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Introduction : Guam


The tropical island of Guam is located in the Australia and Oceana Continent, measuring 212mi², each square mile overflowing with natural beauty and cultural treasures. Guam is an unincorporated United States Territory that floats in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. Due to its location, in regards to the international date line, it is literally “where America’s day begins”. It is the nearest land mass to the Mariana’s trench, offering majestical views above and below sea level.


It is assumed that Ferdinand Magellan was one of the first to land on Guam in the 1500s. However, Spain did not officially claim and conquer the territory until the 17th century. As a result from the historical Spanish-American War, the island of Guam was officially passed under U.S rule in 1898. Any inhabitants are American citizens by birth; the population includes an “indigenous mix of Chamorro descendants and other Austronesian peoples of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan”. Today, it stands as a strategic military and economic connector between Asia and the U.S. The island is sprinkled with preserved historical landmarks, providing many sights of interest to both locals and visitors.


Guam houses tropical warmth year round; you can expect temperatures between 85-90°F in the day and nightly temperatures between 75-78°F. Both rainfall and sunshine are abundant. The rainiest period lies between July and November, while January through April present a drier climate. Guam averages 80 inches of rainfall per year, with a “typhoon season” bringing heavy rain and strong winds from August to November. The peak season for the arrival of tourists is February to April. However, the sea remains warm year-round; attracting a constant flow of visitors. Tourists can pack prepared with light clothing articles to enjoy a sunny, breezy trip with a constant chance of refreshing rain.


Guam’s warm hospitality attracts tourists from across the globe. It is deemed the “jewel” of the Mariana Islands and encompasses an atmosphere of peaceful views intertwined with thriving cultural destinations. From the north to the south, tourists can expect an array of breathtaking sites; everything from white sandy beaches, coral reefs, crystal waters, and hidden caverns to tropical jungles. Averaging 1.5 million visitors per year, travelers are drawn to the balance of peace and relaxation combined with adventurous opportunity. Immerse yourself in the resilient culture of the locals by participating in the many festivals and village celebrations. Reach new heights and climb Mount Lamlam, “technically the world’s largest mountain”… although most of it lies hidden beneath water. Reach new depths, exploring the underwater life via diving and snorkeling excursions. Please the whole family with activities ranging water parks, dolphin watching, boat tours and waterfall hiking. Grab a book and soak in the ocean mist, with a wide selection of secluded beaches. Hit the shops and immerse yourself in an island cuisine extravaganza, locals are well aware that the way to one’s heart is a beautifully plated meal. Stroll through the evening markets or put on your dancing shoes. If you are seeking night life, Tumon is the place to be. Clubs and bars featuring live music will be the perfect end to your day. Get ready to spend your U.S. dollars, Guam is a duty-free port so take advantage of zero sales tax! A typical length of stay ranges anywhere from 5 to 10 days, but beware as the island’s hospitality makes it difficult for any tourist to depart.


Getting to Your Location

Air: The singular airport with scheduled flight traffic in Guam is known as the Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport, located in the village of Barrigada. Guam Airport has non-stop passenger flights scheduled to 14 destinations in 8 different countries. Currently, there are no domestic flights. The longest flight from Guam is a 3,796 mile non-stop route to Honolulu. This direct flight lasts approximately 7 hours and is operated by United Airlines. The Guam airport is also a hub for various Asia Pacific Airlines.
Water: Guam’s geographical location and its proximity to Asia makes it the perfect cruise travel destination from Asian homeports. The island holds plans to develop home-porting operations with roundtrips around the Micronesia area. Most cruise ships anchor at Apra Harbor; a natural and deep-water port located on the western coast of the region.
Ground: There are several modes of transportation on Guam – everything from rental cars, motorbikes, taxis, buses, trolleys and Uber. There are various options in regards to car rental companies. Economy is the most frequently booked option on the island.

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Getting around Your location

The destination of Guam is not a very large island and plenty of attractions are conveniently located within walking distance from the hotels. However, many of the cultural, historical, and adventure landmarks are scattered across the island. For this reason, rental cars are the way to go.

The majority of hotels offer room and car packages while other agencies are willing to retrieve customers from their locations or deliver a car to them. Popular rental car companies can be found within terminal of the airport. These rental corporations include Hertz, Nissan, Toyota, Avis and more. If you do not mind an older car, local companies also provide significantly cheaper rates. According to The Guam Guide; “The Government-run Guam Mass Transit Authority (GMTA) currently operates buses on nine various routes, connecting nearly all of the villages of the island”. (The Guam Guide, 2020)

This standard fee is an affordable $3.00 per day. Privately operated shopping and tour busses are also an option to off-island visitors. Being a tropical paradise surrounded by water, don’t miss out on having fun at sea. Guam boat charters provide an array of touristic transportation including dolphin watching, historical sightseeing, and even fishing.

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Whether you are seeking a romantic stay, adventure, luxury, or pure relaxation… the island of Guam offers hotels for it all. With a variety ranging from resorts to budget hotels, you will be very satisfied with your stay. After a day filled with ocean and jungle exploration, soak in the spa amenities. You may be on island for a night or maybe a month; the island will accommodate and satisfy your every need and help you feel at home.

Guam accommodation hotels


NAME Category Cost Amenities Audience Stars
Guam Airport Hotel
Economy, budget hotel
$69 per night
Outdoor pool, free parking, great location, 1 km from airport
Business, solo, couples
3 stars
Hilton Guam Resort & Spa
$140 per night
beachfront, outdoor pool, spa, overlooks Tumon Bay, free parking, Gym
Solo, Couples, Families, Business
4 stars
Hotel Nikko Guam
Resort & Spa
$112 per night
Outdoor pool, spa, free parking and breakfast, beachfront
Family- friendly, couples, seniors, solo, business
5 stars
Tamuning Plaza Hotel
Budget Hotel
$44 per night
Free Parking, Karaoke, lounge/bar, great service
Solo, business
2 stars
Hotel Santa Fe Guam
Budget Hotel
$60 per night
Outdoor Pool, Spa, free breakfast, beachfront
Family, solo, couples
3 stars
SureStay Hotel
Budget Hotel, economy
$72 per night
Rooftop pool, free breakfast, free parking, runway views
Business, solo
3 stars
Guam accommodations and hotels

On top of luxury hotel stays, the Island of Guam also offers other accommodation opportunities. Countless Airbnb options dot the island, private rooms and entire homes are available for enjoyment. The coast offers multiple condos and apartments for extended stays. If you are adventurous and looking for the cheapest option, camping is calling your name. Besides the historical parks, all public parks on Guam are available for camping at any time.

NAME Category Cost Amenities Audience Stars
Tumon Belair
Condo Rental
$80 per night
3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, ocean front, airport proximity, sleeps 6
Families, couples
3 star
Seaside Surfer Suite
$200 per night
Oceanfront, private deck, kayaking, lifejackets and snorkeling equipment, laundry
Families, couples, friends
5 star rating
Tarague Beach
$0 per night
Free, exclusive, showers, bathrooms, outlets
Families, couples, friends
1 star

Food & Beverage

Guam locals know that the way to one’s heart is through the stomach. The island is bursting with flavors from all cultures, offering you a fulfilling experience. Try dishes from neighboring islands, North and South America, China, Japan, and even Africa. Be sure to order a local BBQ plate, the island is well known for its variety of chicken dishes and its famous red rice. The most popular items include Kelaguen Mannok, Chamorro Bistek, and Kadon Pika. Every Wednesday night, join the locals and other tourists at Chamorro Village, for the opportunity to sample home-cooked meals featuring live music and performers. Pack yourself a plate to go and top off the meal with Guamanian goodies, including traditional baked goodies. If you are looking to venture to other pallets, the world is yours. With limitless options for any price range; enjoy casual and fine dining to suit all moods and occasions. Due to Guam’s year round summer climate, you can finish off any meal with a refreshing ice cream from shops dotting the land. Enjoy mouth-watering meals with beautiful oceanfront views. Have a drink and walk out to the sand, Guam takes pride in their exquisite outdoor beach dining.

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Quick-Service Restaurants

Name Cuisine Meals Features Price
Veggie & Seafood
Fast Food, Sea Food
Lunch, Dinner
Burger King Dededo
Fast Food, Burgers Fries and Shakes
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dine-in, Takeout, Drive-through
Panda Express
Fast-Food, Chinese
Lunch, Dinner


Name Cuisine Meals Features Price
Vons Chicken & Cafe
BBQ, Local Dishes
Lunch, Dinner
Takeout, Curbside
Roy’s Restaurant
Authentic, Takeout
Jeff’s Pirates Cove
Chamorro BBQ, Burgers, Salads
Lunch, Dinner
Dine-in, Takeout


Name Cuisine Meals Features Price
Vitale’s Restaurant
Lunch, Dinner
Dine-in, Takeout
Tasi Grill
Local, Sea Food
Lunch Dinner
Takeout, Delivery
Churrasco Steakhouse
Lunch, Dinner
Takeout, Dine-in

Meetings, Conventions and Events

Venues appropriate for large group gatherings:

  1. Hilton Resort and Spa :  
  2. Hyatt Regency:  
  3. Pacific Star Resort & Spa: 
  4. Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort: 
  5. Westin Resort: 
  6. Guam Greyhound Park: 
  7. Lotte Hotel: 
  8. The Cove: 
  9. Dusit Thani: 
  10. Ypao Beach Park: 

Best facilities to accommodate guests in wheelchairs:

  1. Ypao Beach Park: Ypao Beach Park is not only affordable, but offers a functional space for everyone. Parking and restrooms for disabled individuals are offered on site. The Park has plenty of space for any event and even includes an oceanfront view. A ramp allows for wheelchair beach access between the pavilions and water, so no one has to miss out. 
  2. Dusit Thani Guam: The newly renovated hotel provides exquisite meeting rooms and facilities, the perfect fit for your family event. Professional staff are included on hand for the duration of the event, capable to aid in the accommodation of any disabled attendees. 
  3. Pacific Star Guam (Le Patio Outdoor Space): This venue is one of the largest, providing abundant room to move around. This area is located on the first floor, eliminating the hassle of elevators or stairs when transferring attendees with disabilities. It is verified wheelchair accessible and features an ocean front view.


The scenic island “Where America’s Day begins” is absolutely bursting with recreational opportunities and entertainment. Whether you are here to relax, explore, or satisfy adrenaline cravings, expect to find it all. Guam offers breathtaking natural wonders, thrilling water and adventure activities, inspiring art and culture entertainment and calming spa experiences.

People come from miles and miles to walk the coast of white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. Take in every perspective of this destination; view it from above while free falling on a skydive adventure or become one with the sea life at the Underwater World aquarium. Visit the countless war memorial locations or shop until you drop, tourists face zero tax fees! Pick up a new water sport or spend your day laying in the sun with a good book. The beautiful destination is yours to enjoy.

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Water Activities:

Natural Wonders:

Sports & Recreation Spas:

Arts, Culture, Entertainment:


3 Day Island Getaway: Itinerary FOR Adventurous Honeymooners

Day 1

Soak in the natural wonders of the Southside. From sunrise to sunset, immerse yourselves in the island’s great outdoors. Climb heights higher than ever before and dive deeper than imaginable, making friends with the sea life along the way.


Forget the oxygen tanks and a mission to Everest which may be the highest peak on Earth. Catch the sunrise from Guam’s famous Mount Lamlam. It stands nearly 1,332 feet above sea level… but an added 36,070 feet from the Marianas Trench. In contrast, Lamlam from bottom to top towers the Himalayan wonder. For the price of just $20, hop on a ferry to Cocos Island Resort. This floating getaway offers jet ski rides, whale watching, snorkeling with dolphins, and an all you can eat buffet.


Just up the road you can continue your southern excursion at the Valley of the Latte Jungle Riverboat Cruise. Opt between the cruise or a romantic paddle through Guam’s rich culture. Enjoy the island’s deepest river, leading you through the ancient village of Talofofo where you can learn more about Chamorro heritage.
Nearby you will find Sunset Grill. End your night with an ocean front view and mouth watering local food as the sun fades to pink over the horizon.

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Day 2

Satisfy your adrenaline cravings and witness the thrill of Guam from a bird’s eye view. Add to your perspective and take a look from deep below while diving world-famous sites.


Just a short 5 minute hike later and you will find yourself in Mangilao’s freshwater Marbo Cave. This refreshing coastal cave aided Japanese and American forces throughout their occupation in the 1940s-1950s. The cave features crystal blue waters and lies minutes away from the cliff side, feel free to leap into the salty waves. If the cliff heights don’t spark enough adrenaline, experience the thrill of a lifetime at jumping 14,000 feet from a plane! Sky dive Guam will help you see the island with new eyes.


Throw on your scuba gear and become one with fish in the sea. Guam offers countless locations beneath the surface that will leave you in awe. Explore the Marianas Trench, choosing between more than 60 dive locations featuring World War wreck dives and colorful reef surprises. End the night passing through Chamorro Village; Guam’s weekly night market. Enjoy live music, shop for souvenirs, and excite your taste buds with local dishes and treats.

Day 3

Spend today hopping from beach to beach while relishing in the island’s historical value. Begin the day basking in crystal water shores and visiting historical war sites. Visit the most romantic attraction and top everything off with a spa retreat for a perfect honeymoon ending.


Guam offers over 40 beaches along its 212 square miles. Grab a book and sunscreen as you soak in the sun rays and immerse in actual island paradise. Tumon Bay is home to the best beach stretch and offers amazing food and shopping. In between beach hops, learn of the deep history hidden within the jungles and rocks. Guam features 118 historical sites, parks, and statues. Learn more of Chamorro legend and culture while passing Spanish colonial ruins and countless WW11 landmarks scattered across the island.

Keep the honeymoon spark alive and spend some time at Two Lover’s Point; one of Guam’s four national natural landmarks. This limestone plateau overlooks Tumon Bay and the Philippine Sea, holding the legend of two lovers forbidden to be together. For the small price of $3, hike to the top view and add your names to the locks of love. After much exploration and days packed with adrenaline, it is time to unwind. Head over to the five-star Dusit Thani Resort where you can enjoy a sensational spa retreat. End the adventure with a candle lit dinner on the beach and an exquisite night sleep.

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SWOT Analysis of Tourism in Guam

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  • Adventure: For any thrill- seeking individual, Guam is the perfect playground. The list of exhilarating options runs long; scuba & sky diving, kayaking, dolphin watching, cliff jumping, parasailing and more.
  • Nature: The island offers natural beauty of all elements. Everything from lush mountains and cascading waterfall hikes to crystal ocean waters, stepping outside will leave you breathless. 
  • History: For such a small land mass, Guam overflows a past rich with history. Learn hands on all about how it came to be a US territory, after Japanese invasions and Spanish- American Wars.
  • Culture: Immerse yourself in local tradition and experience first-hand island heritage and pride. With over  100 sites located around the destination, these landmarks will take you deeper into Chamorro roots.
  • Food: An empty stomach is never an option on Guam. According to Guam Stars and Stripes, “Dining options in Guam range from fine dining restaurants rated as the finest in the region to takeaway fiesta plates and barbecue best enjoyed while sitting under a coconut palm.”


  • Cost: Nearly everything on the island is imported, resulting in higher cost of living and even inflated grocery prices.
  • Location: If you seek out Guam on a map, it is quite secluded. Unless you are visiting from neighboring countries, its far-away location can be a hinderance to travelers. 
  • Weather : Guam’s year round summer and warmth is a plus side. However, its high percentage of humidity and unexpected rain fall is a weakness to those who prefer a drier climate.


  • Broaden tourism beyond the village of Tumon. Attractions and accommodations are very concentrated in this central location, it would benefit the industry to branch out.
  • Focus more attention on the promotion of Chamorro culture and heritage.
  • Seek more airline companies to increase arrivals


  • Tourists play a threat to Guam’s coral reefs
  • North Korea’s Bomb threatenings leave tourists hesitant and fearful
  • Global pandemic of COVID-19: Tourism produces over half of the island’s annual business revenue, restraints on the industry is highly threatening the economy of Guam.

Known as the jewel of the Marianas, Guam offers the most beautiful commencement, “Where America’s Day Begins”. Guam is home to year-round swimsuit weather and natural wonders that will leave you in complete awe. The welcoming warmth of locals and exquisite cultural opportunities invites visitors to settle in and feel at home. Prepossessing white sand beaches and mysterious caves lure in nature lovers and thrilling outdoor excursions offer new experiences to audacious travelers. Here on the island, new flavors to savor await you and historical stories are ready to unfold. Combine Japanese, Spanish and American cuisine and you will taste the flavor of Pacific Island cuisine. Guam is famous for its world-class diving through the Mariana’s trench, offering an unforgettable underwater experience. Cozy up on the sand as blazing sunsets fill the horizon with warming colors, painting the most picturesque ending to your days. Weather you are in search for a peaceful romantic getaway or a family-fun vacation, Guam is the dream destination for you.