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Fakarava is one of French Polynesia’s most stunning and secluded atolls, so it’s hardly surprising that kiteboarding fans flock there. Fakarava boasts some of the best kiteboarding conditions in the world with its clean waters, beautiful coral reefs, and steady trade winds. In this post, we’ll examine the best kiteboarding locations in Fakarava and what makes them special.


Man posing for the camera while kitesurfingPasse Tumakohua

One of the most well-liked kiteboarding locations in Fakarava is Passe Tumakohua. It is notable for its shallow water and flat terrain and is situated on the eastern side of the atoll. This makes it the ideal location for both individuals looking to practice their freestyle skills as well as newbies who are just learning how to kiteboard.

The fact that Passe Tumakohua is situated in a little strait separating the ocean from the lagoon is just one of the factors that distinguish it from other places. Since this canal is very narrow, winds funnel through it, producing a constant wind that is ideal for kiteboarding. The Passe Tumakohua waterway is also shielded from the swells of the open ocean, making the water tranquil and ideal for learning.

The fact that Passe Tumakohua can get congested during prime season is one of its shortcomings. Yet, kiteboarders who are considerate of their surroundings and who adhere to the recommended safety precautions can still have a good time.


The tiny island of Motu is situated on the periphery of the lagoon of Fakarava. Due to its quiet, shallow water, which is ideal for beginners still learning the fundamentals of kiteboarding, this island is a well-known kiteboarding location. Also, Motu is a great place to practice freestyle tricks and improve jumping technique due to the frequent trade winds that blow around the island.

The location of Motu on the edge of the lagoon is one of its distinctive features. This implies that kiteboarders who venture outside of Motu can discover the outer reefs and waves of the lagoon. Motu is a dynamic and fascinating location for kiteboarding since these waves may offer an exhilarating and adventurous ride for skilled kiteboarders.

The fact that there may be a lot of boats and other watercraft in the waters at Motu is one of its disadvantages. Those who wish to kiteboard in Motu should be cautious and aware of their surroundings to prevent accidents.

Garuae Pass

The largest and deepest pass in Fakarava is called Garuae Pass, and it is situated on the northwest side of the atoll. Strong currents and big waves are two of the demanding conditions at this popular kiteboarding location. Due to these factors, Garuae Pass is best suited for experienced kiteboarders seeking a thrilling and difficult ride.

The fact that Garuae Pass is situated in a little strait between the ocean and the lagoon is one of the characteristics that makes it so special. Because that this channel is very narrow, winds funnel through it, producing a powerful and steady breeze that is ideal for kiteboarding. A thrilling ride can be had by experienced kiteboarders on the channel’s big waves and swells, which are another feature of note.

It’s crucial to remember that Garuae Pass might be hazardous for kiteboarders who are unskilled or unprepared. The pass is renowned for its underwater rock formations, but the strong currents and big waves can make it challenging to maintain control. In order to manage these difficult conditions, kiteboarders who attempt Garuae Pass should be equipped with the right knowledge and tools. They should also always kite with a partner or under the guidance of a qualified teacher.


On the southern side of Fakarava lies a place called Hirifa, which is renowned for its constant breeze and shallow, tranquil sea. Hirifa is a wonderful place to practice freestyle stunts and for novices who are just getting started with kiteboarding because of these circumstances.

The location of Hirifa is just one of its distinctive qualities. Due to its location on the southernmost point of Fakarava, it is frequently less congested than other kiteboarding hotspots in the region. In addition, kiteboarders can easily walk back to shore in Hirifa’s shallow waters if they run into problems.

Hirifa may have a disadvantage in that the wind might be unpredictable at certain periods of the year. Before setting out, kiteboarders who intend to kite at Hirifa should verify the weather and wind forecast.

Person kitesurfingTetamanu Beach

On the southern end of Fakarava, Tetamanu Beach is renowned for its quiet, flat water conditions, which are perfect for learning the fundamentals of kiteboarding. Tetamanu Beach’s calm winds also make it an excellent place for people to practice their freestyle tricks or improve their jumping technique.

Tetamanu Beach offers kiteboarding chances, but it’s also a well-liked spot for diving and snorkeling. Sharks, sea turtles, and a variety of other marine species can be found in this region’s coral reefs. Tetamanu Beach offers kiteboarders the chance to combine their kiteboarding activities with some underwater exploration, creating a spectacular experience.

Being at the southernmost point of Fakarava and being difficult to reach by road, Tetamanu Beach should be noted as a potential access challenge. Tetamanu Beach is a well-liked option for people who wish to take advantage of the best kiteboarding and snorkeling chances in Fakarava, while several kiteboarding tour companies provide trips there.

In conclusion, Fakarava is home to some of French Polynesia’s top kiteboarding locations. Kiteboarding aficionados of all skill levels can enjoy the tranquil Passe Tumakohua and Hirifa as well as the exhilarating waves of Garuae Pass in Fakarava. Fakarava has plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re a novice trying to master the fundamentals or an experienced kiteboarder looking for a new challenge. Fakarava is a really unique venue for kiteboarding and water activities due to its breathtaking natural beauty and distant position.

Our Top FAQ's

The best time of year to visit Fakarava for kiteboarding is between April and October when the trade winds are most consistent and the water is warm.

Yes, Fakarava offers a range of kiteboarding spots suitable for beginners, such as Tetamanu Beach and Hirifa. However, beginners should always seek the advice of a certified instructor and kite with a partner.

In addition to kiteboarding, Fakarava is also a popular destination for snorkeling and diving, thanks to its stunning coral reefs and marine life.

Yes, Garuae Pass is a challenging kiteboarding spot that should only be attempted by experienced kiteboarders. Additionally, kiteboarders should be aware of potential hazards such as strong currents and shallow reefs, and always follow safety guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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