Frank Murphy Tetiaroa Society

Murphy Frank Tetiaroa Society is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2017 to conserve and restore Tetiaroa Atoll, a French Polynesian island that was previously Marlon Brando’s getaway. The society bears Frank Murphy’s name because he was Marlon Brando’s legal counsel and was instrumental in creating the trust that is responsible for the island’s current ownership. The goal of the society is to further scientific study, education, and the preservation of Tetiaroa’s unique biodiversity of flora and animals, as well as to establish a sustainable future for the island.


starry skyThe Tetiaroa’s Past


The intriguing past of Tetiaroa Atoll spans many millennia. The atoll was previously revered by the Polynesians, who thought the island was where the god Oro was born. The Polynesian people, who used the stars and currents to traverse the Pacific Ocean, also used the atoll as a key navigational landmark.


The infamous HMS Bounty mutiny occurred close to Tetiaroa in 1789. Captain William Bligh and 18 devoted crew members were sent adrift in a tiny boat by the mutineers, who headed for the island of Tubuai under the leadership of Fletcher Christian. A small number of mutineers attempted to settle on Tetiaroa and remained there, but they were finally apprehended by the Royal Navy.


Tetiaroa became Marlon Brando’s personal refuge in the 20th century. During filming Mutiny on the Bounty in 1960, Brando made his first trip to Tetiaroa and immediately fell in love with the peacefulness and natural beauty of the place. In 1967, Brando bought the island and constructed an opulent eco-resort with seawater air conditioning and solar power. Brando was dedicated to maintaining and protecting the island’s natural beauty, which is why the resort was created to blend in with the surroundings.


The island was purchased by a foundation created to safeguard the island’s natural beauty and cultural history when Brando passed away in 2004. For the purpose of advancing a sustainable future for Tetiaroa Atoll and assisting the trust in its mission, the Frank Murphy Tetiaroa Society was founded in 2017.


Conservation Initiatives


The Tetiaroa Atoll’s natural beauty is something that the Frank Murphy Tetiaroa Society is dedicated to preserving and safeguarding. The group has launched a number of conservation projects with the goal of preserving and repairing the island’s nature.


The return of native bird species to the island is one of the most important undertakings. Many endemic bird species, such as the Polynesian ground dove, Tuamotu sandpiper, and white-throated storm petrel, can be found on Tetiaroa. These animals were formerly in danger from habitat loss and invasive species like rats and cats that preyed on them. In order to reintroduce these species to the island and to eradicate invasive species that pose a threat to their survival, the society is collaborating with local partners.


In order to comprehend the atoll’s biodiversity and identify places that need conservation efforts, the group is also conducting an extensive assessment of the island’s flora and wildlife. The survey includes keeping an eye on the condition of coral reefs, which provide crucial habitat for numerous marine animals.


Also, the society collaborates with neighborhood fishermen to encourage ethical fishing methods and safeguard the island’s marine resources. Also, the organization is working with other environmental groups to advance sustainability and conservation in French Polynesia.


scientistScientific Research Projects


Promote scientific study of Tetiaroa Atoll is a goal of the Frank Murphy Tetiaroa Society. The organization is now engaged in a number of research initiatives with a marine ecology, climate change, and biodiversity theme.


The Coral Reef Ecosystem Program, a long-term monitoring program created to evaluate the resilience of the island’s coral reefs, is one of the most important research initiatives. The program includes studying the effects of environmental stressors including pollution and climate change as well as monitoring the development and health of coral reefs.


The society is also conducting research on the impacts of climate change on the island’s ecosystems in collaboration with scientists from around the globe. These research initiatives include examining the effects of ocean acidification on the island’s marine life, the implications of rising sea levels on the island’s freshwater supplies, and the effects of human activity on the island’s ecosystems.


The migration patterns of sea turtles that nest on Tetiaroa are the subject of another study. The group is collaborating with scientists to better understand the behavior and migratory patterns of sea turtles and to follow their movements using satellite telemetry.


The Frank Murphy Tetiaroa Society’s study is essential for comprehending the ecology of the island and for creating successful conservation plans. The information gathered by the society is shared with researchers and other conservation organizations across the globe, which supports conservation initiatives on Tetiaroa and in other regions of the world.


Initiatives in Education


The Frank Murphy Tetiaroa Society is dedicated to spreading awareness of the value of sustainability and conservation. The group has launched a number of educational programs to spread knowledge about the issues Tetiaroa is facing and the potential solutions for preserving the island’s natural beauty.


The Tetiaroa Scholars Program, which gives students the chance to take part in research projects on the island, is one of the most important educational initiatives. Students from all around the world are welcome to participate in the program, which gives them the chance to collaborate with scientists and academics on projects focused on sustainability and conservation.


In order to promote local students’ studies and inspire them to seek jobs in sustainability and conservation, the group also awards scholarships to local students. For the long-term preservation of the island’s natural resources, it is essential that local skills in sustainability and conservation be developed.


Also, the group plans educational events for island visitors. These programs include lessons on sustainable living techniques as well as guided tours of the island’s natural and cultural heritage places. The society contributes to the promotion of an environmental stewardship culture by informing visitors about the value of conservation and sustainability.


compassPrograms for Cultural Heritage


The Frank Murphy Tetiaroa Society is dedicated to preserving and promoting Tetiaroa Atoll’s extensive cultural history, which spans many decades. The organization runs a number of cultural heritage initiatives that aim to inform people about the history, customs, and cultural practices of the island.


The Marlon Brando Culture Center, a museum and cultural center devoted to the history and culture of Tetiaroa, is one of the most important cultural heritage initiatives. The center has displays on the natural history, cultural heritage, and legacy of Marlon Brando of the island. To honor the island’s cultural past, the society also plans cultural events and activities like traditional dance performances, storytelling, and craft workshops.


The group collaborates with the neighborhood communities to protect and advance customs and knowledge. In order to cross the Pacific Ocean for millennia, the Polynesian people used traditional Polynesian navigation methods, which the society promotes the preservation of. Tetiaroa’s cultural history is being passed down to future generations thanks in part to the society’s efforts to preserve and promote traditional customs and knowledge.




Tetiaroa Atoll is being preserved and protected in large part because of the work of the Frank Murphy Tetiaroa Society. The group works to ensure that the island has a sustainable future through its conservation activities, scientific research projects, educational programs, and cultural heritage initiatives. Tetiaroa will remain a stunning and lively site for future generations to enjoy thanks to the society’s efforts to raise awareness about the value of conservation and sustainability. The Frank Murphy Tetiaroa Society’s initiatives are used as a template for conservation and sustainable development initiatives all around the world.

Our Top FAQ's

Tetiaroa Atoll is a group of small islands located in the South Pacific, approximately 30 miles north of Tahiti. The atoll has significant ecological and cultural importance, as it is home to many rare and endangered species and has a rich cultural heritage.

Tetiaroa Atoll faces several conservation challenges, including habitat loss, overfishing, and climate change. These factors threaten the island’s unique biodiversity and cultural heritage.

The Frank Murphy Tetiaroa Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting Tetiaroa Atoll. The society’s mission is to promote sustainable development and conservation efforts on the island while honoring its cultural heritage.

The society has several initiatives aimed at promoting conservation and sustainable development on Tetiaroa Atoll, including scientific research projects, educational initiatives, cultural heritage programs, and sustainable tourism development. These initiatives are aimed at raising awareness about the importance of conservation and sustainability and promoting a sustainable future for Tetiaroa.

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