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Introduction : PERU


Peru is located on the Central Western coast of South America. Peru borders Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. It offers so many different kinds of landscapes. Anywhere from Mountains with an elevation of 17,060’ to rivers as long as 4,086 miles, Peru has it!


Many tourists come to Peru to learn about the Incas. The Incas gradually built their massive kingdom that stretched from northern Ecuador to central Chile. At their best they consisted of 100 different ethnic groups. Today in Peru they still have many ethnic groups but Native American is most dominant. As powerful as the Incas were, Spanish invaders and diseases inevitably overtook the kingdom in 1532. From then the Spanish leader, Francisco Pizarro, re-founded Cusco, Peru as a Spanish colonial settlement in 1534. Although not all traces of the Incas are gone some are still intact and one can be found at the top of one of the most popular tourist attractions, Machu Picchu.


Peru’s best time period to visit is during the dry season between the months of May to October. The dry season’s weather consists of low 50F to high 70F although it depends on what region you visit, but overall the skies are sunny and blue and perfect for any outdoor activity. The wet season however lasts from the months of November to April and consists of weather between 70F to mid 80F and should be avoided at all costs. The wet season’s rainfall increases and can expand a river by 7 meters. The intense snow and rain can make popular attractions hard to go visit.


Peru offers a lot of tourist attractions. Machu Picchu is a very well known attraction located in Cusco right above an old Incan Empire. The Incas mastered a technique to cut blocks out of stone so perfectly that their buildings fit tightly together. Beside the amazing Inca architecture Machu Picchu offers, the view is marvelous on the ground and on top of the mountain. Also many people say the mountain looks like an Inca man’s face. If you love hiking Peru is definitely for you, another must see attraction for you hike lovers is Rainbow Mountain. Rainbow Mountain is at an elevation of 17,060’ so without the right preparation it can be extremely difficult, but if you have the chance take it. If hiking is not your thing no worries Peru has more to offer. The Amazon river is by far one of the most incredible places to go in Peru. Living out in the jungle is such a unique experience being so close with wildlife and nature. Living in the jungle you can swim with pink dolphins, play with sloths, or catch piranhas. On the Amazon river there is an island called monkey island where monkeys can swing on your arms and climb on top of you. The monkeys there are extremely friendly and playful. They also have other islands with more dangerous animals. So those of you that are daredevils can feed alligators and hold snakes. Another must see place in Peru is Lake Titicaca, which is the world’s highest lake lying at 12,500 feet. Beside it’s obvious beauty there are floating man-made islands to visit which feels like you’re walking on a waterbed. Plus you can visit Taquile Island which is such an interesting little island but it also offers some of the freshest fish you’ll ever eat.



Peru’s transportation includes everything from airplanes flying sky high to motorboats floating down the river. Although Peru has countless ways of transportation throughout its country, it changes depending on your exact location. Each city has adjusted to the best practical way of transportation based on their particular environment.

Air Transportation:

Let’s start off with the obvious, air transportation. If you are planning on traveling to Peru you have to book a flight to get there, if you do not already live in the country. Some airports located in Peru are the Lima, Arequipa, Cusco, and Iquitos airport. Depending where you are located currently it might be hard to find direct flights to Peru and you might have a layover in a different state or country. Some airlines that fly to Peru are JetBlue, American, United, Peruvian, etc. All of those airlines listed except for Peruvian are based in North America.

Water Transportation:

Another way of transportation in Peru is by water. Not all cities will have water transportation but Iquitos definitely does. If you decide to go visit the Amazon River, water transportation is your only option. Most water transportation companies operating there are local and most are combined with your tour guide company.

Ground Transportation:

One of the most distinctive ways of transportation in Peru is by ground. Traveling by ground is the most popular even with the locals. Most airports have taxi drivers waiting for your arrival. Peru’s ground transportation also consists of trains, buses, motocarros, and taxis. Taxis and motocarros prices depend on the tourist attractions and are also based locally. The buses and trains however are operated by many private companies, so it can be tricky finding the box office for your specific destination, but be aware of your surroundings and what transportation works best.


There are so many types of hotels to choose from in Peru. Country Clubs, Lodges, Resorts, Bed and Breakfasts, and many more to pick from that fits you the best. Depending on what you are looking for the hotels in Peru offer many different views and services. You can stay along the beach shore in a Luxury Resort spending your days laying in the sand, or you can stay in a high-end hotel within the city but minutes away from one of the most popular tourist attractions, Machu Picchu. Although don’t let my two options fool you there are still many hotels I didn’t mention that offer so much, you just have to go find it.

ACCOMMODATION Category Cost Amenities Audience Stars
Hotel Paracas
Luxury Resort
$189 /night
Beachfront, sightseeing, Pools, airport access
Family/ Beach lovers
4.7 stars
Novotel Cusco
Leisure Hotel
$116 /night
Cusco view, walking distance to attractions, close to main square,
Family/ Explorers/ Sightseers
4.5 stars
Selina Miraflores Lima
Boutique Hotel
$69 /night
Sightseeing, restaurant, casinos, parks
Family/ Sightseers/ Gamblers
4.4 stars

Besides the usual hotels tourists stay at, Peru offers other types of accommodations too. For example, Peruvian Hostels, they are however mainly targeted for backpackers, but they still offer spacious areas, internet, and tour options plus they’re a great place to meet other backpackers during their travels. If you are looking for a more private area Homestays are a great way to experience the Peruivan culture head on. Homestays aren’t as common, but there are lots of agencies willing to help organize it.

ACCOMMODATION Category Cost Amenities Audience Stars
Hostel Pirwa Colonial
Budget Hotel
$35/ night
Excellent location, breakfast, wi-fi
4.2 stars
$62 /night
TV, washer/dryer, internet, parking, cable
Small family, travelers
4.9 stars
Casa Italia
$20 /night
Wi-fi, TV, Kitchen, washer, great location
Couples, explorers, sightseers
4.97 stars

Food & Beverage

Peru has so many delicious options when it comes to food and beverage. Peru has access to a lot of natural ingredients so the flavor in their food is astonishing. A popular local dish in Peru is Cuy, also known as Guinea Pig. They prepare the Cuy by dehairing, guting, and then cleaning it then they fry in oil and then serve it with a side of tomatoes, onions, and potatoes. Another well known dish in Peru is ceviche. Ceviche is a seafood dish with diced cubed raw fish mixed with a lime juice mixture and served with onions, cilantro, and peppers. Although if you are just looking for a quick drink to buy while you’re exploring, one of their popular local drinks is Inca Cola. Inca Cola is a soft drink with a sweet fruity flavor. Most people think it resembles bubblegum or cream soda. Another local favorite drink is Mate De Coca. Mate De Coca is a herbal tea made by steeping coca leaves. This ancient drink is known to treat altitude sickness and to energize you. What is really important to keep in mind if you are planning to travel to Peru is the altitude. Depending on where you are currently living it can be a huge change and can get you very sick, so remember to drink Mate De Coca and it will help a lot with your altitude sickness.

Name Types Cuisine Meals Features Price
La lucha
Quick Service
Lunch, Dinner
Takeout, Table service,
Hawi Poke Bowls
Quick Service
Lunch, Dinner
Healthy, Fast food
El Elano
Quick Service
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Vegan Options
Peru Gourmet Restaurant Bar
Peruvian, seafood
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Reservations,full bar, table service, Takeout
El Veridico De Fidel De Miraflores
Peruvian, Latin, Seafood
Vegetarian Friendly, Takeout, Table Service
Restaurant Oriental Lung Fung
Lunch, Dinner
Reservations, Free Wi-fi, Bar & Wine
La Locanda
Fine Dining
Lunch, Dinner
Reservations, Valet Parking, Full bar
Fine Dining
Peruvian, Seafood, Meditarrian
Lunch, Dinner
Reservations, Free Wi-fi, Valet Parking, Full Bar
Fine Dining
Peruvian, Latin
Lunch, Dinner
Takeout, private Dining, Valet Parking, Digital Payment


Name: Handicapped Accessible? Description/Locations:
Westin Lima Hotel
Located in San Isidro, They offer many Historical museums nearby. They also have beaches, golf courses, pools, and spas.
El Pardo Doubletree
Located in Lima, This hotel offers nearby casinos, jogging trails, and horseback riding
Tambo Del Inka
Located in Urubamba, They have health clubs, hot tubs, pools, bicycling, and horseback riding too.
Hotel Paracas
Located in Paracas, This hotel offers walking distance to the beach and mall. It also has fun activities like scuba diving, tennis, boating, and fishing.
Four Points
Located in Lima, This hotel has amazing must see sights like historic museums and museums.
Located in Lima, This hotel has a lot of dining options around and also cool historic centers and museums.
Located in Iquitos, This hotel offers close by zoos and cathedrals.
Swissotel Lima
Located in San Isidro, This hotel offers a lot of recreational activities like sailing, snorkeling, and water skiing.
Aloft Lima Miraflores
Located in Lima, This hotel allows pets and also offers three nearby airports.
Wyndham Costa del Sol
Located in Lima, This hotel has a lot of dining options and nearby recreational activities like malls, Bicycling, and beaches


Peru has a lot of tourist sights you must see if you go visit. The amazing thing about Peru is that there are a lot of recreational activities to choose from unlike some countries or states that are mainly known for one thing Peru is known for multiple. Some examples are Machu Picchu, the Amazon River, Rainbow Mountain, Lake Titicaca, and the floating Islands. This list doesn’t even include all the plazas and historical museums at every block. Peru has so many options when it comes to recreational activities, but Peru definitely targets more active hikers and explorers either way if you get the chance to go definitely take it.

Water Activities:

Natural Wonders:

Sports & Recreation Spas:

Arts, Culture, Entertainment:


3 Days Of Fun In Iquitos, Peru: A Family Itinerary

Day 1:

Explore the city of Iquitos and embark on a journey to the Amazon Jungle.

Morning: Local Markets and Plazas

Plazas are located nearly on every block in Peru where you go inside and explore around. There are also local markets to visit that have many greens and meats to buy. Some markets even contain unique meats such as monkeys, piranha, and caimans.

Afternoon: Amazon River, Creative Spotting

One of Peru’s most incredible tourist attractions is the Amazon River. Later in the evening the family can book a 3 day guide in the Amazon River. Where they will first take a boat ride into the Jungle and stay in a tree house. Later that night the tour guide can take the family into the jungle to spot creatures such as sloths, snakes, tarantulas, leaf-cutter ants, monkeys, anacondas, and much more.

Day 2:

Go to Monkey Island and Swim with Dolphins.

Morning: Monkey Island

After a Delicious breakfast the family will travel by boat to Monkey Island where there are monkeys galore. The family can spend most of the morning feeding the monkeys and swinging them off their arms. The monkeys are very friendly and love to jungle from person to person

Afternoon: Swim with Dolphins

After a fun day of monkey play on their way back to their tree House they can take a spit stop in the Amazon River where you can spot and swim with dolphins. These dolphins are not any ordinary dolphins that swim in the ocean, these dolphins are pink and might not look exactly how you would picture them.

Day 3:

Go piranha fishing and Gator Island.

Morning: Piranha Fishing

The tour Guides can take the family into the river to fish for piranha with handmade fishing poles. The pole is a stick with a hook and line attached. They simply just put a piece of meat on the hook and put it into the water until they feel a tug and whip the pole out as fast as possible.

Afternoon: Gator Island

After a Tasty Piranha lunch they can head on over to Gator island where you can feed gators and hold snakes. There are also fish ponds where you can feed fish, guinea pigs, and birds to feed too.

SWOT & Conclusion

Strengthens of Peru:

  • Machu Picchu continues to win awards for the best tourist attraction in the world 
  • The Rich Culture 
  • Peruvian Food
  • Cheap Living
  • Peru owns one of the Seven Wonders of the World

Weaknesses of Peru:

  • Pollution
  • Traffic
  • Sanitation

Opportunities of Peru:

  • Voluntourism
  • Book trips through Ecotourism Operators
  • Leave No Trace Behind

Threats of Peru:

  • Crimes
  • Water shortages
  • Flash Floods


Peru is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. Peru also has one of the most diverse environments in all of South America. Visiting Peru with two feet in, you can really experience the most amazing once in a lifetime trip. Their rich culture and traditions are very fascinating to learn about. Especially as you travel throughout Peru, you can see ancient buildings, cultural dances, meanwhile learning about the oldest civilization in the Americas. Peru is the perfect place for all you outdoor junkies. There is adventure around every corner. Paragliding, Hiking, Rafting, is just the beginning of the list. Not to mention the cheap living, Peru is the perfect getaway vacation for any couple, family, or solo traveler. Peru encircles everything you would want in a perfect trip, rare native animal species, ancient ruins, diverse locations, astonishing local food, thick culture, and endless activities.