Easter Island Activies

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The Activities of Easter Island

Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui by natives, is a small island located in the Polynesian triangle of Oceania, in Chile. The island is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO because of historic monuments and archaeological sites. But that’s not the end of the island’s impeccable beauty. With mesmerizing landscapes stretching throughout the island and luxury resorts located at small distances, it is an ideal place for vacationing with your loved ones. Let’s not forget the thrilling adventures it beholds for travelers. Let’s have a look at why this island is a must travel place for you and your loved ones.


The island has huge moai statues located at various locations, with giant heads like bobblehead dolls, made entirely from rocks. Ahu Tongariki, Ahu Akivi, and Rano Raraku are three remote sites on the island famous for iconic moai statues. These statues are a pure representation of Polynesian artistic expression and the ancestral heritage of the natives.

Subterranean Sites

Easter Island has many caves and subterranean sites, decorated with underground plants and stalagmites. Beware, this adventure may lead you to dark horrors and unfriendly bats.

Volcanic Sites

Easter Island has many volcanic sites including Poike, Anakena, Rano Kau, Orongo and Terevaka. You must hike your way to the sites for a panoramic volcanic view that will blow your mind away.


When we’re talking about an island in Oceania, how can we forget the crystal-clear waters, beautiful sunsets and intoxicating silence of beaches? Easter Island has many beach sites that can perform soul-cleansing of your tensed urban soul.

Cruises and Yachts

Your traveling adventure is incomplete if you go to an island but do not experience the oceanic hues. Cruising and yachting services at the Easter Island make sure that you have a first-hand experience of marine life and oceanic hues.

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