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Are you trying to find a peaceful retreat from the stress of daily life? Do you long for pristine oceans, pristine beaches, and lush tropical forests? In the center of French Polynesia, the Fakarava Guest House is a hidden treasure. In order to assist you in creating the ideal vacation, we’ll examine five distinct subtopics while taking a deeper look at this magnificent location.


Two guesthousesLocation

The charming atoll of Fakarava, which is a part of the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia, is home to the Fakarava Guest House. One of the key factors contributing to the guest house’s popularity with tourists from around the world is its breathtaking location.

The French Polynesian nation’s capital, Papeete, is only a short flight away from the atoll of Fakarava, which is situated around 450 kilometers northeast of Tahiti. Despite being far away, the atoll is quite simple to get to and is well worth the trip.

The second-largest atoll in French Polynesia, Fakarava measures roughly 60 km in length and 21 km in width. There are about 850 people living on the atoll, the majority of whom are residents of Rotoava, a small settlement.

The breathtaking natural beauty of Fakarava is one of its key attractions. Some of the world’s most stunning coral reefs may be found on the atoll, and they are filled with a wide variety of marine life. The nearby seas are incredibly pure and provide fantastic visibility for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Fakarava is also home to rich tropical woods, white sandy beaches, and coral reefs. Guests can relax and enjoy the sun, take a leisurely stroll through the woodland, or have a picnic on the beach.


There are numerous lodging options available at Fakarava Guest House to accommodate every requirement and price range. Each traditional Polynesian-style bungalow has a private bathroom, but guests can also choose one of the guest house’s deluxe bungalows for a more opulent stay.

All of the bungalows come with contemporary conveniences including Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a mini-fridge. Visitors can unwind and take in the breathtaking views from their own private patio or utilize the guest house’s shared spaces, which include a sizable terrace, a lovely garden, and a comfortable living room.

To make visitors’ stays as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, the guest home also provides a number of services. Daily housekeeping, laundry facilities, and an airport shuttle service are among these amenities.

The chance to firsthand experience Polynesian friendliness is one of the most distinctive features of staying at Fakarava Guest House. A neighborhood family owns and runs the guest house, and they take great satisfaction in making their visitors feel at home.

Two people hikingActivities

The variety of activities offered at Fakarava Guest House is one of its main draws. There is something here for everyone, whether you’re an adrenaline addict or just trying to unwind.

Two of the most well-liked activities are snorkeling and scuba diving, which allow visitors to explore the magnificent coral reefs and get up close to a wide variety of aquatic life. Both novice and expert divers can choose from a variety of diving packages offered by the guest house, and the trained staff is always on hand to offer assistance and recommendations.

There are several hiking trails to explore, as well as chances for fishing, cycling, and even horseback riding, for those who prefer to stay on dry land. The neighboring pearl farm offers guided tours for visitors who may want to learn more about the interesting process of pearl cultivation.

The Fakarava Guest House also provides a variety of cultural experiences in addition to these activities. Visitors can participate in traditional Polynesian dance and music performances, attend a traditional culinary workshop, or learn how to weave coconut leaves.


With a focus on regional and traditional Polynesian food, Fakarava Guest House gives visitors an exceptional dining experience. Delicious meals are prepared in the guest house’s restaurant using fresh, regional foods, such as fish obtained in the area’s waters and fruits and vegetables produced on the island.

Poisson cru, a typical Polynesian dish made with raw fish marinated in coconut milk and lime juice, is one of the most well-liked options. Grilled fish, coconut crab, and a variety of vegetarian dishes are also available.

The guest home, in addition to its restaurant, hosts a weekly BBQ night where visitors may savor a sumptuous meal while admiring the breathtaking views of the atoll.


The Fakarava Guest House is dedicated to sustainability and environmental friendliness and has carried out a number of projects to lessen its environmental impact.

The guest house has a rainwater collecting system in place to conserve water and uses solar energy to produce electricity. The guest house also has a restriction on single-use plastics, composts food waste, and recycles as much as it can.

Also, the inn contributes to neighborhood conservation initiatives and collaborates closely with the neighborhood to advance eco-friendly travel methods.


With breathtaking natural beauty, welcoming Polynesian hospitality, and a variety of activities and services to satisfy every need, Fakarava Guest House gives guests a singular and unforgettable experience. There is something for everyone here, from traditional Pacific culinary workshops and cultural activities to snorkeling and scuba diving. Travelers seeking to fully experience French Polynesia’s natural beauty and cultural richness will find Fakarava Guest House to be the ideal setting thanks to its dedication to sustainability and emphasis on regional and traditional cuisine.

Our Top FAQ's

Fakarava Guest House offers a wide range of activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, cycling, and cultural experiences like traditional Polynesian dance and music performances.

Fakarava Guest House offers a variety of accommodations, from traditional Polynesian-style bungalows with private bathrooms to more luxurious deluxe bungalows. All of the bungalows are equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and mini-fridges.

Fakarava Guest House is located on the atoll of Fakarava, part of the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. The atoll is accessible via a short flight from Papeete, the capital city of French Polynesia.

Fakarava Guest House is committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness. They use solar power to generate electricity, have a rainwater catchment system to reduce water usage, compost food waste, recycle as much as possible, and have implemented a ban on single-use plastics. They also support local conservation efforts and promote sustainable tourism practices.

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