Fakarava Mairie

French Polynesia’s Fakarava Mairie is a little settlement on the atoll of the same name. Despite its small size, Fakarava Mairie is a well-liked vacation spot where travelers may get a glimpse of real Polynesian culture. The village is surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery, notably the Fakarava lagoon, one of French Polynesia’s largest lagoons. The top five things to do in Fakarava Mairie, including its natural features, cultural events, and beaches, will be covered in this post.


Person diving in the deepDive and Snorkel in Fakarava’s Lagoon

The lagoon in Fakarava is a natural beauty that gives tourists the chance to see a fascinating and varied underwater environment. A wide variety of aquatic life, including vibrant fish, sharks, rays, and dolphins, may be found in the lagoon. Scuba diving and snorkeling in the lagoon, which is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and outstanding visibility, are two of the most well-liked sports in Fakarava Mairie.

The South Pass in the lagoon is one of the best locations for diving and snorkeling since it attracts big schools of fish and sharks due to its strong currents. The North Pass is a well-liked location for diving and snorkeling where tourists can observe dolphins and manta rays. Both passes are reachable by boat, and Fakarava Mairie is home to a number of dive shops that provide guided trips and equipment rentals.

Explore Fakarava’s Natural Wonders

Beautiful coral reefs, luxuriant woods, and prehistoric petrified reefs are just a few of the natural marvels found in Fakarava. The Blue Lagoon, a small, protected lagoon inside the larger Fakarava lagoon, is one of Fakarava Mairie’s most distinctive natural features. The Blue Lagoon is well-known for its clean waters and a wealth of marine life, including coral and colorful fish.

The Tetamanu Village, a little settlement on the southernmost point of Fakarava, is another well-liked natural attraction. Many old coral reefs that have been fossilized and are thought to be over 10,000 years old may be found around the area. On foot, visitors can explore the reefs and discover more about their significance and history.

There are many beautiful hiking and nature routes in Fakarava, including the Coconut Grove Trail, which leads travelers through a grove of coconut palms and provides breathtaking views of the lagoon and other islands.

Experience Fakarava’s Culinary Delights

Fakarava is renowned for its delectable cuisine, which combines French and Polynesian elements. Fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and traditional Polynesian cuisine are just a few of the local specialties that tourists can taste.

Poisson cru, a classic Polynesian meal made with raw fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk, is one of the most well-liked dishes at Fakarava Mairie. Other regional specialties, such coconut bread and Tahitian vanilla ice cream, are also available for tourists to sample.

There are numerous cooking workshops and food excursions offered in the town for individuals who want to learn more about the cuisine of Fakarava. Visitors can sample local ingredients and flavors while learning how to make traditional Pacific cuisine.

Ancient craftsImmerse Yourself in Polynesian Culture

Visitors get a one-of-a-kind chance to become fully immersed in Polynesian culture and discover the traditions and customs of the island at Fakarava Mairie. The town is home to a number of cultural institutions and museums that highlight the island’s history and artistic creations.

The Tiki Village, a replica Polynesian hamlet that gives visitors a look of the island’s traditional way of life, is one of the most well-liked cultural attractions. Tourists can partake in traditional Polynesian pastimes like dancing, husking coconuts, and canoe rides. A Polynesian dinner entertainment with traditional dances and music is also available in the village.

The Te Ana o te Rapa Museum, another well-liked cultural destination, contains a variety of items and displays that highlight the history and culture of the Fakarava people. The history of the island, especially its involvement in the pearl trade and its ties to other Polynesian cultures, can be learned by tourists.

A number of craftspeople and workshops can be found at Fakarava Mairie for individuals who want to learn more about polynesian arts and crafts. Guests can buy handcrafted trinkets to bring home and watch craftsmen manufacture traditional handicrafts like woven baskets and caps.

Relax on Fakarava’s Beautiful Beaches

Several lovely beaches can be found in Fakarava, giving guests a chance to unwind and enjoy the sunshine. The pristine sand and crystal-clear seas of the beaches in Fakarava Mairie make them perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling.

The Pink Sand Beach, one of Fakarava Mairie’s most well-liked beaches, is renowned for its distinctive pink sand, which was produced by the erosion of red coral. By boat, you may get to the beach, which is on the atoll’s northern side.

The Garuae Pass Beach, which is situated on the eastern side of Fakarava, is another well-liked beach. The beach’s calm waters are renowned for being perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Also, visitors have the option of having a picnic on the beach or unwinding under a palm tree.


Visitors can get a taste of the real Polynesian way of life at the lovely and unusual site of Fakarava Mairie. Fakarava Mairie offers something to offer everyone, whether you wish to discover the island’s natural treasures, savor Polynesian culture, or simply unwind on the beach. There are countless options for adventure and leisure in this tropical paradise, from diving and snorkeling in the lagoon to enjoying delectable Polynesian food.

Our Top FAQ's

The best time to visit Fakarava Mairie is during the dry season, which runs from May to October. During this time, visitors can enjoy sunny skies and warm temperatures, with minimal rainfall.

Visitors to Fakarava Mairie can enjoy a wide range of activities, including diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, cultural tours, and traditional Polynesian activities. There are also several beaches where visitors can relax and soak up the sun.

The Pink Sand Beach in Fakarava Mairie is a unique beach that is known for its soft, pink sand. The sand gets its color from the erosion of red coral, which mixes with the white sand to create the pink hue.

The Te Ana o te Rapa Museum is a cultural museum in Fakarava Mairie that houses a collection of artifacts and exhibits related to the island’s history and culture. Visitors can learn about the island’s past, including its role in the pearl industry and its connections to other Polynesian cultures.

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