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New South Wales, Australia

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Location: New South Wales - Australia ​​

New South Wales (NSW) is located in Australia. It is a place that creates memories for every visitor. 


Australia was originally colonized by the British as a Penal Colony. Those sent there were usually tradesmen or farmers, so after serving their sentence they were given a pardon and a parcel of land. Many Australians take great pride in this and will even research which convict they descend from. The European prisoners lived together in tribes with the native Aboriginals. This is similar to the political structure of native Americans when Columbus first discovered America. The first people settled near Sydney Harbour, which now constitutes the center of Sydney. A lot of Asian people live here, especially in the area surrounding the University of New South Wales. There are also large groups of middle easterners in the suburbs. Contrary to popular belief, there are not many Aboriginals living in the city of Sydney.


Weather in Australia differs between regions. Sydney has a sunny climate. The opposite weather is experienced in the northern hemisphere. Summer (December to February) has average temperatures between 65-78F (18-25C). Autumn (March to May) has the humidity drop with average temperatures between 58-72F (14-22C). Winter (June to August) is cooler with temperatures ranging between 47-62F (8-17C). This is also the rainy season with rainfalls averaging 5.2″ (132mm). Spring (September to November) has the heat of the summer but not the humidity with temperatures between 51-73F (11-23C). Although most tourists visit in the Summer months, there are activities and destinations that can be experienced all year round.


In 2018, 8.8 million tourists visited Australia, which was a 6.6% increase from the previous year. 1.356 million tourists came from New Zealand, 1.355 from China, 781,000 from the US, 731,900 from the UK and 434,600 from Japan. The most visited city in Australia is Sydney with 33 nights average stay. The reason for a long stay is that tourists mostly visit for holidays. Sydney has a lot of touristic offers including whale watching, tram and jet-ski tours, a skywalk on the harbor bridge, and long cruise options. Sydney Harbor welcomes many cruise ships which can be often seen cruising around. There are also many fine hotels that offer great tourism packages although the prices might be expensive. The local currency is the Australian Dollar. Many tourists don’t carry cash and prefer mostly EBT. International Visitors spent a total of $41.3 billion in 2018.


Land, sea, and air travel in Sydney have advanced a lot in the last decade – with fuel-efficient engines and green technology. This has allowed more people to travel with less impact on the environment. New South Wales has felt the impact of this and has effectively kept up with the demand. Within Sydney and its surrounding districts, there is an effective bus and train system integrated into the main infrastructure of the city. Visitors will find navigating the city incredibly easy via public transportation as the city invested in a transportation app that helps you know exactly which bus or train leaves when. Most bus and train stations have the Opal stations where you can purchase one-way tickets, top up your Opal card, or talk to someone who can help you purchase a card to use it during your trip. This would be the most affordable way to travel because one cheap ticket costs $1.65 AUD and the most expensive ticket is $26.67 – for traveling from one side of NSW to the other). The next best thing is the taxi service. Although it is not as easy to flag one down from the street, there are taxi stations at most major malls and stations. There are also plenty of rideshare options available through Uber and Lyft, which become more popular in the city.


Flights in and out of NSW all go through the Sydney Airport. This international airport services all of the major airlines as well as Pacific airlines such as Air Fiji, Air New Zealand, and Hawaiian Airlines. It is located right in the heart of the city and has easy access to all areas of the state, thanks to its recent integration into the train system.


Guests who visit this beautiful country from the sea can find many cruise lines at Darling Harbour. One such cruise liner is the Pacific Explorer, which offers cruises around the neighboring pacific islands. You can also see ships from Regent Seven Seas Cruise, Oceania Cruises and sometimes Royal Carribean International docking at the harbor. With a train station nearby, guests will have no trouble exploring what NSW has to offer on their excursions.


Australia is the only island continent that is inaccessible by land. Once you come there are plenty of options for land travel. There are many rental companies ready to offer different car options to you at the airport. Hertz, Budget, and Enterprise, as well as the airport rentals, can be reserved in advance to ensure that you have transportation during your visit. Charter buses and vans are also available for large groups.

Hotel / Accommodation

New South Wales offers many options for accommodation. You will find many distinctive hotels in the city. Depending on your plans, you can also stay at one of the outer areas to reduce costs. People who travel on business usually choose to stay near the city center and to be close to the places for business meetings.


Name Category Cost Amenities Audience Stars
Four Seasons Hotel: Sydney
Lounge 32 (Which includes entertainment areas and dining), Meals, valet parking
Hilton Sydney
Pool, Paid parking, Wifi
Families on vacations
Shangri-La Hotel
Fitness center, Laundry
Business, Families
Holiday-Inn Sydney
swimming pool, beach, pool table, bar, free WIFI, tennis field, kayaking, fishing
leisure, families, friends, couples
4-star rating
Vakaloa Beach Resort
$150-$ 195
beach, Free parking, bar/lounge, airport transportation, restaurant, banquet room, children activities
leisure, families, friends, couples
3-star rating
Liku’alofa Beach Resort
Paid parking, Pool, Room service

Food & Beverage / Restaurants

There are lots of fast food places in Sydney. The most recognizable is Maccas (Mcdonalds)and Hungry Jacks (Burger King). You can also find Taco Bell and KFC. There are numerous types of traditional cuisine and Asian cuisine. If you see a place you like, don’t hesitate and try to find a cheaper store. With the exception of fine restaurants, most places have similar prices and menu items.

Quick Service Restaurants:

Name Cuisine Meals Features Price
Charcoal Chicken
Quick Service (Full meals or whole chicken roasts available)
Lunch and Dinner
Minimalist atmosphere, indoor seating
Sandwich Shop
Fast food (Sandwiches and spring rolls)
Lunch and Dinner
Sushi City
Quick Service (various types of sushi)
Lunch and Dinner
Asian style atmosphere, Sushi Train, indoor seating

Casual Restaurants:

Name Cuisine Meals Features Price
Casual (Halal Menu)
Lunch and Dinner
Dining right next to the harbor, Cozy atmosphere
Casual (Spanish foods)
Lunch and Dinner
Mexican feel/atmosphere
Long Chim
Casual (Thai)
Lunch and Dinner
Thai Atmosphere

Fine Dining Restaurants:

Name Cuisine Meals Features Price
Sydney Tower Eye
Fine Dining (Steak dinners, Seafood plates, etc)
A large spinning glass room that offers a view of the whole city.
Quay Restaurant
Fine Dining (Seafood, Steak dinners)
Pier side dining
Aqua Dining
Fine Dining (Italian)
Lunch and Dinner
Excellent view of the city

Recreation / Entertainment

In New South Wales, you can find many activities to participate in. Many of these activities can be enjoyed free of charge. There are plenty of parks and historical sites that can be visited. There are also high-speed boat tours, a zoo, and famous locations such as Hyde Park, the Sydney Opera House, and the Harbour Bridge. Many of these things do not require reservations for visiting, however, it is recommended to research activities beforehand. Visitors should also keep in mind that some activities are only available during certain times of the year, such as whale watching.

Water Activities:

Natural Wonders:

Sports Recreation:

Famous/Historic Sites:


A Family Itinerary

Day 1: Experience the city

Morning: City Tour
The city of Sydney has many amazing sites worth seeing. Besides the famous attractions, the city itself is a wonderful place for living and visiting. There are plenty of bus tours driving within the city. Some even have open roof seating to give you the best viewing possible of the great city.

Afternoon/Evening: Sydney Tower Eye
The famous Sydney Tower has some of the best 360-degree views of Sydney you will ever get. The best time to visit the Tower is later in the afternoon or in the evening to get the best view of the sunset and city lights. Afterward, guests can have dinner at the restaurant located at the top of the tower. The entire room rotates to give guests the best views possible on the entire city making this visit even more attractive.

Day 2 : See the sites up close

Morning: Circular Quay
This location will actually help you visit a lot of places at once. First, you can visit the Opera house and the Royal Botanical Gardens. There is a little train that tours you throughout the garden with chances to get off and look around. It is also a great place to get a picture of the Harbour Bridge. The bridge is near the Opera House, and you can take a tour to the top of the bridge at more expensive prices. There are also several fine dining and fast food options within walking distance, so you don’t have to travel far. Or you can simply have a picnic under the bridge.

Afternoon / Evening: Hyde Park
End the day with a nice relaxing walk in the park. Hyde park, with its ANZAC memorials, is an excellent place to catch up on some history. The park is well kept and it is right next to a train station, so traveling between Circular Quay and Hyde Park is painless.

Day 3 : Check out the outback.

Morning: Blue Mountains hike
Although not the classic outback seen in movies, the Blue Mountains are an amazing place with some incredible wonders. Taking a “walk-about” as they are called through the bush really helps you to appreciate the natural beauty of Australia.

Afternoon: Lightning highway and the Glowworm Tunnels
One of the more surreal experiences is the glow worm tunnels. They are a natural beauty that really can’t be described. Just come prepared to get wet as the caves are slightly flooded.

Evening: Beach
Obviously not any trip to Australia would be complete without visiting one of the many amazing beaches. Some of the more famous beaches are Bondi, Coogee, and Manly beach. If you are traveling with kids, do some research on the beaches you plan to visit because some beaches are clothing optional. A nice relaxing evening on the beach is a perfect way to end your stay in New South Wales.

If you planned to stay longer than three days some places you should visit are Paddy’s markets, which are essentially a giant flea market or a swap meet. Some high adventure sports are also available such as kitesurfing and jet skiing. And there is always the Zoo and Aquarium that are totally worth visiting. You will, however, want to plan a whole day for those activities.