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Step into the lush landscapes and breathtaking beauty of Kauai with Far and Away Adventures, your gateway to the ultimate island experience. Known as the “Garden Isle,” Kauai boasts some of the most spectacular natural wonders in Hawaii. From the towering cliffs of the Na Pali Coast to the serene Wailua River, our expertly curated excursions and activities offer something for every adventurer. Join Far and Away Adventures to explore Kauai’s hidden gems and iconic destinations, ensuring a journey filled with unforgettable memories.

Top 8 Must-Do Activities and Excursions in Kauai

  • Na Pali Coast Boat Tour – Sail along the stunning Na Pali Coast for breathtaking views and sea cave explorations.
  • Waimea Canyon State Park Hike – Trek through the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” for panoramic vistas.
  • Hanalei Bay Surfing Lessons – Ride the waves in the beautiful setting of Hanalei Bay, which is perfect for all skill levels.
  • Wailua River Kayaking and Waterfall Hike – Paddle and hike to a hidden waterfall on Kauai’s sacred river.
  • Helicopter Tour Over Kauai – Experience the island’s dramatic landscapes from the air, including the Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon.
  • Poipu Beach Snorkeling Adventure – Discover the colorful marine life in the crystal-clear waters of Poipu Beach.
  • Kilauea Lighthouse and Wildlife Refuge Visit – Explore this scenic spot with stunning ocean views and native wildlife.
  • Luau Kalamaku Experience – Enjoy traditional Hawaiian dance, music, and cuisine at a memorable luau.

More Incredible Activities and Excursions with Far and Away Adventures

  • Kauai Coffee Company Plantation Tour – Learn about coffee production and sample Kauai’s famous coffee.
  • Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail Hike – Discover unique geological formations and ancient cultural sites along this coastal trail.
  • Tubing Adventure Through Sugar Plantation Canals – Float down historic irrigation canals and tunnels for a unique perspective of Kauai.
  • Limahuli Garden and Preserve Tour – Wander through a botanical garden in the majestic Na Pali Coast.
  • Polihale State Park Beach Visit – Enjoy one of Kauai’s most remote and breathtaking beaches.
  • Anini Beach Snorkeling and Relaxation – Spend a day at one of Kauai’s safest and most protected snorkeling spots.
  • Kalalau Trail Day Hike – Hike a portion of this famous trail along the Na Pali Coast for stunning ocean and valley views.
  • Smith Family Garden Luau – Experience Kauai’s family-run luau in a tropical garden paradise.
  • Old Koloa Town Historical Tour – Dive into Kauai’s sugar plantation history in this charming old town.
  • Secret Beach Sunset Viewing – Watch a spectacular sunset from this secluded beach, accessible via a short hike.
  • Sleeping Giant Trail Hike – Ascend to the summit of this iconic mountain for panoramic views of Kauai.
  • Hanapepe Friday Night Art Walk – Explore Kauai’s “biggest little town” and its vibrant art scene.
  • Kauai Backcountry Zipline Adventure – Zip through the lush backcountry for an adrenaline rush amidst natural beauty.
  • Napali Snorkel and Sail – Combine sailing and snorkeling along the breathtaking Napali Coast.
  • Fern Grotto Riverboat Tour – Visit this natural wonder, which is accessible only by boat and features lush ferns and tropical flora.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kauai is beautiful year-round, but the best weather is typically from April to June and September to November.

The Na Pali Coast cannot be accessed by car. The best ways to see it are by boat, helicopter, or hiking the Kalalau Trail.

The island offers beginner-friendly hikes, such as the Wailua River and Waterfall hike and the Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail.

A permit is required to hike beyond Hanakāpīʻai Beach along the Kalalau Trail, even for day hikes.

Families often enjoy tubing through the sugar plantation canals, a unique and gentle adventure suitable for most ages.

Essentials include reef-safe sunscreen, insect repellent, hiking shoes, a hat, a swimsuit, and a waterproof camera or phone case.

There are lookout points accessible by car, and guided tours provide comprehensive visits without extensive hiking.

Yes, booking your activities with Far and Away Adventures in advance is highly recommended, especially during peak travel periods, to ensure availability.

For more information and to book your next adventure, visit Far and Away Adventures. Explore Kauai with us and make your island dreams a reality.

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