Fakarava to Rangiroa

Two of the most stunning places in the South Pacific are the French Polynesian islands Fakarava and Rangiroa. These islands provide visitors a glimpse of paradise with their immaculate beaches, clean waters, and an abundance of marine life.


Rangiroa shoreCulture and History

Fakarava and Rangiroa are part of the Tuamotu Archipelago, which has a lengthy and fascinating history going back more than a thousand years. Polynesians arrived on these islands circa 500 AD and were their first residents. They evolved a distinct culture and manner of life that was strongly related to the sea over the years. They created boats and canoes that allowed them to travel enormous distances across the Pacific, and they were adept fishers and navigators.

The historic marae at Tetamanu is one of Fakarava’s most fascinating cultural landmarks. Polynesians would congregate in marae, which are sacred locations, to carry out ceremonies and rituals. One of French Polynesia’s most well-preserved examples of these prehistoric settlements is the marae at Tetamanu. The temple’s remains can be explored by those who are interested in learning more about Polynesian customs and traditions.

Visitors to Rangiroa can discover more about the life and artistic creations of Paul Gauguin, a well-known French artist who visited the island in the late 19th century. Some of Gauguin’s most well-known paintings are among the objects and works of art on display at the Gauguin Museum that are connected to his time spent in French Polynesia. The museum also offers information about the Polynesian people’s traditional arts and music.

The Tuamotu Archipelago’s culture is still very much in existence today. Attending cultural events like the Heiva festival, which is held annually on many of the islands in French Polynesia, will allow visitors to experience it firsthand. This festival offers an insight into the rich history and cultural traditions of the Polynesian people through traditional dance, music, and other cultural activities.

Natural Grace

Both Fakarava and Rangiroa are well known for their spectacular natural beauty. The lagoons that encircle the islands are crystal clean and are home to a variety of marine life, including sea turtles, sharks, rays, and colorful fish. Both islands provide great snorkeling and diving opportunities, allowing tourists to explore the coral reefs and underwater caverns that are close beneath the surface.

The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is one of Fakarava’s natural beauty’s attractions. This protected region includes over 1,100 square kilometers of ocean and is home to a rich array of flora and animals, including rare kinds of birds and marine life. A high number of grey sharks, which are visible in the waters surrounding the island, are also found in the reserve.

The Pink Sands Beach on Rangiroa is a singular natural treasure that must not be missed. The small coral flecks that are mixed together with the sand give the sand its characteristic tint. Due to the shallow and calm waters, swimming and snorkeling are also very popular at the beach.

Boat tours of the lagoons are another option for visitors visiting Fakarava and Rangiroa, and they provide breathtaking views of the islands and the waterways around them. These excursions frequently include stops at tiny islands and motus where tourists can get a glimpse of the local flora and fauna and discover more about the traditional Polynesian way of life.

Man fishing in a old wayActivities

Both Fakarava and Rangiroa offer a wide range of entertainment options for visitors. Visitors can do fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding in addition to snorkeling and diving. Visitors can enjoy a guided tour of the pearl farms on Fakarava, which are home to some of the finest black pearls in the entire world. There are numerous diving shops on the island as well, which provide instruction and certification for divers of all experience levels.

Fakarava and Rangiroa each provide a variety of hiking and bike trails that wind through the islands’ lush woods and picturesque vistas for those looking to explore the land-based attractions. Tourists can also take guided tours of the islands’ cultural and historical monuments, such as the old marae on Fakarava or the Gauguin Museum on Rangiroa.

The yearly Garlands Festival, which takes place in June each year, is one of the most distinctive events on Fakarava. Locals make and don intricate garlands during the event from flowers, leaves, and other organic materials. Making their own garlands and joining the festive procession through the hamlet are two ways that guests can get involved in the event.

Visitors can travel to the Blue Lagoon on Rangiroa, a magnificent natural pool encircled by luxuriant flora and soaring rocks. The lagoon is a well-known swimming and snorkeling destination because of its pristine waters. Also available is a boat tour of the lagoon that stops at a number of little islets and motus.


Both Fakarava and Rangiroa provide a variety of lodging options, from inexpensive guest houses to opulent resorts. Visitors to Fakarava have a selection of guesthouses and lodges to choose from, including the Tetamanu Village and the Pension Raira Lagon, which provide cozy lodging and convenient access to the island’s attractions.

There are several upscale resorts on Fakarava that provide overwater bungalows and other upscale amenities for visitors looking for a more opulent experience. With breathtaking views of the lagoon and convenient access to the island’s activities and attractions, the Havaiki Lodge and Maitai Rangiroa Resort are both well-liked options.

Visitors to Rangiroa have a variety of lodging options to select from, including luxurious resorts and guesthouses that are affordable. With its overwater bungalows and full-service spa, the Kia Ora Resort & Spa is one of the most well-liked choices. The Hotel Maitai Rangiroa and the Hotel Kia Ora Resort and Spa are two other choices; both of these establishments provide beachfront lodging and a variety of activities.

How to Get There

Both Fakarava and Rangiroa are reachable by air, with frequent flights departing from Tahiti and other significant French Polynesian cities. Tourists can also visit the islands by ferry, which sails between the main island of Tahiti and the Tuamotu Archipelago. Once on the islands, tourists can get around on bikes, scooters, or in cars, however many of the attractions are close to the lodgings by foot.

There are frequent flights to Tahiti and other significant French Polynesian cities from the main airport on Fakarava, which is situated at the northern tip of the island. Another option for travelers is to take a 16-hour ferry from Tahiti, which provides breathtaking vistas of the archipelago. While on the island, guests can rent bicycles or scooters to tour the sights.

There are frequent flights to Tahiti and other significant French Polynesian cities from Rangiroa’s main airport, which is situated on the eastern side of the island. Another option for travelers is to board a ferry from Tahiti, which travels for about 24 hours and provides breathtaking views of the archipelago. Visitors can rent automobiles or scooters after they arrive on the island to explore its attractions.

In conclusion, Fakarava and Rangiroa are two of the South Pacific’s most stunning and interesting places. Every style of traveler may find something to enjoy on these islands, from their diverse choice of activities to their spectacular natural beauty and rich cultural history. Whether you’re searching for adventure, leisure, or a bit of both, you’re sure to find it on these incredible islands.

Visitors may discover the beautiful forests, gorgeous beaches, and crystal-clear waters of the islands thanks to their distinctive combination of land-based and water-based activities. There is no shortage of activities on these islands, from bicycling and trekking to diving and snorkeling.

The islands also provide a variety of lodging options, from pricey guesthouses to opulent resorts, making them accessible to a variety of tourists. Furthermore, traveling to Fakarava and Rangiroa is simple because of frequent flights and ferry service from Tahiti and other significant French Polynesian cities.

Hence, make sure to include Fakarava and Rangiroa on your list if you’re searching for an amazing vacation in the South Pacific. These islands are sure to make an impression, whether you’re an experienced traveler or a first-time visitor.

Our Top FAQ's

Fakarava and Rangiroa offer a range of land-based and water-based activities, including snorkeling, diving, hiking, biking, and guided tours of cultural and historical sites.

Accommodations in Fakarava and Rangiroa range from budget-friendly guest houses to luxury resorts. Visitors can choose from a variety of options, including overwater bungalows, beachfront lodges, and high-end hotels.

Fakarava and Rangiroa are both accessible by air, with regular flights from Tahiti and other major cities in French Polynesia. Visitors can also reach the islands by ferry, which runs between the main island of Tahiti and the Tuamotu Archipelago.

The Garlands Festival in Fakarava is an annual celebration that takes place each June, during which locals create and wear elaborate garlands made from flowers, leaves, and other natural materials. Visitors can participate in the festival by creating their own garlands and taking part in the colorful procession through the village.

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