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Location: Tahiti​​

Tahiti is one of the places that people simply want to visit because of the beautiful landscape, beaches, and beautiful bungalows. The culture, dances, food and most importantly the people are something to be admired at. Tahiti has many beautiful and exotic sites, such as the beaches and mountains that attract many tourists to this beautiful place.


Tahiti is the largest island of the windward group of French Polynesia. It is located in the Southern part of the Pacific Ocean. It is divided into two parts known as Tahiti Nui, the bigger part in the northwestern side and Tahiti Iti, the smaller part in the Southeastern side. Tahiti was first settled by migrating Polynesian people and it was later discovered by Europeans in the 16th Century. It was the part that used to be known as the Kingdom of Tahiti until it was colonized by France in 1880. After being colonized by France, all inhabitants became the French citizens. Polynesians represent 70% of the population and the rest are Europeans, Chinese and other minorities. The official languages are French and Reo Tahiti, the Tahitian language.


One of the reasons tourists love going to Tahiti is because of the nice weather all year round. Tahiti has mild to warm weather with temperatures 75 to 86 degrees. Tahiti has two distinct seasons – the dry season and the wet season. The Summer, which is from November to April is known as the wet season. Tourists experience humidity, high temperature, and heavy precipitation. December and January averages 12 inches of rain each month with degrees ranging from 70 to 80. The ideal beach weather is during the winter, from May to October. It is known as the dry season with less rain and pleasant temperature. Its average temperature ranges from 60 to the mid 80 and it is also the time when the humidity is the lowest. The winter is the peak time for tourism because of the beautiful weather.


Many tourists look for romantic, exotic places for their celebrations. Tahiti is one of the most exotic places that tourists choose to visit. The overwater bungalows, volcanic landscape, beautiful clear water is what comes into mind when talking about Tahiti. Tahiti is the economic, cultural and political center of French Polynesia. Tourism suffered when the crisis in the United States on September 11, 2001, and the economic crisis in 2008. In 2015 Tahiti welcomed around 183,0000 visitors, with an additional 50,000 passengers each year from the Cruise ship. Majority of the tourist come from America and France. Chinese visitors have also increased after changes were made in simplifying Visa requirements. According to the Tourist office, tourists spend over 40 billion Pacific francs in Tahiti every year. Tahiti currency is known as Franc or French Pacific Franc. Many businesses, excursions, stores accept US dollars. It is recommended to tourists to exchange their money at the bank or at the exchange office located at the airport. The currency rate is $1 US dollar for 108 pacific francs. Even though prices are high in the Tourism industry, many visit Tahiti because of what it has to offer in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. The majority of the visitors stay in Tahiti for a week.  Many people recommend the beautiful sites, excursions, and accommodations. According to comments and recommendations from social media, the service is what makes Tahiti special. Tourists agree that people are amazing and one of the most hospitable they have met”.

Itinerary - 5 Day itineraries in Tahiti for Newlyweds

Day 1

Morning - Couples Excursion and Exercise

Tahiti can be explored on bikes or segways with a guided tour. The different areas of Tahiti are explored. People visit the Central Market, where they can find some beautiful souvenirs. Tourists also stop by the cathedral and the National Assembly

Afternoon - Intercontinental Tahiti Resort & Spa

After the exercise in the morning, it is time to relax and get pampered. Guests enjoy Deep Nature Spa Couples massage. The Spa algotherm products with Polynesian techniques are available for use.

Day 2

Full Day - Poe Charter Tahiti

The tourists are offered an all-day trip to enjoy the beautiful clear waters. They are taken to a cruise from Tahiti to Moorea, Tuamotu, and Bora Bora. The tourists can explore the beautiful underwater world snorkeling at every island.

Day 3

Morning - Papeete Island Jeep Safari Tour

The jeep safari tour will take you to the dense rain forest of Tahiti. You will enjoy the Nature of Tahitian Paradise on a 4WD jeep and stop to see the beautiful waterfalls. Don’t forget your swimming suits to enjoy the refreshing waterfall.

Afternoon - Tahiti Parapente

Enjoy and Discover Tahiti from up high. The second part of enjoying your extreme adventures. You will enjoy a tandem paragliding flying over the Punaaauia Valley, Orange Valley, Aiue Lagoon and finally landing on the beaches.

Day 4

Morning - Private Motu picnic in Huahine

Today you will enjoy a romantic day for the two of you. You will enjoy a tour to Huahine on a luxury private boat or jet ski, with snorkeling stop at the Corral garden to visit the pearl farm.

Enjoy a private “Royal lunch” set under a tent in the water. They would serve you grilled lobster, marinated fish, baked potatoes, salad, fruits, coconut tart, white wine, red wine, and champagne.

Afternoon - Tahiti Sunset Cruise

You will end your romantic day with a beautiful sunset cruise with outstanding views on Moorea Island. The cruise will stop by Punaaauia beach, Tahiti and Society Islands.

Day 5

Morning - Tahiti Circle Island Tour

Today, tourists will be able to experience the authenticity of the rich Tahiti culture. You will discover Tahiti on a guided tour. The main attractions and the cultural richness f the island will be presented. They will also have the opportunity to experience various island food while being on the guided tour.

Afternoon - Polynesian Buffet and Tahitian show at Intercontinental resort

To experience the rich culture at its fullest, the day will end with a celebration. You will enjoy great Polynesian food and Tahitian cultural entertainment. It is an opportunity for you to celebrate your honeymoon by participating in the cultural dances of Tahiti.

Hotel / Accommodation

A variety of accommodation is available for tourists to choose from. There is an accommodation that fits the prices you are looking for and the type of services, amenities which serve your needs the best. The majority of the Hotels are great for couples to celebrate and to create memories. There are also hotels that offer great prices for families. Tahiti Pearl Beach Hotel is a great place for business, as well as the place for meetings and banquets, can be organized.


Name Category Cost Amenities Audience Stars
Royal Tahitien
Mid-Level Service
-Private beach area -Airport shuttle -Free WIFI -Free parking -Tea/Coffee marker in the rooms -English Speakers
Couples celebrating
Hotel Tahiti Nui
Mid-level Service
$213-$258 (depending on amount of guest occupying the room) Standard Rooms $231-$264 Junior Suite $306-$464 Executive Suite
-Swimming pool -Non-Smoking rooms -Free WIFI -Fitness Center -Free Parking -Fitness Center/Spa -Shuttles
Couples looking to spend more money on the beautiful room and view
Hotel Sarah Nui
-Airport Shuttle -Free WIFI -Free Parking
Families looking for a cheap hotel
Tahiti Pearl Beach Hotel
-Infinity pool -Free WIFI -Free Shuttles -Free Parking -Fitness Center -Business Center -Health and Spa Services -Beach Fron
-Guest that willing to spend money for great service and amenities. Business facilities with meeting and banquet rooms

Food & Beverage / Restaurants

When thinking about going to Tahiti, the food and the culture has to be experienced. Tahiti has its traditional dishes which everyone must try when visiting Tahiti. Everyone will need to experience a Tamaaraa, a large feast, which includes singing, dancing and lots of food. The food that you need to taste is Poisson Cru, also known at Iaoata. Poisson Cru is the Tahitian Raw Fish, marinated with limes and coconut cream. Another dish that has to be tried is Po’e, which is a dessert made of the Taro root and flavored with mango, banana, papaya and coconut sauce. There are also a variety of food places to eat in Tahiti. There are many cuisines available in the area such as French, American, European, Chinese, Italian, local cuisines and the fast-food. Many restaurants have vegetarian and gluten-free options. The most popular cuisine is French cuisine.

3 Quick Service Restaurants:

Name Cuisine Meals Features Price
Creperie la Boule Rouge
Local, French, Polynesian, Vegetarian, Gluten Free
Lunch, Dinner and Late night
Takeout, Seating, validate parking
Pizza, Fast Food
Lunch, Dinner, Late Night
Delivery, Takeout, Reservations
Malabar Bistro Nomia
Bar, Fast Food, Grill, Pub
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night, Drinks
Takeout, Reservations, Table Service

3 Casual Restaurants:

Name Cuisine Meals Features Price
Blue Banana
Local, French, Polynesian
Lunch, Dinner, Late night
Takeout, Reservation, Table Service
Casa Bianca
Italian, Pizza, European
Lunch, Dinner, Late night
Takeout, Reservations
Chez Remy
Bar, French, European, Polynesian
Lunch and Dinner
Reservations, table seating, Full bar, outdoor seating

3 Fine Dining Restaurants:

Name Cuisine Meals Features Price
Le Grillardin
French, European, Gastopub
Lunch, Dinner and Late night
Reservation, Private dining, table service
Le Soufflé
French, European, Vegetarian Friendly
Lunch and Dinner
Reservation, Seating, Wheelchair accessible.
Le Velvet
French. European, International
Lunch and Dinner
Reservations, seating, wheelchair accessible

Recreation / Entertainment

Many know Tahiti as an exotic place where you can enjoy the beauty of the island. Many visitors are drawn to Tahiti for its beauty of the beaches, mountains, and culture. Many visitors appreciate the beautiful beaches and water activities such as surfing, fishing, sailing, boating, and many other water sports. The beautiful waterfalls are also places that need to be seen when you are in Tahiti. But what makes Tahiti special is their culture, arts, and entertainment. Their Tamure dances also known as the fast hip-shaking dance is very attractive to visitors. Tahiti shows the drumming, dancing, and culture every year at the Heiva I Tahiti competition. It is a competition held to present their culture through dancing, singing, drumming and culture trivia games. The beautiful gardens and museums are also very significant Tahiti attractions. Tahiti is also known by beautiful jewelry such as the black pearl.

Water Activities:

Natural Wonders:

Sports, Recreation and Spas:

Arts, Culture, Entertainment: