Excursion Tetiaroa Depuis Moorea

Embarking on an excursion from Tetiaroa to Moorea offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the stark contrasts and unique beauty of French Polynesia’s islands. Tetiaroa, an atoll composed of twelve small islands surrounding a sparkling lagoon, serves as a sanctuary of tranquility and an epitome of luxury. Moorea, on the other hand, is a vibrant, mountainous island known for its stunning bays, lush landscapes, and adventurous activities. This guide provides a detailed look at how to plan an enriching journey from Tetiaroa to Moorea, ensuring a seamless transition between these paradisiacal locales.

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Introduction to Tetiaroa and Moorea

Tetiaroa: The Secluded Paradise 

Tetiaroa, once a retreat for Tahitian royalty and now known for The Brando, an exclusive resort, remains largely untouched, offering pristine beaches, rich birdlife, and an atmosphere of secluded luxury. It’s an ideal place for those seeking peace away from the buzz of more tourist-heavy destinations.

Moorea: The Heart of Polynesia

Contrasting Tetiaroa, Moorea is easily accessible and boasts a dynamic landscape that includes dramatic volcanic peaks, lush valleys, and two almost symmetrical bays that have captivated artists and travelers alike. Its accessibility from Tahiti makes it a popular choice for both short getaways and extended stays. 

Planning Your Trip from Tetiaroa to Moorea

Traveling from Tetiaroa to Moorea 

Since there are no direct commercial flights or boat services from Tetiaroa to Moorea, the journey typically involves a short return to Tahiti. From Tahiti, travelers can choose between a quick flight or a scenic ferry ride to Moorea, each offering a unique perspective of French Polynesia’s stunning maritime scenery. 

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1. Air Travel: A Quick and Scenic Route

Booking a Flight from Tetiaroa to Moorea 

Your journey will begin with a charter flight from Tetiaroa to Tahiti, followed by a commercial flight to Moorea. The flights from Tahiti to Moorea are frequent, taking only about 15 minutes, and offer a rapid transition to the adventures that await in Moorea. 

What to Expect During Your Flight

The flight from Tahiti to Moorea is particularly scenic, providing an aerial view of the crystal-clear waters and the lush, rugged terrain of Moorea. This bird’s-eye view of the island’s geography is both breathtaking and enlightening, setting the stage for the exploration to come.

2. Ferry Services: A Relaxing Sea Journey

Taking the Ferry from Tahiti to Moorea

For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, the ferry from Tahiti to Moorea offers a wonderful alternative. The ride allows travelers to take in the expansive ocean and island vistas, providing opportunities for stunning photographs and peaceful reflection.

Schedules and Tickets for the Ferry

Ferries depart several times a day from Papeete and arrive at Vaiare wharf on Moorea. The journey takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the ferry terminal, and it’s a good idea to check the latest schedule and arrive early to secure the best spot on the deck. 

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3. Choosing the Right Accommodation in Moorea

Options for Every Traveler 

Moorea caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets, offering everything from luxury resorts to family-run guesthouses. The island’s accommodations are designed to take advantage of its natural beauty, with many offering views of the lagoon or access to private beaches.

Booking Your Stay

Advance booking is highly recommended, particularly during peak tourist seasons. Consider accommodations that offer packages including meals and activities, as these can significantly enhance your experience and reduce planning stress.

Activities and Attractions in Moorea

Exploring the Island’s Natural Beauty

Moorea’s diverse landscapes are perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. Guided hikes through the lush trails offer spectacular views, particularly from viewpoints like Belvedere Lookout. For water lovers, snorkeling in the lagoon reveals a vibrant underwater world, and kayaking tours provide a quiet way to explore the bays.

Cultural and Leisure Activities

Engaging with Moorea’s culture adds depth to any visit. Cultural tours exploring Polynesian traditions and visits to local artisans are enriching experiences. For those looking for relaxation, the island’s spas offer treatments using local ingredients like coconut and tiare flower.

Dining and Cuisine in Moorea

Local Flavors and Dining Experiences

Moorea’s culinary scene reflects its rich cultural heritage, featuring a blend of French and Polynesian cuisines. Fresh seafood, exotic fruits, and vegetables are staples. Dining by the lagoon for a sunset meal or enjoying a traditional Polynesian barbecue can be unforgettable experiences.

Recommended Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurants in Moorea range from upscale dining establishments to casual local eateries. For a unique experience, visit the overwater restaurants for their ambience and excellent seafood, or try the roadside food trucks for authentic local flavors.

Eco-Tourism and Conservation Efforts

Sustainable Practices in Moorea

Moorea is deeply committed to eco-tourism, with many initiatives in place to preserve its natural landscapes and marine environments. Visitors can contribute by engaging in responsible tourism practices, participating in conservation programs, and supporting local businesses that adhere to sustainable practices.

Eco-Friendly Activities

Explore Moorea’s coral reefs through eco-friendly snorkeling tours guided by local conservationists, or join a guided nature walk to learn about the island’s biodiversity and ecological efforts. 


Your journey from Tetiaroa to Moorea is more than just a travel itinerary; it’s an exploration of diverse ecosystems, rich cultures, and personal relaxation and adventure. Each aspect of your trip, from the flight or ferry ride to the island’s accommodation and activities, contributes to a holistic travel experience. Moorea offers a profound glimpse into the beauty and complexity of the islands, promising a memorable adventure filled with stunning sights, engaging activities, and meaningful interactions with nature and culture. By planning thoughtfully and embracing the spirit of exploration, you can fully immeran your senses in the enchantment of French Polynesia.

Our Top FAQ's

No, there are no direct flights from Tetiaroa to Moorea. Travelers must first fly back to Tahiti from Tetiaroa and then take another flight or a ferry to Moorea.

The flight from Tahiti to Moorea is approximately 15 minutes, offering a quick and scenic transfer between the islands.

The best way to travel from Tahiti to Moorea depends on your preference; you can take a quick 15-minute flight or enjoy a 30-45 minute ferry ride that offers beautiful ocean views.

Yes, ferries regularly travel from Papeete, Tahiti to Vaiare wharf in Moorea. The service is frequent, with multiple departures each day.

Moorea offers a variety of accommodations, ranging from luxury resorts and hotels to family-run guesthouses and beachside bungalows.

Popular activities in Moorea include snorkeling, kayaking, hiking to viewpoints like Belvedere Lookout, exploring local villages, and participating in cultural and cooking tours.

Moorea features a range of dining options from upscale restaurants to casual local eateries and roadside food trucks, all offering a mix of French and Polynesian cuisines.

Yes, Moorea is active in eco-tourism with numerous initiatives aimed at preserving its natural and marine environments. Visitors can engage in eco-friendly activities like guided snorkeling tours and nature walks.

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