French Polynesia Weather in November

French Polynesia, also known as Tahiti, is a collection of 118 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. The weather in November is considered to be the start of the dry season, which lasts until April. During this time, the weather is generally sunny and pleasant, making it a great time to visit for those looking to escape the colder temperatures in other parts of the world.

two boats sailingTemperature and Humidity

In French Polynesia, November temperatures typically range from the mid-70s to the low-80s degrees Fahrenheit, with a humidity level of about 75%. Due to this, the climate is warm and pleasant, making it ideal for outdoor activities and touring the stunning islands. It is simple to schedule your day in accordance with the temperature because it does not vary significantly between day and night. The warm climate also makes swimming, snorkeling, and diving in the pristine waters off the islands excellent.


It’s necessary to use sunscreen and protective gear to prevent sunburns because the sun can be extremely powerful in French Polynesia. It’s crucial to drink plenty of water and take frequent rests in the shade or indoors because the excessive humidity can also make the heat feel more oppressive.



Only 1-2 inches of rainfall per month on average fall in November. It is one of the driest months of the year as a result, making it the ideal time to travel if you want to prevent the possibility of rain from ruining your travel plans. Due to the lack of rain, the water is also exceptionally clear, making it ideal for diving, swimming, and snorkeling. The islands are verdant and lush, and the absence of precipitation lets tourists fully appreciate the surrounding beauty without having to worry about getting caught in an unexpected downpour.


French Polynesia experiences a dry season from May to October, with November marking the beginning of this period. This makes it a perfect time to visit if you’re thinking about going on a beach vacation because the likelihood of rain is practically nonexistent. The interior of the islands may be explored on foot more easily during the dry season.


palm tree hit by windWind and Storms

French Polynesia typically has mild winds in November, with an average wind speed of about 10 knots. Because of this, the weather is calm and consistent, making it ideal for outdoor pursuits like sailing and windsurfing. Parasailing and kitesurfing, which are popular activities in French Polynesia, are also perfect due to the mild winds.


At this time of year, there is a very slim chance of experiencing a tropical storm or hurricane. This makes November the best month to go if you want to experience quiet and consistent weather. The islands’ location in a portion of the Pacific Ocean that is generally protected shields them from bad weather.


Though the likelihood of storms is low, it’s still a good idea to check the forecast before making any outside plans, it’s vital to note. Additionally, it’s critical to be informed of any potential storm warnings and to take the appropriate safety measures.


Best Places to Visit

Visitors may enjoy a wide range of attractions and activities in French Polynesia, and November is a fantastic month to travel there. The following are a few of the top places to travel in November:


the island of Bora Bora, renowned for its stunning beaches and clean waters. For honeymooners and couples searching for a romantic break, Bora Bora is a well-liked destination. The island is perfect for diving and snorkeling because it is bordered by a coral reef. Water sports including kayaking, paddleboarding, and jet skiing are also available there.


Moorea, an island with stunning waterfalls and excellent trekking. Moorea is renowned for its verdant interior, which features numerous hiking paths that lead to stunning waterfalls and expansive island views. With a variety of marine life to be found in the crystal-clear waters around the island, it’s also an excellent location for snorkeling and diving.


With its rich culture and history, Tahiti, the biggest island in French Polynesia, is also a fantastic site to visit. Visitors can visit the capital city of Papeete as well as the island’s museums and cultural institutes. Hiking, snorkeling, and diving are just a few of the outdoor activities available on the island. Black sand beaches on the island are a distinctive and lovely attraction that tourists shouldn’t miss.


Raiatea Island is renowned for its stunning beaches, clear waters, and lush interior. The magnificent Marae Taputapuatea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, may be visited by tourists, and they can also take a boat cruise to view the island’s numerous coral reefs.


Taha’a Island is renowned for its stunning beaches and clean waters. Visitors have the option of taking a boat tour to observe the island’s coral reefs and marine life or a 4×4 tour to visit the interior of the island.


Among the many stunning islands that French Polynesia has to offer, here are just a few examples. Visitors have the option of staying on a single island or taking a cruise to see several. Visitors are guaranteed to find the ideal island to fit their interests and tastes since there are so many possibilities available.



In general, November is a great month to travel to French Polynesia. There is little rain and little wind, and the weather is warm and sunny. The absence of storms also makes it the perfect time to go for those seeking a stress-free getaway. French Polynesia is a fantastic travel destination for travelers of all ages and interests because of the numerous outdoor activities and attractions it provides. All visitors will be deeply affected by the islands’ stunning natural surroundings, beautiful waters, and vibrant culture. Pack your luggage and make travel plans to French Polynesia in November for a memorable getaway!

Our Top FAQ's

The average temperature in November in French Polynesia ranges from the mid-70s to the low-80s degrees Fahrenheit.

Rainfall in November in French Polynesia is minimal, with an average of only 1-2 inches per month.

Storms are rare during November in French Polynesia, with only a small chance of a tropical storm or hurricane.

Some popular places to visit in French Polynesia during November include Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahiti, Raiatea, and Taha’a. These islands offer beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a variety of outdoor activities, as well as rich culture and history.

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