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French Polynesia’s stunning island of Huahine is well-known for its verdant tropical trees, glittering lagoon, and white sand beaches. Finding the ideal lodging is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when visiting the island. There are various choices, from opulent resorts to guesthouses that are affordable. This page will discuss the many lodging options on Huahine and their distinctive characteristics.


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Guesthouses and Budget Accommodations

For those looking for a straightforward and inexpensive location to stay on Huahine, guesthouses and low-cost lodging are ideal. Common features of these lodgings include a comfy bed, a private bathroom, and air conditioning. A kitchenette is another amenity that some guest houses provide, enabling visitors to save money by cooking their own meals.

The chance to experience local life and culture is one of the best things about staying in a guesthouse or other low-cost lodging. These establishments are frequently owned by families, and the proprietors are frequently keen to impart their knowledge of the island to visitors. Gaining a deeper grasp of the local culture and learning more about Huahine’s history and traditions can be accomplished in this way.

Additionally, staying in a low-cost lodging will provide you more freedom and flexibility to explore the island at your own pace. You can pick how to schedule your time and how to spend it according to your preferences. You will have the flexibility to spend your days doing anything you wish, whether it be relaxing on the beach or discovering the luxuriant tropical forests.

Cost-wise, guesthouses and inexpensive lodging on Huahine start at about $50 per night. They are thus a great choice for those on a tight budget or those looking to extend their stay on the island.

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Villas and Vacation Homes

Families and groups of friends seeking more room and privacy on Huahine frequently opt for villas and vacation homes. These lodgings frequently include a large sitting area, a fully functional kitchen, a private pool, and outside living space. For those who prefer to enjoy the sun and the sea in solitude, some villas and holiday houses even have their own private beach.

You will have the chance to experience local life when living in a villa or vacation home, which is one of its many benefits. You will be able to get a closer look at local life and culture while having your own area in which to cook and eat. This might be a wonderful way to get to know your trip mates better and make special memories.

You will have greater control over your daily schedule and activities when staying in a villa or vacation home, which is an additional benefit. You will have the option to decide whether you want to spend your days swimming or simply lounging by the pool.

The starting rate for villas and vacation rentals on Huahine is about $200 per night. They are therefore more expensive than guesthouses and low-cost lodgings, but they provide more room, privacy, and luxury.

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On Huahine, resorts are a popular option for tourists seeking comfort and elegance. These lodgings include a variety of amenities, such as large rooms, private beaches, dining options, spas, and more. They are made to meet the requirements of visitors who wish to enjoy the best that Huahine has to offer while also being pampered and indulged.

Access to a variety of amenities and activities is one of the best things about vacationing at a resort. You’ll find everything you need close at hand, whether you want to swim in the pool, unwind in the spa, eat in a restaurant, or tour the island.

The chance to interact with other guests and make new acquaintances is another benefit of resort lodging. You will undoubtedly meet people from all over the world who share your interests and hobbies at resorts because they are social settings.

Depending on the level of luxury and the season, resorts in Huahine can cost as little as $200 per night and as much as several thousand dollars per night. Because of this, resorts offer an alternative for tourists who want the utmost in comfort and luxury and are willing to pay for it.


For those looking for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly experience on Huahine, ecolodges are a fantastic choice. These lodgings are built with a focus on sustainability, and they frequently use local cuisine, energy-saving technologies, and sustainable building materials.

The chance to learn about sustainable living and conservation is one of the best things about staying at an ecolodge. Numerous ecologies include educational activities, tours led by knowledgeable guides, and other opportunities for visitors to learn about the local ecology and the steps being done to maintain it.

Being able to commune with nature and take in the island’s natural beauty in a special way is another benefit of staying in an ecolodge. You will be surrounded by Huahine’s natural splendor whether you choose to go bird watching, trek in the rainforest, or simply unwind by the pool.

According to the level of luxury and the season, ecolodges on Huahine can cost as little as $100 per night and as much as several hundred dollars per night. As a result, ecolodge provides an alternative for tourists who are willing to spend more for a trip that is more environmentally conscious and sustainable.


Whether you’re seeking luxury, adventure, or a straightforward and reasonably priced place to stay, Huahine is a stunning and diverse island that has something to offer everyone. You will undoubtedly have a wonderful experience on this lovely island whether you choose to stay in a guesthouse, low-cost lodging, villa, vacation home, resort, or ecolodge.

So, whether you’re considering Huahine for your next vacation or not—whether it’s a single trip, a family trip, or a romantic getaway—be sure to do so. It is the ideal place for everyone who loves to travel and experience the world because of its spectacular natural beauty, rich culture, and variety of lodgings.

Our Top FAQ's

The options for luxury accommodations on Huahine include resorts, villas and vacation homes. These types of accommodations offer a high level of comfort and luxury, and often feature amenities such as private pools, spacious living areas, and stunning views of the ocean or surrounding landscape.

The cost of staying in an ecolodge on Huahine varies, but they usually start at around $100 per night and can go up to several hundred dollars per night, depending on the level of luxury and the time of year.

The advantages of staying in a guesthouse on Huahine include affordability, the opportunity to meet local people and experience the local culture, and the opportunity to stay in unique and authentic accommodations that reflect the local style and culture.

While staying in a resort on Huahine, travelers can participate in a wide range of activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, hiking, water sports, and much more. Many resorts

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