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Location: Thailand​​

 There are three main tourist spots are in the north, in the central part, and in the south of Thailand all with its own unique culture, language, food, and beauty. You will get a different experience depending on which destination in Thailand you choose. You will be taken on a journey to Chiang Mai (in the north), Bangkok (in the central part), and Phuket (in the south).

Thailand allowed Japanese armies to travel through the country in order to attack British Malaya (in 1941.) A year after that, the Japanese army dominated Thailand. Afterward, Thailand declared the war to the United States and the United Stated Kingdom. 90,000 of Thai paramilitaries commanded by Pridi Phanomyong battled the Japanese. Thailand agreed to sign the peace treaty with France and The United Kingdom and to join the UN in 1946.


Originally, Thailand was separated into small  regions called ‘Meung.’ The religion that Thai people had been practicing in the past is Buddhism. People had believed that the Thais’ antecedents originated from southern China. In the 19th century, Thailand overcame successfully colonialism from Europeans.  In 1893, Rama V, the king, was compelled to cede Laos (in 1893) and Cambodia (in 1907) to France. Also, he surrendered the area in Malaya to Britain (in 1909.) Not long after that, Thailand joined World War I on the Allied side (in 1917.) Thailand also allowed Japanese armies to travel through the country in order to attack British Malaya (in 1941.) A year after that the Japanese dominated Thailand. Thailand then declared war on the United States and the United Stated Kingdom. 90,000 of Thai paramilitaries commanded by Pridi Phanomyong battled the Japanese. Thailand agreed to sign the peace treaty with France and The United Kingdom and to join the UN in 1946.


Even though there are different seasons in Thailand, people can visit all year round. The hottest month of the year is April, with an average temperature of around 87°F (31°C). The coldest month is December with an average temperature of 79°F (26°C). The cool season is from November to the beginning of April which makes the best time to visit Thailand. Travelers can enjoy wandering around without having to deal with Thailand’s hot weather. The weather on the east coasts and the west coasts are not the same. The east coast’s climate is good to visit throughout the year. In January and February, the chance of precipitation is very low and it is usually rainy in November. The west coast’s climate in winter is better for travelers to visit since it is the nicest time for some water activities such as diving and snorkeling. The peak tourist season in Thailand is from December to January and April during the Thai New Year (13th-16th.) The low season lasts from March to October. There are no snow, storms or hurricanes in Thailand – only tropical storms that are possible to happen. During the rainy season, there is a possibility of flooding because of the heavy rain.


The tourism industry is a significant economy for Thailand. The number of tourists from all over the world that visit Thailand increased in 2016. The Tourism Authority of Thailand stated that tourism earned 11% more than in 2015. Tourists who visit Thailand are usually from all around the world. They are looking for different things depending on the part of Thailand they travel to. If they travel to Bangkok, the capital city, they will see cityscapes from the rooftop bars, unusual floating markets, mega malls, abundant street food, night markets, etc. If they travel to Chiang Mai, they will see an intoxicating blend of culture and nature. There are many activities ranging from hiking through beautiful jungles to rafting along raging rivers. The top favorite touristic activity is interaction with magnificent elephants at the ethical sanctuary. If they travel to Phuket, there are many activities to do there as well. They can catch a boat to enjoy many beaches and watch amazing sunsets; see exhilarating Muay Thai fight, hiking, go-karting, fishing, snorkeling, and jet skiing. As for the tourist length of stay, most people usually stay at least three weeks; three to five days in Bangkok; a week exploring the north; and another 10 days for island exploration in the South. The currency in Thailand is called ‘Baht’ – 31-baht is equivalent to 1 USD. Everything in Thailand is inexpensive so you do not need a big budget to enjoy your visit. If you’re backpacking in Thailand, plan to budget between 825–1150 baht ($25–35 USD) per day.



There are two main airports in Bangkok, Thailand called Suwannabumi and Donmueng. There is also one in Chiang Mai, and one in Phuket. You can travel around the country in a very short time cheaply. One of the most popular domestic airlines that Thai people use to travel around the country is Nok Air.


Water traveling is convenient for some people who do not want to deal with traffic jams and also for travelers who would like to take a look around Bangkok city through Chaopraya River. People can travel also with Chao Phraya Express Boat service (water bus), ferry boats, Long-tail boats, The Khlong Saen Saep boat service, The Rangsit Canal boat service, etc.


There are so many kinds of land traveling in Thailand. The most popular one is public buses and mini-vans. Taxi, motorbikes, three wheels, songtaew (local bus), and tuk-tuks are also used frequently by Thai people. The transportation system in Thailand is very practical, you can travel to almost anywhere in the country. Bus and mini-vans are the most popular public transports that Thai people use to travel from place to place, especially around Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. There are also sky trains, motorbike taxi, taxi, subway, samlaw (three wheels), songtaew (local bus), and tuk-tuks that are used frequently by Thais and the tourists. If you decide to take a tour around the town the river, you can travel by longtails boats or speed boat. Traveling by train can also give you a memorable trip with its unique vibe to enjoy a slow-life with your loved ones. There are also domestic flights in Thailand that you can travel faster with an inexpensive price. The approximate costs are affordable. For example, you can travel for 50 miles by public bus for only around $2 or you can travel for a short distance by motorbike taxi and it will cost you no more than $5. Starting price for a taxi is $1, sky trains and subways will cost you $1-$5 depending on the destination you are going; domestic flights are also inexpensive, the price can get to the lowest at around $20.

Hotel / Accommodation

There are various types of accommodation in Thailand. The luxury resorts are easy to find. The next accommodation option is the budget hotels. There are so many low priced but good quality hotels. You can contact locals to check for the best budget hotels in the area and to also check for online deals. There are also vacation rentals, which give you more privacy and relaxation, and they may save you the money in the long run. At last, there are so many cool and unique style hostels that you can find easily in Thailand especially in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket.

There are many interesting places to stay for those who travel to Thailand. Usually, for people who come for business, they usually stay in Bangkok city since it is easier to go around and there are many mega malls for them to check out. As for people who are looking for a more relaxed place to stay, they usually stay at the resorts and spa in the south of Thailand, especially Phuket, where there are many beaches. For people who like adventure, they usually choose to stay in the hostels for a very cheap price and make it easier to move around. Moreover, for people who like to experience the local and unique atmosphere, they choose to stay in Chiang Mai, where they get to see many local people and adorable elephants.


Name Category Cost Amenities Audience Stars
Khao Sok Tree House Resort
30-300 USD
Refrigerators, coffee makers, Wi-Fi , TVs with satellite, channels, DVD players
People who enjoy staying in a natural surrounding environment.
The Chai Lai Orchid
Wi-Fi, Breakfast, AC, Washing machine , Car parking
Anyone who loves elephants and traditional Thai style of the homestay.
gym , Pilates/ yoga studios, Tennis courts,. babysitting and spa, services, pool, Wi-Fi
Anyone who wants to experience the luxury lifestyle with the best beach view and activities in Phuket.
Transport to / from Hotel, Air Conditioner, Balcony, Television, Wi-Fi, Fitness, Pool, Spa and babysitting,service.
All people who want to stay in a good price hotel in the city. Both for working stay and vacation stay.
Four Season
Fitness Center, Pool, Free parking, Restaurant, Spa, Bar/Lounge Wi-Fi Air conditioning Minibar Refrigerator
People who want to experience an exotic, local Thailand atmosphere.
Burasari Phuket Resort & Spa
Pool, Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning, Spa, Restaurant, Breakfast, Available Bar, Laundry Room
Anyone who wants to enjoy beaches and tropical vibes in the south of Thailand.

Food & Beverage / Restaurants

Thailand is well known for the best foods in the world with its unique and delicious taste. This fact is one of the reasons tourists want to visit the country – to try the original Thai food. Some of the popular dishes are Pad See Ew, Pa Low, Tom Yum Goong, Chicken Satay, Mas-Sa-Man, Larb, Som Tam, Thai style fried-rice, Pad Thai. Those sound tasty, don’t they?

Thai food is various and a little different depending on which part of the country you travel to. For Chiang Mai, the northern part, foods are characterized by mild (or hot), salty and sour flavors. There are also more various types of vegetables than food from other parts of the country. For Bangkok, the central of Thailand, this is the part where you could find the most popular dishes of Thailand and Phuket, the southern part. People mostly prefer their food to be spicy and chili-hot. One of their most favorites is ‘Sataw.’ It’s a native bean that gives food a bitter taste. However, travelers will be able to find street food in every part of Thailand they go to.

Quick Service Restaurants:

Name Cuisine Meals Features Price
American& Thai food mixed. Mostly rice and deep-fried meat or curry
Ex. fried fish with spicy herb dressing, Fried chicken with green curry rice, grilled chicken with black pepper rice, etc.
Delivery, Takeout, Seating, Available, Highchairs Available, Free Wi-Fi,
Pizza Hut
American& Thai style pizza
Ex. Tom yam goong pizza, spicy spaghetti pad chaa, mixed seafood pizza, etc.
Delivery, Takeout, Seating, Available, Highchairs Available, Free Wi-Fi,
Average $15
Fast food and deep-fried chicken
Ex. Spicy fried chicken, gai grob manao jeed (chicken with spicy lemon sauce), krapao gai grob (basil fried chicken), etc.
Delivery, Takeout, Seating, Available, Highchairs Available, Free Wi-Fi, car park

Casual Restaurants:

Name Cuisine Meals Features Price
Je Khai
Thai food (seafood.)
Lunch, Dinner
Delivery Takeout Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Parking Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Free Wi-Fi, Table Service
Riverside Restaurant
Local cuisine, Asian, Thai, Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan Options
Lunch, Dinner
Delivery, Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Parking, Highchairs, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Free Wi-Fi, Table Service
$2- $17
Thai, International
Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Free Wi-Fi, Reservations, Table Service
$9 - $16

Fine Dining Restaurants:

Name Cuisine Meals Features Price
Italics & Rise at Akyra Manor Chiang Mai
Italian, Pizza, International, Thai, European
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch
Delivery, Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Parking Available, Valet Parking, Highchairs, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Free Wi-Fi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service
$3 - $31
Jarid Thai food
Asian, Thai, Wine Bar
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks
Delivery, Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Parking Available, Highchairs, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Digital Payments, Free Wi-Fi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service
$10 - $80
Cafe des Amis Fine Dining
Local cuisine, French, Seafood, European, Vegetarian-Friendly
Outdoor Seating, Parking Available, Highchairs, Serves Alcohol, Free Wi-Fi, Reservations, Full Bar, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service

Recreation / Entertainment

Since Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations, there are a number of recreational activities and entertainment options. We will talk about the three main parts in Thailand which are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. In Bangkok, you can explore the city and the unique Bangkok vibes. People usually go to visit the famous Buddhist temples which show amazing architecture details or to take a longboat through Chao Praya River in Bangkok to see the city. This boat ride is even more beautiful at night. Tourists also enjoy visiting the exciting night markets to try delicious street food and shopping at the mega malls. Some also try to learn Muay Thai. As for Chiang Mai, you can do a lot of hikes and visits waterfalls and take a bath with elephants (they are adorable!). There is also the possibility to visit the exotic Karen village and so much more. In Phuket, there are so many beautiful beaches where you can go scuba diving, go paddleboarding, feed the monkeys at Monkey beach, get a massage, join yoga lesson, and watch an incredible sunset at the beach.

Water Activities:

Natural Wonders:

Sports, recreation & spas:

Arts, Culture, Entertainment:


A Family Itinerary

Day 1: Exploring around Phi Phi islands

Morning – Evening: Phi Phi islands

Koh Phi Phi is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. This beauty is one of the reasons why it is so popular among tourists who come to visit throughout the year. Its major attraction is ‘Maya Bay’, a fascinating crystal-clear lagoon surrounded by rocky cliffs. Travelers can also sail along Phi Phi’s nicest scenes like Pileh Cove, Viking Cave, and Monkey Beach. They can also swim in the emerald-green water and explore the lively corals and various sea life.

Tip: If you don’t want to be surrounded by a crowded group of tourists, you can hire a private longtail boat and a guide so you can travel to some of the islands near Phuket by yourself at your own pace. Spend at least a day in Phi Phi, and you will enjoy your memorable experience.
Cost: $63

Day 2 : Learning about Thai culture

Morning: Big Buddha & Wat Chalong
Phuket’s giant white marble Buddha statue  is one of the most significant and cherished sights on the islands. Situated on top of a hill, you can experience the stunning views of Chalong Bay.

Afternoon: Promthep Cape
Promthep Cape is one of the most well-known destinations on the island. There are usually numbers of tourists from all over the place that come to watch the incredible sunset here every evening. They either come with their family, lovers, friends or even by themselves, to enjoy their time watching Phuket’s remarkable free show – the sunset.

Day 3: Adventures in Phuket

Morning: Phuket Zipline

The variety of sceneries and territory, ranging from gorgeous beaches to immense rainforests is one of the best things about Phuket. You can experience soaring from tree to tree through the scenic wilderness in Phuket. It is time to be brave and do some challenging activity.

Cost: US $63

Afternoon: Thalang Road
Walking around the famous Phuket old town. You can acquire a lot of various things here, from cool souvenirs to cheap clothing and even taste many of the Thai street food. It is one of the most authentic experiences you can have.

Day 4: Exploring Phuket’s paradise at Phang Nga Bay

Morning: Phang Nga Bay
Phang Nga Bay is also one of the most popular paradises in Phuket. This area is surrounded by beautiful views for the visitors to come to explore. You will discover the native wildlife, unspoiled rivers and some of the most fascinating caves around. Places including the fameous James Bond Island, which was named after the movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun.’ You can also enjoy canoeing and relaxing along the limestone cliffs.
Cost: US$ 53

Afternoon: Watch Muay Thai Match
Even though Muay Thai boxing matches are well-known and are held almost everywhere in the world, there is no place that will make you feel more excited to experience this thrilling Muay Thai match than in Thailand, the country of its origin. Visitors from all over the world gather together with the locals to watch the action up close at the stadiums. This is considered a must-see event for travelers who visits Phuket.
Location: Patong Boxing Stadium (Monday, Thursday, and Saturday)
Bangla Boxing Stadium (Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday)