Bora Bora for Families

Families seeking a tropical vacation frequently travel to the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora. The island, which is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, verdant landscape, and famous overwater bungalows, provides both parents and kids with a wide range of experiences and activities. Five major subtopics pertaining to family vacation to Bora Bora will be examined in this essay.


A family in a guesthouseAccommodation suited to families

There are several different types of lodgings in Bora Bora, including family-focused resorts. Many of these resorts have family suites and interconnecting rooms in addition to family-friendly features like playgrounds and kiddie pools. Some resorts also include kid-friendly activities like kids’ clubs and babysitter services, letting parents unwind while their kids are kept amused and safe.

Le Meridien Bora Bora provides a Family Overwater Bungalow, for instance, which has two interconnecting rooms and a private patio with easy access to the lagoon. The resort also features a kids’ club where children can participate in games, arts and crafts, and even snorkeling lessons. Two-bedroom Family Overwater Villas with private infinity pools are available at The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort. A range of kid-friendly activities, such as a treasure hunt and a session on carving coconuts, are available at the resort, which also features a children’s club.

The Four Seasons Bora Bora is yet another excellent choice for families. It offers a range of lodging options, including beachfront villas and overwater bungalows, all with breathtaking lagoon views. Additionally, there is a kids’ club that gives courses in cutting coconuts and traditional Polynesian dance. Kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and windsurfing are just a few of the many water sports available at the resort.

Outdoor activities

Family-friendly activities abound in Bora Bora, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Along with land-based pursuits like horseback riding and hiking, the island provides a wide range of aquatic sports, including kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming. Families can join a guided trip to see the famous sharks and rays of the island as well as explore the island’s lovely lagoons by boat.

For families traveling to Bora Bora, snorkeling is a must-do activity. Tropical fish, turtles, and even rays can be seen in the island’s crystal-clear waters along with a wide variety of other marine species. Families may easily explore the island’s gorgeous lagoons because a lot of resorts provide snorkeling equipment and guided snorkeling tours.

Stand-up paddleboarding is another well-liked water sport, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for families to both explore and exercise the island’s lovely lagoons. Families may easily attempt this enjoyable pastime thanks to the stand-up paddleboarding courses and guided tours offered by resorts like the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa and Le Meridien Bora Bora.

A guided hike through the beautiful jungle of Bora Bora is an option if you’re searching for a more challenging outdoor activity. A wide variety of plants and animals may be found in the island’s hinterland, and numerous guided trips take families through the rainforest to view waterfalls and other natural beauties.

Cultural interactions

Families who want to learn more about the island’s vibrant culture should visit Bora Bora. A lot of resorts include cultural experiences like traditional dance performances, Polynesian culinary lessons, and even a trip to a nearby marae (ancient temple). Families can also go on a guided tour to discover the history of the island and visit its museums and art galleries.

Attending a traditional Polynesian dance performance is one of the greatest ways to learn about the culture of Bora Bora. These shows, which include indigenous music and dance as well as historical tales and costumes, are presented by a number of resorts. For instance, the Heiva, a traditional Polynesian dance performance, is presented every Wednesday and Friday night at the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa.

A traditional Polynesian cooking workshop is a wonderful way to learn about the culture of Bora Bora. These courses, which show families how to make a range of traditional Polynesian cuisine using fresh, local ingredients, are provided by several resorts. Families can learn how to prepare regional foods like poisson cru (raw fish marinated in coconut milk) and taro root chips at the Le Meridien Bora Bora, for instance, through its cookery class.

Families can also visit a nearby marae, an old temple that was previously the site of ceremonial rituals for both religion and culture. Families can learn about Bora Bora’s rich cultural legacy by visiting these historical locations as part of numerous guided trips.

Spa and relaxation

Luxury spas and other wellness options can be found in Bora Bora. Family-friendly spa services at many resorts include couples massages, body treatments, and facials. Families can unwind by the beach or pool, participate in yoga and meditation programs, or all of the above.

A variety of spa treatments are available at the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa, which provides overwater treatment rooms, a thalasso pool, and a distinctive spa experience. Couples massages, facials, and body treatments for the whole family are available. Local substances like coconut oil and monoi oil are used.

Additionally, the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort provides a range of spa services, such as facials, body treatments, and couples massages. The spa at the hotel is on a separate island and has a tranquil setting that is ideal for regeneration and relaxation.

A family eatingDining

From informal seaside eateries to fine dining establishments, Bora Bora offers a wide variety of dining alternatives for families. Numerous resorts provide a wide range of dining alternatives, such as buffet-style meals, à la carte selections, and even exclusive beachside evenings. Families may eat local seafood and enjoy traditional Polynesian meals.

There are many dining options available at the Le Meridien Bora Bora, including a beachside grill, a fine dining restaurant, and a buffet-style restaurant. In addition to traditional Polynesian fare like poisson cru and taro root chips, the resort’s main restaurant, the “Lagoon Restaurant,” serves a variety of foreign cuisine.

In addition to a fine dining restaurant, The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort also provides a casual beachside eatery and even private beachside dinners. Along with a range of international meals, families may sample traditional Polynesian fare like poisson cru and taro root chips. The “Lagoon Restaurant,” the primary eating establishment of the resort, provides a distinctive dining experience with breathtaking views of the lagoon.

To sum up, families searching for a tropical vacation may consider visiting Bora Bora. On this lovely island, there is something for everyone, including a large selection of family-friendly lodgings, outdoor activities, cultural events, relaxing opportunities, and culinary alternatives. Bora Bora is certain to enchant and inspire you, whether you’re seeking excitement, rest, or a chance to fully experience Polynesian culture. Therefore, it makes for the ideal vacation destination for families that wish to take in the elegance, culture, and beauty of nature all at once.

Our Top FAQ's

Families can participate in a variety of outdoor activities such as snorkeling and swimming with sharks and rays, jet skiing, and taking a 4×4 safari tour. They can also experience Bora Bora’s culture through traditional Polynesian dance shows and cooking classes, and visit local marae (ancient temples).

Some family-friendly accommodations in Bora Bora include the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa, and InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa. These resorts offer a variety of room options, including family suites and villas with private pools.

Many resorts in Bora Bora offer spa services that are perfect for families, including couples massages, body treatments, and facials. Families can also take part in yoga and meditation classes, or simply relax by the pool or on the beach.

Bora Bora offers a wide range of dining options for families, from casual beachside eateries to fine dining restaurants. Many resorts offer a variety of dining options, including buffet-style meals, a la carte options, and even private beachside dinners. Families can also try traditional Polynesian dishes and sample local seafood.

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