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The French Polynesian islands are a tropical haven with white sand beaches, clean oceans, and lush vegetation. Taking the ferry from Moorea to Papeete and then on to Terevau is one of the greatest ways to visit these islands. The many boat alternatives, what to expect during the voyage, and the top things to do on each island will all be covered in this post as we examine riding a ferry from Moorea to Papeete and then on to Terevau.


woman on the boatFerry Services 

When traveling from Moorea to Papeete and then on to Terevau, there are a number of ferry choices. The Aremiti ferry, run by the French Polynesia government, is the most popular choice. The Aremiti ferry is a sizable, contemporary boat with seats for up to 1,200 passengers, air conditioning, and a snack bar. The boat travels from Moorea to Papeete twice daily and takes about an hour and a half. It is the most frequent alternative and the ideal one for people who want more departure time possibilities. The Aremiti ferry also has various service levels, such as the VIP class, which provides plusher seating and superior service.

The Moana Nui ferry is an additional choice; it’s a smaller, cozier boat that can carry up to 200 people. The Moana Nui boat has a tiny snack bar, seating, and air conditioning. The ferry travels from Moorea to Papeete once every day and takes around an hour and a half. For those seeking a more individualized and intimate experience, this choice is perfect. Additionally, the Moana Nui ferry offers a range of onboard activities that make the trip more pleasurable, such as live music and cultural performances.

A private boat is an additional choice; for those seeking a more opulent experience, this choice is ideal. These boats provide a more individualized service and are outfitted with all the required comforts, including air conditioning, chairs, and a bar. Although it is less common, this choice is more expensive than the others.

What to Expect While Traveling

A picturesque and peaceful experience is the boat voyage from Moorea to Papeete and then on to Terevau. You can witness a variety of marine species, including dolphins, whales, and turtles, as the cruise takes you through the stunning waters of the French Polynesian islands. Large windows are also present on the ship, allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you travel.

You can buy snacks and beverages at the ferry’s snack bar while you’re traveling, and there are also restrooms available. Additionally, both the Moana Nui and Aremiti ferries include seating spaces where you can unwind and take in the scenery. The ferry ride is a wonderful opportunity to admire the islands’ splendor and capture some stunning images.

The residents can be pleasant and hospitable, so the ferry ride is a great way to get to know them. You will learn a lot about the French Polynesian way of life from them as they will be delighted to share their culture and experiences with you.

woman seating on a rockMoorea

A quick ferry ride will take you to the stunning island of Moorea from Papeete. It is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, verdant landscape, and pure waters. On Moorea, there are many different things to do, like swimming, snorkeling, and diving. You can also explore the island’s numerous hiking paths, which provide stunning views of the island’s mountainous landscape and diverse flora.

A tour of the island’s numerous beaches is one of the most well-liked things to do on Moorea. The most well-known beaches on the island, including Cook’s Bay and Opunohu Bay, are available for guided trips through a number of travel companies. These excursions frequently include a picnic lunch and time for swimming and snorkeling in the pristine seas. Moorea’s beaches are renowned for its allure and the clarity of their water, making them ideal for swimming, tanning, and relaxing.

Snorkeling and diving are two other well-liked activities on Moorea. Numerous dive sites and snorkeling locations are close to the shore, and the island is home to a variety of marine species, including turtles, sharks, and rays. Moorea’s waters, which are incredibly transparent, are perfect for underwater exploration.

Moorea has a number of hiking routes that provide stunning views of the island’s rocky landscape and verdant greenery for those who like to hike and engage in outdoor sports. Popular hiking trails lead to the Belvedere overlook, which provides expansive views of Opunohu and Cook’s Bay. The 3-hour round-trip trek to Mount Rotui’s summit, which provides a breathtaking view of the island and the nearby islands, is another well-liked hiking track.


The largest city in the islands and the capital of French Polynesia is Papeete. It is a thriving metropolis with a blend of French and Polynesian culture. Papeete offers a wide range of activities, such as visiting the city’s numerous markets, museums, and galleries.

The Marché de Papeete, a sizable outdoor market where you can discover a range of local goods, including crafts, apparel, and souvenirs, is one of the most well-liked sights in Papeete. The market is open every day and a terrific place to learn about the community’s culture and get some unusual presents. An excellent area to sample the delicious flavors and variety of the neighborhood’s street cuisine is the market.

The Musée de Tahiti et des îles, a museum that examines the history, culture, and art of French Polynesia, is another well-liked destination in Papeete. A variety of objects and works of art that tell the history of the islands and the people who have lived there are kept in the museum. The museum is a fantastic resource for learning about the history and culture of the island and is a must-visit location for history enthusiasts.

Papeete offers a wide range of other activities and attractions, like shopping, food, and nightlife, in addition to museums and markets. The city is a perfect site to experience the lively nightlife of the island because it is home to a variety of eateries, bars, and nightclubs. Additionally, there are a number of retail centers where you may get a selection of regional goods and souvenirs, like the Papeete Market and the Vaima Center.

girl in a poolTerevau 

Small island Terevau is part of the Tuamotu Archipelago, a collection of islands east of Papeete. The island has a reputation for having stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a tranquil atmosphere. Tourists seeking a more private and serene experience frequently travel to Terevau.

Discovering the island’s numerous beaches is one of the nicest things to do on Terevau. White sands and crystal-clear waters make the beaches on the island ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Additionally, reading, relaxing, and sunbathing are perfect beach activities. Anau Beach and Faiava Beach, two of Terevau’s most well-liked beaches, both have stunning scenery and crystal-clear waters.

A tour of the island’s several lagoons, where you may witness a variety of marine life, including sharks, rays, and turtles, is another well-liked activity on Terevau. The lagoons are renowned for having abundant marine life and crystal-clear waters, making them ideal for diving and snorkeling. Raroia Lagoon and Fakarava Lagoon, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites and home to several rare and endangered marine species, are two of Terevau’s most well-known lagoons.

Terevau offers a range of cultural events for individuals who are interested in the history and culture of the island, including traditional dance performances and workshops. Visitors can experience the island’s traditional way of life through these activities while also learning about the island’s history and culture.

Terevau offers a wide range of additional activities in addition to swimming, snorkeling, and diving, including fishing and bird viewing. Numerous bird species may be found on the island, including the endangered Tuamotu Sandpiper, which can be spotted in the lagoons and wetlands. Visitors can catch a variety of fish, including tuna, marlin, and mahi-mahi, when fishing, which is another well-liked pastime on Terevau.

In conclusion, a terrific way to visit the French Polynesian islands is by taking a ferry from Moorea to Papeete and then on to Terevau. These islands have plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re searching for breathtaking beaches, luscious vegetation, or a bustling city. The most attractive, relaxing, and marine life-filled routes via these islands are aboard the Aremiti and Moana Nui boats. To really appreciate the French Polynesian islands’ splendor, make sure to spend your time exploring each island. You won’t regret spending the time to tour every island because each one has its own special charm.

Our Top FAQ's

The different ferry options include the Aremiti ferry, which is a large, modern vessel that can accommodate up to 1,200 passengers and is operated by the government of French Polynesia. Another option is the Moana Nui ferry, which is a smaller, more intimate vessel that can accommodate up to 200 passengers, and a private boat option for a more luxurious experience.

During the ferry ride, you can expect a scenic and relaxing experience, passing through the beautiful waters of the French Polynesian islands, with the opportunity to see a variety of marine life, including dolphins, whales, and turtles. The ferry is equipped with large windows and seating areas, and there are also restroom facilities and a snack bar on board.

Popular activities on Moorea include taking a tour of the island’s many beaches, swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The island also offers a variety of hiking trails, and picnics on the beaches.

Popular activities on Terevau include exploring the island’s many beaches, swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Also, visiting the island’s many lagoons, which are known for their crystal-clear waters and marine life, bird watching, fishing, cultural activities such as traditional dance performances, and workshops.

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