Huahine Dive Sites

In French Polynesia’s Society Islands sits Huahine, a tropical paradise. This picture-perfect island attracts both tourists and divers because of its gorgeous beaches, verdant surroundings, and clean waters. Diverse dive sites can be found on Huahine, each of which provides a special set of opportunities for exploration and encounters. This article will examine five of Huahine’s most well-liked dive sites, going in-depth on what makes each one unique and what marine life you may expect to see there.


Person diving with schools of fishThe Pass

Top dive sites in Huahine include The Pass, which is renowned for its stunning coral formations, varied marine life, and exhilarating currents. Strong currents from the nearby waterways bring a diversity of species to the site, which is situated in a small canal between two points of land. This makes The Pass an excellent diving area and a terrific place to witness a variety of marine species all at once.

Divers can spot schools of vibrant tropical fish, turtles, and even larger predatory species like barracuda and trevally. Another highlight is the coral formations in The Pass, which are stunning due to their variety of vivid colors, interesting shapes, and captivating sizes. Both experienced and beginning divers can find enough to view in this area’s lush, well-established coral.

The strong currents that run through The Pass are one of its distinctive characteristics. Due to this, diving may be a little bit more difficult, but it also gives the chance to see a greater variety of species that might not be present in calmer seas. The nutrients that are brought in by the currents also contribute to the growth and wellbeing of the coral and marine life in the vicinity.

Overall, The Pass is a dive spot that any diver visiting Huahine should see. This site offers a singular and spectacular diving experience because of its gorgeous coral formations, diverse marine life, and exhilarating currents.


Another well-liked diving location in Huahine is Fare, which is renowned for its abundant marine life and superb visibility. Divers can explore a range of habitats at this site, which is close to a little settlement of the same name. These habitats range from shallow coral gardens to deep channels and caves.

Divers can expect to see a wide variety of marine life at Fare, from schools of tiny tropical fish to larger species like reef sharks and manta rays. Additionally stunning are the coral formations in this region, which feature an array of colors, forms, and sizes that make for an absolutely captivating underwater environment.

The high visibility that is frequently experienced in Fare is one of the advantages of diving there. As a result, it’s the perfect place for underwater photography, giving divers a good picture of the vivid coral and marine life. Additionally, the area’s various habitats are easier to explore and navigate because of the area’s crystal-clear seas.

Fare offers an interesting combination of shallow and deep dive opportunities in addition to its abundant marine life and outstanding visibility. This makes it an excellent location for divers of all abilities, from novices learning to dive to seasoned divers seeking a new challenge.

Overall, Fare is a diving location that any diver visiting Huahine should explore. This site offers a distinctive and unforgettable diving experience thanks to its abundant marine life, superb visibility, and thrilling combination of shallow and deep dive spots.

Person diving with a sea turtleThe Blue Hole

Near the island of Huahine Iti, there is a distinctive and thrilling dive site called The Blue Hole. Divers can explore a totally unique underwater ecosystem that is unlike anything else in the world at this site, which is a rare jewel. The Blue Hole is a sizable, elliptical gap in the reef that is encircled by a vertical wall that plunges into the ocean’s depths.

Due to the hole’s potential depth of nearly 100 feet, this dive spot is a favorite among seasoned divers. A captivating and surreal mood is produced by the pure, blue water and absence of light that characterize the underwater habitat. The Blue Hole is home to a variety of amazing marine species, including colorful schools of fish, brilliant coral formations, and even the occasional shark, despite its depth and lack of light.

The Blue Hole is not a dive spot for inexperienced divers because of the depths and dim lighting. However, this site offers a genuinely unique experience for experienced divers who are up for an adventure. In addition to seeing a diversity of marine creatures that is uncommon in shallower areas, divers will have the chance to explore a distinctive and little seen undersea environment.

The opportunity to observe the interaction of light and shadow on the Blue Hole’s walls as the sun’s rays descend into its depths is one of the diving site’s attractions. Divers will have an unforgettable experience as a result of this captivating and alien atmosphere.

In general, The Blue Hole is a dive destination that expert divers visiting Huahine must explore. This location offers a one-of-a-kind diving experience that is not to be missed thanks to its distinctive underwater habitat, diverse marine life, and beautiful play of light and shadows.


Huahine provides the thrilling chance to explore two WWII shipwrecks known together as “The Wrecks” for those who appreciate diving on sunken ships. These two ships, a cargo ship and a destroyer, were both sunk in the vicinity during a naval conflict and are now used as an artificial reef, bringing in a variety of aquatic species.

Divers can anticipate coming across a wide variety of marine life, such as schools of tropical fish, larger species like barracuda and trevally, and occasionally even sharks. The wreck itself is also an intriguing sight, offering a lot of history to delve into and the chance to observe how the ship has been ravaged by nature over time.

It’s always interesting to explore a shipwreck, and the ones in Huahine are no different. A really unique and exhilarating diving experience is made possible by the history of the ships and the profusion of marine life that has settled on the wrecks.

For those who appreciate diving and investigating shipwrecks, The Wrecks in Huahine provide a fascinating and unforgettable diving experience. These wrecks are not to be missed due to their intriguing artificial reef ecosystem, abundant marine life, and rich history.


In conclusion, Huahine offers a staggering variety of dive sites, each with a distinctive range of options for exploration and adventures. This tropical paradise offers diving opportunities for all levels of experience, from the colorful coral formations and abundant marine life at The Pass to the mysteriously deep Blue Hole and thrilling shipwrecks at The Wrecks.

With its magnificent coral formations, pristine waters, and abundance of different marine life, Huahine is a diver’s paradise. Huahine has something to offer whether you’re searching for a calm, easy dive or a thrilling, difficult encounter.

To experience the beauty and magic of this underwater paradise for yourself, why not schedule your next dive trip to Huahine right away? Huahine will give you a diving experience you won’t soon forget because of its wide variety of dive locations, hospitable population, and spectacular natural beauty.

Our Top FAQ's

The Pass is known for its vibrant coral formations and diverse marine life, including a wide variety of tropical fish and larger species like rays and reef sharks. The site also offers excellent visibility and a variety of different dive experiences, making it an ideal spot for both beginner and experienced divers.

The Blue Hole is a challenging dive site due to its deep depths and lack of light. This can make it difficult for some divers to navigate and see the marine life and surroundings, and also presents the risk of nitrogen narcosis for those who are not experienced with deep diving.

Divers at The Wrecks in Huahine can expect to encounter a diverse range of marine life, including tropical fish, barracuda, trevally, and even the occasional shark. The wreck itself is also a fascinating sight, offering a glimpse into history and the opportunity to see how nature has claimed the vessel over time.

Huahine offers crystal-clear waters, stunning coral formations, and a wealth of diverse marine life, making it an ideal destination for divers. The range of dive sites, from the vibrant coral formations at The Pass to the deep, dark depths of The Blue Hole, makes Huahine a great place for both beginner and experienced divers. Additionally, the friendly local culture and breathtaking natural beauty make Huahine a truly unforgettable dive destination.

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