How to Get to the Marquesas Islands?

French Polynesia’s Marquesas Islands are a jewel just waiting to be discovered. The magnificent natural beauty, rich cultural legacy, and distinctive fusion of traditional and modern lives on these far-flung islands are well-known. The Marquesas Islands are a nature lover’s heaven with their rocky shoreline, lush jungles, and clean waterways. The Marquesas Islands are also the ideal location for experiencing French Polynesian culture and traditions because of its warm and inviting inhabitants.


CoastlineLocation and Geography of the Marquesas Islands

Approximately 1000 miles northeast of Tahiti, in the Pacific Ocean, are the Marquesas Islands. The Marquesas Islands have a total land area of about 1000 square miles and are made up of 12 major islands and a number of smaller islets. The islands are steep, with some of its peaks reaching heights of over 4,000 feet, and they are encircled by a rocky coastline and clear waters. The Marquesas Islands are well-known for their lush vegetation, with extensive rainforests covering much of the terrain. They also support a wide range of species, including sea turtles, dolphins, and migratory birds.

History and Culture of the Marquesas Islands

The cultural heritage of the Marquesas Islands is extensive and diversified, having origins that go back thousands of years. Around 300 AD, the first Polynesian settlers made their way to the Marquesas Islands, where they built a sophisticated society based on agriculture, fishing, and maritime trade. The Marquesas Islands have been impacted by many different cultures over the years, including European, Chinese, and American cultures. The rich cultural heritage of the island is represented in its art, music, dance, and traditions. The Marquesas Islands are a significant hub of Polynesian culture today, and travelers may get a sense of this rich cultural legacy by seeing prehistoric petroglyphs, tiki statues, and stone platforms, as well as by taking part in festivals, dances, and songs.

Air tahiti planeGetting to the Marquesas Islands: Flights and Cruises

It takes considerable work to travel to the Marquesas Islands because they are far away and uninhabited. But there are primarily two ways to reach the Marquesas Islands: by flight or via cruise. You will need to take a journey from Tahiti to Nuku Hiva, the largest island in the Marquesas Islands, which is serviced by a number of flights each week, if you decide to fly. You can go by boat or by plane to other islands from Nuku Hiva. If you decide to go on a cruise, many cruise companies offer itineraries that include stops in the Marquesas Islands, including a number of smaller, more opulent cruise ships that provide a more individualized and intimate experience.

What to See and Do in the Marquesas Islands

There is never a lack of sights to view and activities to take part in on the Marquesas Islands, which are a treasure mine of natural beauty and cultural heritage. The following are a few of the Marquesas Islands’ major attractions:

Visit the Archeological Sites: Look around the numerous tiki statues, petroglyphs, and stone platforms that are dotted all across the islands. These places offer a fascinating look at the rich cultural legacy of the Marquesas Islands and offer insight into the lives of the prehistoric Polynesians who lived there.

Enjoy the Stunning Scenery: The Marquesas Islands are a nature lover’s heaven with their rocky coasts, thick jungles, and crystal-clear oceans. Visit one of the many stunning beaches and unwind, go on a trek or a scenic drive to take in the mesmerizing sights of the area.

Experience the Culture: Participate in a traditional dance, take in some local music, or go to one of the Marquesas Islands’ numerous cultural celebrations to fully immerse yourself in the people, customs, and culture.

Discover the Underwater World: The Marquesas Islands are a well-liked location for snorkeling and scuba diving because of the area’s abundant and diversified underwater habitat. Discover the beauty of the undersea world as you explore the vivid coral reefs and come across unusual aquatic creatures.

Meet the Locals: The Marquesas Islands are renowned for their hospitable and friendly residents, and tourists are bound to be moved by their warmth and friendliness. Spend some time chatting with the people to learn more about their way of life and to have a greater understanding of Marquesan culture.

A guesthouse with a parked vehicleAccommodation and Dining in the Marquesas Islands

The Marquesas Islands provide a variety of lodging choices to meet all preferences and price ranges, from inexpensive guesthouses and campgrounds to more opulent resorts and private villas. Wherever you decide to stay, you can count on being awed by the natural beauty of the islands and the friendly friendliness of the locals.

The Marquesas Islands provide a wide variety of dining options, from traditional Polynesian food to fare from around the world. The Marquesas Islands are known for their abundance of fresh seafood, which is used in many different meals such as grilled fish, sashimi, and ceviche. Additionally, there are a number of neighborhood markets and businesses that sell a selection of fresh vegetables and regional specialties including artisanal bread, fresh fruit, and coconut delights.


The Marquesas Islands are an undiscovered treasure waiting to be discovered; they provide a special synthesis of unspoiled natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and contemporary convenience. The Marquesas Islands provide something for everyone, regardless of whether they are seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion. Why not grab your suitcase, sunscreen, and depart for the Marquesas Islands right away?

Our Top FAQ's

The Marquesas Islands can be reached by air, with flights from Papeete (Tahiti) to Nuku Hiva, the largest island in the Marquesas group. Alternatively, visitors can also reach the Marquesas Islands by boat, with regular ferry services operating between the islands.

Visitors to the Marquesas Islands can hike to breathtaking waterfalls, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, attend traditional dance performances, visit cultural festivals, and explore the islands’ rich cultural heritage. There is also the opportunity to relax on the many beautiful beaches and soak up the sun.

The Marquesas Islands offer a range of accommodation options, including budget-friendly guesthouses, camping sites, luxurious resorts, and private villas. Dining options range from traditional Polynesian cuisine to international dishes, with fresh seafood being a staple in the Marquesas Islands. There are also local markets and shops that offer a variety of fresh produce and local delicacies.

The Marquesas Islands have a tropical climate, with warm temperatures and high humidity throughout the year. The rainy season runs from November to April, while the dry season lasts from May to October. The temperature remains relatively consistent throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging from 27-30°C (80-86°F).

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