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Huahine is a lonely island paradise that may be found in French Polynesia’s Society Islands, although not many tourists have heard of it. But those who do find Huahine are frequently greeted by its magnificent scenery, illustrious cultural past, and wide range of outdoor sports. Tours to the beautiful island of Huahine are a fantastic way to get to know it better and appreciate its distinct environment and culture. We shall cover five subtopics pertaining to Huahine trips in this article.

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The Beauty of Huahine

The island of Huahine has a breathtaking landscape. Despite being only 54 square kilometers in size, the island is teeming with natural beauties that tourists can explore while on tours. The circle island cruise, which circles both Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti, is among the most well-liked excursions. You’ll pass by several of the island’s highlights along the journey, such as dense jungles, isolated beaches, and breathtaking mountain panoramas.

Known locally as “pae pae” or “a’ahu papaa,” the old fish traps are one of the island’s most striking views. The early occupants of the island built these fish traps, using coral and stones to create walls and channels that funneled fish into the traps. Visitors may examine the traps and learn about their history and construction, and island residents still use them to capture fish today.

The Marae of Maeva is another must-visit location on the island. Visitors may now witness the ornate stone structures that were utilized in religious rituals at this historic Polynesian sacred site that has undergone thorough restoration. The location is a focal point of many cultural tours on Huahine and offers a fascinating look into the island’s extensive cultural heritage.

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Water-based Activities

For people who enjoy exploring the water, Huahine is a well-liked vacation spot. The island is a great place for surfing, diving, and snorkeling because of its pristine lagoon and abounding marine life.

A snorkeling tour is one of the best methods to discover the underwater world. Visitors on these tours are given all the necessary gear, such as fins, masks, and snorkels. The tour operators will direct guests to the best snorkeling locations so you can get up and personal with colorful fish, sea turtles, and coral gardens. For those who prefer to witness the nocturnal marine life that emerges at night, there are also night snorkeling cruises offered.

Another well-liked activity on the island is diving, where there are numerous dive locations to discover. While more experienced divers can venture out to the reef and observe larger marine species like rays and sharks, the island’s small lagoon is ideal for beginners.

Another well-liked pastime on the island is surfing. Surfers of all skill levels can find both beach breaks and reef waves. The waves on the island are not as well-known as those at some of the other French Polynesian surfing hotspots, but this means that tourists may enjoy less crowded waves and a more relaxed surfing experience.

Cultural Tours

Through different cultural tours, Huahine’s rich cultural heritage is celebrated and preserved. The Faie and Maeva tour, which brings tourists to the historic fish traps of Faie and the Marae of Maeva, is one of the most well-liked cultural excursions.

A remarkable illustration of the inventiveness of the island’s early inhabitants is the old fish traps of Faie. Coral and stones were used to build the fish traps, which served as the conduits for the fish. The traps are still in use today, and visitors can observe them in use while learning about their development.

On the island, the Marae of Maeva is another significant cultural site. The Marae is made up of a variety of stone buildings that have been meticulously preserved. It was a sacred location utilized for religious ceremonies. Visitors can view the exquisite stone carvings and discover more about the early occupants’ religious rituals.

Visits to vanilla plantations, pearl farms, and regional crafts studios are just a few of the island’s additional cultural excursions. Visitors have the chance to learn about the island’s historic businesses and see how goods like vanilla and pearls are produced on these trips. The island’s handicrafts, including weaving, woodcarving, and the design of traditional Polynesian tattoos, are also available for tourists to learn about.

Visitors can participate in year-round cultural events and festivals in addition to these guided tours. The Heiva festival, which takes place in July and honors Polynesian culture through song, dancing, and sports, is one of the most well-known occasions. On Huahine, this festival is a highlight of the year and draws tourists from all over the globe.

Outdoor Adventure Tours

For those who enjoy being active, the island of Huahine has a variety of outdoor activities to choose from. The 4×4 safari tour is one of the most well-liked outdoor adventure tours. Visitors may explore some of the island’s most remote and breathtaking areas on these trips, which take them on an exhilarating ride through the island’s rocky terrain.

The ATV trip, which takes tourists on an exhilarating ride across the island’s jungles, valleys, and mountains, is another well-liked adventure excursion. These tours offer a special way to view the island’s natural beauty up close and are ideal for people with some off-road driving expertise.

Horseback riding tours are also offered for individuals who want a slower tempo. These excursions offer a tranquil approach to appreciate the island’s natural beauty as they carry travelers into the island’s dense jungles and alongside its uninhabited beaches.

Deep-sea fishing cruises are also offered on the island for individuals who enjoy fishing. Visitors are taken on these excursions to the open ocean where they can go marlin and tuna fishing. The waterways surrounding the island are abundant with marine life, making it a favourite destination for anglers.

Island-Hopping Tours

The Society Islands, a collection of islands in French Polynesia, include Huahine among its many islands. Island-hopping trips make it simple for visitors to explore the other islands in the group. The Raiatea and Tahaa tour, which brings tourists to the adjacent islands of Raiatea and Tahaa, is one of the most well-liked excursions.

There are numerous significant religious monuments and historic ruins to visit in Raiatea, which is regarded as the cultural and historical center of French Polynesia. The Marae Taputapuatea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most significant cultural monuments on the island, and visitors can take guided tours of it.

Numerous vanilla plantations may be found in Tahaa, also referred to as the “Vanilla Island.” Tours of the plantations are available, where guests can learn about the planting and harvesting procedures and even sample some of the island’s delectable vanilla-based goods.

Island-hopping excursions are a fantastic opportunity to discover French Polynesia’s diversity and learn about how each island has its own distinct culture and natural beauty.


A really unique combination of scenic beauty, vibrant culture, and outdoor activity can be found on the island of Huahine. Visitors can take advantage of the island’s main attractions with a variety of trips, from touring the historic Marae of Maeva and fish traps to snorkeling in the lagoon’s clean waters and surfing the spotless waves. Huahine tours provide something for everyone, whether you’re seeking for a tranquil cultural experience or an exhilarating adventure. Visitors can develop lasting memories and a deeper understanding of this undiscovered treasure in the South Pacific by joining a tour.

Our Top FAQ's

Huahine offers a range of outdoor adventure tours, including 4×4 safari tours, ATV tours, horseback riding tours, and deep-sea fishing tours. Each tour provides visitors with a unique way to experience the island’s natural beauty and thrilling activities.

Huahine has a rich Polynesian culture that visitors can experience through guided tours of historical sites, traditional handicraft workshops, and attending cultural events and festivals. These tours provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about the island’s traditional industries, handicrafts, and to see how products like pearls and vanilla are grown and harvested.

Visitors can easily explore the other islands in the Society Islands group through island-hopping tours. One of the most popular tours is the Raiatea and Tahaa tour, which takes visitors to the neighboring islands. Visitors can take guided tours of the islands’ most important cultural sites and vanilla plantations, learning about their unique culture and natural beauty.

The best time of year to visit Huahine is during the dry season, which runs from May to October. This is the best time for outdoor activities such as hiking, snorkeling, and surfing. The wet season, which runs from November to April, brings more rainfall and higher humidity, but it’s also the time when the island’s vegetation is at its most lush and green. Visitors can still enjoy the island’s culture and indoor activities during this time.

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