Tonga Activies

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The Activities of Tonga

Tourists are welcomed to the kingdom of Tonga with great entertainment and amazing activities that usually start at the airport and wharves to show the gratitude to travelers visiting the Island. During the summertime, Tonga has many activities such as the celebration of his majesty’s birthday, Heilala festival, whale watching time, most of the school’s alumni celebration and church conferences. People from all over the world visit Tonga to experience these unique events. There is much more sightseeing that travelers enjoy including bird watching, blowholes, and caves.

Vava'u, Tonga Kayaking Trips

Situated approximately 240 kilometres north of Tongatapu, the Vava’u Island Group is a smattering of 50-odd islands, in an area 23 by 25 kilometres, protected by a semi-circular reef. The islands are separated by reefs or open water, but are not great paddling distances apart. Tonga is in the top 10 beaches and small islands for travel in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014 guide. Shh, don’t tell everyone!

Ha'apai, Tonga Kayaking Trips

Situated approximately halfway between Vava’u and Tongatapu, the Ha’apai Islands are everything you might imagine of a tropical island paradise. Ha’apai is a top 10 travel region according to Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014 guide. Get there with Friendly Islands Kayak Company before word gets out!

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