seasonal nuisances such as midges, which are prevalent around May/early June and late July/August.

Last-Minute Deals vs. Early Bird Specials

When it comes to booking Blue Lagoon Cruises, timing is everything. Early bird specials often reward travelers with significant discounts for booking well in advance. These deals are ideal for those who have a set schedule and can plan months ahead. On the flip side, last-minute deals can offer substantial savings, but they require flexibility and a bit of luck as availability may be limited.

The key to capitalizing on these deals is to determine your level of flexibility and how much risk you’re willing to take on availability.

Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide:

  • Early Bird Specials: Lock in lower prices and better cabin selections by booking early.
  • Last-Minute Deals: Take advantage of slashed prices for remaining inventory close to the departure date.

Remember, some cruise lines offer the option to hold a reservation for a short period, giving you time to finalize your plans without missing out on promotions. It’s also wise to monitor special events like Black Friday, where travel deals can be particularly enticing.

Monitoring Price Trends and Alerts

Staying vigilant about price trends is crucial for snagging the best deal on your Blue Lagoon cruise. Sign up for newsletters and alerts from cruise companies and travel deal websites to receive notifications about price drops and special promotions. This proactive approach ensures you’re always informed about the latest deals.

  • Sign up for cruise line newsletters
  • Set up price alerts on travel websites
  • Monitor social media for flash sales

By consistently tracking prices, you can identify patterns and predict when discounts are likely to appear. This can lead to significant savings, especially if you’re flexible with your travel dates.

Remember to read the terms and conditions associated with promotions carefully, as they can affect the overall value of the deal. It’s also wise to compare the offers you receive with current market prices to ensure you’re truly getting a bargain.

Navigating Deals and Packages

Navigating Deals and Packages

Exclusive Offers for Savvy Travelers

Savvy travelers know that exclusive offers can make the difference between a standard cruise and an extraordinary adventure at sea. Blue Lagoon Cruises often releases special promotions that are not widely advertised, providing an excellent opportunity for those in the know to save significantly.

To take advantage of these exclusive deals, it’s crucial to stay connected with the cruise line through their newsletters, social media channels, and dedicated travel forums.

Here’s a quick guide to spotting and securing these special offers:

  • Sign up for the cruise line’s email list to receive notifications about upcoming sales and exclusive email-only promotions.
  • Follow the cruise line on social media for flash sales and last-minute offers.
  • Engage with online communities of cruise enthusiasts where members share tips and alert each other to deals.
  • Consider using a travel agent who has access to special rates and can offer personalized advice.

Remember, these offers are often time-sensitive and may have limited availability, so acting quickly when you spot a good deal is key.

Package Perks: More Than Just Savings

When booking a Blue Lagoon cruise, the value of a package deal extends far beyond mere cost savings. Packages often include a variety of complimentary services that enhance the overall travel experience. From meals to entertainment, these inclusive offers are designed to provide a seamless vacation with added convenience and luxury.

  • Complimentary Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  • Access to Thrilling Activities Without Additional Charges
  • Spectacular Shows Included
  • Award-Winning Kids and Teen Programs

Opting for a package deal can mean gaining access to exclusive experiences and amenities that might otherwise be costly add-ons. These can range from private destinations to special onboard activities, ensuring that every moment of your cruise is packed with value.

Moreover, package deals are not just about what’s included; they also offer peace of mind. Knowing that the essentials are covered, travelers can focus on enjoying their cruise without worrying about budgeting for every little detail. It’s the convenience and the richness of the experience that make these packages truly special.

Leveraging Loyalty Programs and Memberships

Frequent cruisers can reap significant benefits by joining loyalty programs offered by cruise lines. Enrollment in these programs is often free and can lead to upgrades, discounts, and exclusive access to deals. For instance, members might receive priority boarding, complimentary beverages, or points that can be redeemed for onboard credit.

  • Priority Boarding: Skip the lines and board the ship with ease.
  • Complimentary Beverages: Enjoy your favorite drinks without the extra cost.
  • Onboard Credit: Use points for spa treatments, excursions, or dining.

By strategically using loyalty programs and memberships, travelers can enhance their cruise experience while keeping costs down. It’s not just about saving money; it’s about elevating the entire journey with little luxuries that make a big difference.

Before booking, it’s wise to compare the loyalty programs of different cruise lines. Some may offer more generous perks or have partnerships with hotels and airlines, providing additional value. Always check the terms and conditions for promotions to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Maximizing Your Cruise Experience

Maximizing Your Cruise Experience

Choosing the Right Cruise for You

Selecting the ideal cruise is crucial for an unforgettable vacation. Consider your interests, the regions you wish to explore, and the type of atmosphere you prefer. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, cultural experiences, or scenic views, there’s a cruise tailored to your desires. Here’s a quick guide to help you match your interests with potential destinations:

  • Adventure seekers might prefer Alaska or Caribbean Cruises.
  • Those in search of cultural enrichment should look at Mediterranean or European Cruises.
  • If relaxation is your goal, consider the serene Hawaii or Bermuda Cruises.

When planning, think about the length of the cruise, the size and style of the ship, and the variety of onboard activities. These factors can significantly influence your overall experience.

Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of planning shore excursions and considering package deals that include beverage, dining, and Wi-Fi. These can enhance your cruise and provide more value. Use the tools and tips available to customize your vacation to your liking, ensuring that your cruise is as unique as you are.

Exploring Shore Excursions and Onboard Activities

When it comes to enriching your cruise experience, selecting the right shore excursions and onboard activities is crucial. Independent shore excursions can offer a more authentic and potentially cost-effective alternative to cruise line-sponsored tours. They allow you to support local businesses and can provide a unique perspective on the destinations you visit.

However, it’s important to ensure that any independent excursions you book allow ample time for return to the ship. Here are some tips for booking independent shore excursions:

  • When booking, pad departure and return times to account for any unforeseen delays.
  • Be aware that while you may save money, independent excursions can come with risks, such as less stringent safety standards.
  • Research the excursion provider’s reputation and read reviews from previous customers.

Choosing the right excursion can transform a good cruise into an unforgettable journey. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons of independent tours versus ship-sponsored options to find the best fit for your travel style and interests.

Tips for a Smooth Sailing Experience

To ensure a smooth sailing experience, meticulous planning is key. From selecting the right shore excursions to understanding the benefits of beverage, dining, and Wi-Fi packages, each choice you make can enhance your cruise adventure. Here’s a quick checklist to help you prepare:

  • Planning shore excursions
  • Gathering travel documents
  • Considering beverage, dining, and Wi-Fi packages
  • Purchasing travel insurance
  • Celebrating special occasions
  • Booking hotel and airfare
  • Utilizing the cruise line’s mobile app
  • Tips for an easy boarding day

A well-planned cruise is more than just a vacation; it’s a seamless adventure at sea. Ensuring that every aspect of your trip is thoughtfully arranged can lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Remember to check for any updates on travel insurance and health and safety protocols before your departure. This proactive approach will help you navigate any unexpected situations and keep your focus on the excitement of the journey ahead.

Smart Booking Strategies

Smart Booking Strategies

Utilizing Travel Agents vs. Direct Booking

When it comes to booking your Blue Lagoon cruise, you have two primary options: utilizing a travel agent or booking directly. Travel agents offer complimentary planning services, which can be a boon for those who find vacation planning stressful. They handle the complexities and often have access to exclusive deals not available to the general public.

On the other hand, direct booking puts you in control, allowing for a more hands-on approach. This can be particularly beneficial for those who prefer to tailor their experience or seek independent tours that support smaller businesses and offer a more authentic feel.

The choice between a travel agent and direct booking ultimately depends on your preferences for convenience, cost, and control over the planning process.

Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide:

  • Travel Agent Booking:
    • Access to expert advice and assistance
    • Potential for exclusive deals
    • Stress-free planning
  • Direct Booking:
    • Greater control over the booking process
    • Opportunities to support local businesses
    • May offer a more authentic experience

While both options have their merits, it’s important to weigh the peace of mind and potential savings offered by travel agents against the authenticity and control provided by direct booking.

Comparing Online Platforms for the Best Rates

When searching for the best rates on Blue Lagoon Cruises, comparing online platforms is a crucial step. Each platform may offer different deals, and prices can vary significantly. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the digital sea of offers:

  • Check multiple websites: Don’t rely on a single source. Visit various travel sites and the official Blue Lagoon Cruises website to compare prices.
  • Look for exclusive online deals: Some platforms may have special offers not available elsewhere.
  • Sign up for alerts: Get notifications for price drops or special promotions.
  • Read the fine print: Be aware of any additional fees or restrictions that may apply.

While the convenience of online booking is undeniable, take the time to review all the details carefully. A lower headline price might not always be the best deal once all costs are considered.

Remember to consider payment options as well. Some platforms offer flexible payment methods like ‘Affirm’, allowing you to cruise now and pay later, or the option to pay in scheduled payments or the total balance upfront. Weighing these options can lead to additional savings and convenience.

The Art of Negotiation: Getting More for Your Money

Negotiating can be a powerful tool when booking a Blue Lagoon cruise. Don’t hesitate to ask for additional perks or upgrades when discussing prices with cruise agents. Often, there’s room for maneuver, especially if you’re booking during less busy times or if you’re a repeat customer.

  • Inquire about complimentary room upgrades or onboard credit.
  • Explore options for flexible payment plans, such as paying in installments or securing a courtesy hold.
  • Discuss potential for waived fees or discounted packages.

While price is a significant factor, the value comes from the overall experience. Consider the benefits of added amenities or services that could enhance your cruise without necessarily impacting the cost.

Remember, the key is to communicate clearly and politely; agents are more likely to accommodate a courteous negotiator. By being informed and flexible, you can secure a deal that not only saves money but also enriches your cruising adventure.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Preparing for the Unexpected

Insurance and Cancellation Policies

When planning your Blue Lagoon cruise, understanding the insurance and cancellation policies is crucial for peace of mind. Most vacation packages, including those in Iceland, allow for cancellations up to 24 hours before departure with a full refund. However, this may not cover scenarios where changes occur within that 24-hour window due to unforeseen ship issues or weather conditions.

It’s important to note that cruise lines typically do not take responsibility for independently booked shore excursions affected by itinerary changes. Ensure you’re aware of the terms before booking.

Travel insurance, while not mandatory for entry into Iceland, is highly recommended. It can safeguard against medical emergencies and other unexpected incidents. Here’s a quick rundown of payment options you might encounter:

  • Total Balance: Pay everything upfront and focus on preparing for your trip.
  • Scheduled Payments: Opt for installment payments, completing the total by the final due date.
  • Courtesy Hold: Some companies offer a temporary hold on your booking, securing any promotions for a short period.

Choosing the right insurance and understanding the cancellation policies can significantly affect your cruise experience, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation.

Dealing with Delays and Itinerary Changes

When embarking on a Blue Lagoon cruise, it’s essential to approach your itinerary with a degree of flexibility. Unexpected weather conditions or logistical challenges can necessitate changes to the planned route or activities. While these alterations may be disappointing, they often lead to new, unforeseen adventures that can enrich your experience.

It’s important to stay informed during your cruise. Regularly check for updates from the crew and be prepared for potential adjustments. This proactive approach ensures you’re never caught off guard and can make the most of your time, regardless of changes.

Here are some tips to handle itinerary changes smoothly:

  • Stay in contact with the cruise staff for the latest information.
  • Keep an open mind and look for the hidden opportunities in changes.
  • Familiarize yourself with the cruise line’s policies on itinerary changes before departure.

In the event of a delay or change, cruise lines typically offer compensation or alternative arrangements. Below is a summary of possible compensations:

Canceled ExcursionAlternative activity or refund
Itinerary ChangeOnboard credit or future cruise discount
Delayed DepartureAccommodation arrangements or onboard amenities

Remember, the goal of the cruise staff is to ensure your safety and satisfaction, even when the unexpected occurs.

Health and Safety Considerations

When planning your Blue Lagoon cruise, health and safety considerations are paramount. Ensure you are aware of the specific requirements and facilities available on board to accommodate any personal health needs. For instance, if you have mobility issues, verify the accessibility features of the ship and the nature of the excursions, as some may involve challenging terrain or steps.

It’s essential to disclose any medical conditions or requirements to the cruise line in advance, so they can make necessary arrangements for your comfort and safety.

Additionally, be mindful of the cabin location. Staterooms marked as "partially obstructed" might have limited views and could impact your experience. Always check the ship’s layout and ask for details about any obstructions.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with the cruise line’s policies on cookies and data collection, as your online interactions with them may involve consent to their privacy terms. Understanding these policies will help you maintain your privacy while enjoying your cruise.


Embarking on a Blue Lagoon Cruise promises an unforgettable journey across the seas. With the insider tips and strategies shared in this article, you’re now equipped to secure the best deals and enhance your cruising experience. Remember to keep an eye out for special promotions, consider booking through reputable third-party excursion providers, and plan your activities to make the most of your time, whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure. By applying these tips, you’ll not only save money but also create lasting memories aboard your Blue Lagoon adventure. Bon voyage!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book a Blue Lagoon cruise to get the best deal?

The best time to book a Blue Lagoon cruise for the best deal is typically during off-peak seasons or when there are last-minute deals available. Monitoring price trends and signing up for alerts can help you snatch up great offers as they arise.

What are the benefits of booking a cruise package?

Booking a cruise package often comes with added perks such as onboard credits, complimentary excursions, or dining packages, providing more value than just the savings on the cruise fare itself.

How can I leverage loyalty programs to get a better deal on a cruise?

If you’re a member of a cruise line’s loyalty program, you can often access exclusive deals, priority boarding, and additional onboard amenities. Always check if your membership level qualifies you for any special rates or perks.

Is it better to book a cruise through a travel agent or directly with the cruise line?

Booking through a travel agent can sometimes offer you additional benefits and personalized service, while direct booking may provide exclusive offers or discounts. It’s best to compare both options to see which offers the best deal for your situation.

What should I know about cruise insurance and cancellation policies?

Understanding the insurance and cancellation policies is crucial before booking a cruise. Look for policies that offer coverage for cancellations, medical emergencies, and itinerary changes to protect your investment.

How can I ensure a smooth experience with potential delays and itinerary changes?

To handle delays and itinerary changes smoothly, always have a flexible travel plan, be aware of your cruise line’s policies, and consider travel insurance that covers such disruptions. Staying informed and prepared can help mitigate stress.

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