Cruise Critic Paul Gauguin Reviews

The Paul Gauguin is a luxurious cruise ship that provides its passengers with a distinctive experience. The South Pacific and the Society Islands are only a couple of the far-flung and exotic places our ship travels. Those seeking an opulent and personal experience can get what they’re looking for at The Paul Gauguin.


Inside a shipThe Cabins


The Paul Gauguin’s staterooms are roomy and luxuriously furnished, providing visitors with a welcoming setting. Compared to other larger ships, the ship feels more intimate because it only has 332 cabins. A cozy bed, a ton of storage space, and a private bathroom with a shower are all features that each cabin is built to provide visitors.


On the Paul Gauguin, some of the staterooms also offer a private balcony with a breathtaking view of the surroundings. These balconies provide visitors a distinctive and fascinating experience and are ideal for unwinding and admiring the surroundings.


The cabins also have a TV and air conditioning, which gives visitors entertainment and a comfortable setting. Additionally, the cabins are well-kept and kept clean, making sure that visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable trip.


Many reviewers on Cruise Critic have praised the cabins, stating that they are roomy, cozy, and well-appointed. People often comment on how quiet the cabins are, which is perfect for anyone seeking a tranquil and soothing vacation. Additionally, the cabins are kept up properly and tidy, which contributes to the comfort and enjoyment of the visitors.


The Dining Experience


A significant component of the total experience is dining on the Paul Gauguin. The ship includes three dining establishments, each of which serves a distinct cuisine. The Le Veranda restaurant serves French-inspired food, while the main restaurant, L’Etoile, serves worldwide cuisine. Finally, throughout the day, snacks and light meals are available in the La Palette restaurant.


The food is great and expertly prepared, and the eating experience is intended to be opulent and enjoyable. The waitstaff provides outstanding service and is consistently cordial and attentive. Visitors can savor their meals in a laid-back and comfortable setting with breathtaking views of the nearby waterways.


Many reviewers on Cruise Critic have praised the Paul Gauguin dining experience, stating that the cuisine is delectable and expertly prepared. People often remark on the great service and the waitstaff’s consistent friendliness and care. Positive remarks are also made about the restaurants’ laid-back atmosphere, with many guests remarking that it’s a fantastic spot to unwind and enjoy a meal.


Two people scuba divingThe Activities and Excursions


The Paul Gauguin provides a variety of excursions and activities so that visitors can fully experience the places they travel to. These tours are supervised by qualified and skilled guides, and they are created to give visitors a distinctive and immersive experience.


Scuba diving, cultural trips, and snorkeling are all available as excursions on the Paul Gauguin. These excursions provide visitors the chance to explore the neighborhood and discover the history and culture of the places they travel to. The knowledgeable and amiable guides are always on hand to help visitors with whatever they require.


Many reviewers on Cruise Critic have praised the excursions and activities, stating that they are well-planned and fun. People often comment on how nice and informed the instructors are, which enhances the experience. Another favorable trait of the tours is the chance for travelers to thoroughly immerse themselves in the places they go, with many saying that they offer a singular and unforgettable experience.


The Staff and Service


Paul Gauguin’s service and employees play a significant role in the overall experience by giving visitors the support they require to fully enjoy their trip. The crew aboard the ship is polite and well-trained, always going above and beyond to make sure that visitors have a good time.


Visitors are greeted with great hospitality and a grin the moment they board the Paul Gauguin. The crew is constantly on hand to help with any inquiries or requests, and they are familiar with the ship and her amenities. The staff is always eager to assist guests, whether they need assistance with their cabin, information about the excursions, or simply want to speak.


Many reviewers on Cruise Critic have praised the Paul Gauguin service and staff, highlighting their friendliness, helpfulness, and expertise. One of the important elements that contribute to the Paul Gauguin being a pleasurable and memorable voyage is the staff’s constant willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that passengers have a good time.


The Entertainment and Amenities


The Paul Gauguin offers a variety of services and entertainment for visitors to take advantage of, giving them a choice of ways to unwind and enjoy themselves. Everyone may find something to enjoy on the ship, from lounges and swimming pools to live music and shows.


Live music and events that are likely to please guests are part of the diverse and exciting entertainment offered on the Paul Gauguin. Additionally, the ship offers a library where visitors can unwind and read in a serene setting. The ship also features a spa where visitors can indulge in a choice of treatments and a fitness facility with cutting-edge equipment.


Many reviewers on Cruise Critic have praised the amenities and entertainment, stating that there is something aboard the ship for everyone. People frequently remark on how fun the live entertainment and performances are, and how serene and restful the spa is. The inclusion of the fitness center is also praised, with many commenting on how much they valued the chance to stay fit while on their trip.


In summary, the Paul Gauguin is a superb cruise ship that offers passengers an opulent and pleasurable experience. The Paul Gauguin has something for everyone, from the roomy and luxurious accommodations to the mouth watering dining options. The service and employees are welcoming and helpful, and the trips and activities are well-planned and pleasant. Finally, the Paul Gauguin is a genuinely unforgettable cruise experience thanks to the amenities and entertainment, which provide passengers a choice of ways to unwind and have fun.

Our Top FAQ's

The Paul Gauguin is a luxury cruise ship that travels to exotic and far-flung destinations in the South Pacific and the Society Islands.

The Paul Gauguin offers luxurious cabins, multiple dining options, excursions and activities, attentive and friendly staff, diverse entertainment options, and amenities such as a library, spa, and fitness center.

Reviewers on Cruise Critic praise the cabins on The Paul Gauguin as roomy, cozy, well-appointed, and well-maintained, with a private bathroom and shower, TV, air conditioning, and quiet atmosphere.

Reviewers on Cruise Critic describe the excursions and activities on The Paul Gauguin as well-planned and enjoyable, with knowledgeable and friendly guides, and a chance for immersive experiences in the places they visit.

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