Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals

An ideal trip for many entails pristine oceans, white sand beaches, and far-off locales. All of that and more are provided by Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals. For more than 70 years, our firm has led daring travelers on thrilling excursions through the breathtaking islands of Fiji.

cruiseOverview of Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals


The breathtaking islands of Fiji may be explored in an amazing way with Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals. These cruises provide the ideal balance of excitement and relaxation, with a selection of activities and amenities to suit every preference and spending limit.


Three little ships, the Fiji Princess, Mystique Princess, and Lagoon Princess, are used for the cruises. The Yasawa Islands’ shallow waters are perfect for these ships’ shallow draft, which allows them to provide a more personal and genuine cruising experience.


The chance to visit isolated islands that are inaccessible by larger cruise ships is one of the special aspects of Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals. The plan offers lots of chances to unwind and take in Fiji’s breathtaking natural beauty in addition to excursions to nearby villages, snorkeling, and diving locations.

Features and Activities


Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals provide a variety of amenities and activities to occupy and amuse travelers throughout their voyage. On the cruises, there are various activities available, such as:


Scuba diving and snorkeling: Fiji’s crystal-clear seas provide some of the best possibilities in the world for these activities. All the essential gear is provided by Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals, and knowledgeable guides are on hand to assist visitors as they explore the underwater world.


Visits to islands are included in the itinerary; there, travelers can explore nearby villages, walk to picturesque vistas, and unwind on pristine beaches.


Cultural experiences: Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals provide chances to take part in traditional Fijian customs and rituals including meke dancing and kava ceremonies. Fiji has a rich cultural legacy.


Kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and other water sports gear are available on board the ships, allowing visitors to explore the islands from a unique angle.


Spa services: Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals offer a variety of spa services, such as massages, facials, and body wraps, for those looking for a more relaxing experience.


The ships are furnished with a variety of amenities in addition to these activities to make sure that guests are comfortable during their voyage. Every accommodation has air conditioning and a private bathroom with an en suite. The ships also feature a bar, lounge, and restaurant where guests may savor delectable fare and beverages while admiring the breathtaking scenery.

Boat cruise during sunsetAccommodation Options


A variety of lodging choices are available through Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals to accommodate various spending limits and tastes. With a Fijian flair, each cabin is elegantly decorated and maximizes both space and comfort. The three ships’ stateroom arrangements vary, including:


Fiji Princess: There are 34 cabins on the Fiji Princess, including 14 cabins with an ocean view and a private balcony, 14 cabins with an ocean view and a picture window, and six staterooms with portholes.


Mystique Princess: There are only 10 staterooms on the Mystique Princess, including six with private balconies and four with picture windows, all of which have an ocean view.


Lagoon Princess: There are only four staterooms on the Lagoon Princess, all of which have a private balcony and an ocean view.


On the Fiji Princess and Mystique Princess, the ocean view cabins are quite roomy and have breathtaking views of the ocean and islands. The Fiji Princess also features two Penthouse Suites, which provide extra room and luxuries for those seeking a more opulent experience.

Tips for Booking Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals

There are a few suggestions to keep in mind if you’re interested in booking a Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deal to make sure you have the greatest experience possible.


First and foremost, you should book your trip well in advance, especially if you intend to go during the busy summer months of June through September. You will then have the finest selection of dates and cabins.


Second, you should think about how long the cruise will be. There are different voyage lengths available from three to seven nights with Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals. A longer cruise will provide you the opportunity to explore more islands and participate in more activities, even though a shorter vacation can be more economical.


Third, you should think carefully about the kind of cabin you want to reserve. The most well-liked and most expensive accommodations have an ocean view. Budget-friendly but nonetheless comfortable staterooms or cabins with portholes are an option if you’re traveling light.


Finally, you should think about the kinds of activities you want to participate in while on the cruise. There are additional costs associated with some sports, such diving and snorkeling. When planning your budget for your cruise, it’s critical to take these costs into account.

Reviews and Recommendations


Past visitors have given Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals good marks for their superior customer service, breathtaking scenery, and variety of activities. The kind and experienced personnel, who go above and beyond to make sure everyone has a pleasant trip, has received positive feedback from many passengers.


The caliber of the food and the variety of activities offered on the trips have also received appreciation from passengers. Passengers remark on the magnificent coral reefs and an abundance of marine life, which makes the snorkeling and diving chances particularly well-liked.


The tiny size of the ships, which can result in a more individualized and intimate experience, has also been mentioned by several guests. In contrast to larger cruise ships, there are, however, less amenities on board.


All in all, Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals provide a singular and spectacular opportunity to discover the breathtaking Fijian islands. These cruises offer the perfect balance of action and leisure, with a variety of activities and amenities to suit every taste and budget. Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals are an experience not to be missed, whether you are an experienced tourist or a first-time cruiser.


Our Top FAQ's

The cost of a Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deal typically includes accommodation onboard the ship, all meals, most activities, and some transfers. Alcoholic drinks and some activities may require additional fees.

Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deals offer a wide range of activities, including snorkeling, diving, kayaking, cultural tours, and beach visits. Some activities may require additional fees.

The best time to take a Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deal is during the dry season, which typically runs from June to September. This is when you’ll have the best weather and the clearest water for snorkeling and diving.

You can book a Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Deal directly through their website or through a travel agent. It’s important to book in advance, especially during peak season, to ensure that you get the dates and cabin type you want.

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