Bora Bora Round Trip

The South Pacific Island of Bora Bora is a tropical haven renowned for its beautiful waters, white sand beaches, and lush flora. The island is a well-liked location for luxury holidays, romantic retreats, and honeymooners. A round-trip to Bora Bora is a great opportunity to take in everything that this island paradise has to offer.

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The Best Accommodations to Choose


Your lodging should be one of the top priorities while organizing your round-trip to Bora Bora. The island has a variety of lodging choices, from pricey guesthouses to opulent resorts. An overwater cottage is the ideal choice if you want a lavish and romantic vacation. These unusual lodgings are perched over the water on stilts and provide breathtaking views of the island and lagoon. Many of these bungalows feature infinity pools, private patios, and easy access to the lagoon.


A beachfront villa is an additional choice; it provides the same level of luxury as an overwater bungalow but with a view of the beach. Compared to bungalows, these villas are typically bigger and provide greater solitude. Additionally, they have sun loungers, outdoor showers, and private pools.


There are numerous resorts on the island that offer conventional hotel rooms for people who prefer a more conventional hotel experience. These accommodations typically cost less than bungalows and villas while providing the same level of comfort and elegance.


There are several guesthouses and apartments you may rent on the island if you’re on a tight budget. These lodgings are an excellent choice for individuals seeking a more authentic experience because they are typically situated away from the main tourist attractions. They also provide a less expensive option to the pricier resorts.


A man riding a bike at the bridge of the a bungalowExploring the Island


Despite being a small island, there is much to discover on Bora Bora. There are many stunning beaches on the island, notably Matira Beach, which is regarded as one of the best in the world. This beach, which is found in the southern part of the island, is wonderful for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. The beach is white and powdery, and the water is crystal clear.

Anau Beach, which is on the island’s east coast, is another well-liked beach. This beach is well-known for having powerful waves and is a hotspot for kite- and windsurfing. The beach is a wonderful place to see the sunset and a lovely place to have a romantic stroll in the evening.


You can also go on an island trip to view the local towns, discover more about the history and culture of the place, and see the well-known Mount Otemanu. Vaitape, which is found on the west coast of the island, is the principal settlement there. The primary market on the island is located in this settlement, where you may get regional crafts and mementos.


Snorkeling and diving are two more well-liked activities on the island where you can observe the colorful coral reefs and marine life. A stunning lagoon that is home to a variety of fish and marine life surrounds the island. Additionally, you can go on a boat cruise to explore the well-known coral gardens in Bora Bora.


Dining and Nightlife


Fantastic food and nightlife options can be found in Bora Bora. From informal beachside cafés to gourmet dining places, the island has a vast variety of restaurants. Traditional Polynesian cuisine, which combines French and local flavors, is served in many of the restaurants. Poisson cru, which is raw fish marinated in coconut milk, and chicken fafa, a classic Polynesian dish made with chicken, coconut milk, and taro leaves, are two of the most well-liked foods.

The island also offers a number of bars and clubs where you may dance and enjoy live music. The Bloody Mary’s in Vaitape is one of the most well-known bars. The lively ambiance and live music at this establishment are well-known. The Bora Bora Yacht Club, another well-liked bar, is situated right next to the ocean and provides breathtaking views of the lagoon. This bar is well-known for its tropical cocktails and is a terrific place to enjoy a drink at sunset.


Numerous resorts on the island provide great dining alternatives for a more upscale dining experience. These eateries frequently serve French and foreign cuisine, and many offer wine lists with a variety of wines from across the world.


Many of the resorts also offer private dinner choices, such as a candlelit dinner on the beach or a dinner cruise on a traditional Polynesian boat, if you’re searching for a romantic dining experience. The evening is made extremely unforgettable by these encounters.


Excursions and Activities


Visitors can choose from a variety of excursions and activities on Bora Bora. Snorkeling and diving are two of the most well-liked activities since they allow you to explore the island’s colorful coral reefs and aquatic life. There are several tour companies that offer snorkeling and diving excursions because the island is surrounded by a stunning lagoon that is home to a variety of fish and marine life.

Jet skiing is another well-liked activity and is an excellent opportunity to observe the island’s beautiful coral gardens as well as the lagoon. There are many tour companies that provide both guided trips and the ability to rent jet skis.


Take a tour aboard a traditional Polynesian boat to explore the island from a new angle if you’re looking for a more leisurely activity. On several of these trips, you can swim, snorkel, and unwind on the beach at the little islands and motus that you stop at.


You can take a tour of the nearby towns to learn about the island’s history and culture and to view the well-known Mount Otemanu if you’re interested in learning more about the native way of life. Vaitape, which is found on the west coast of the island, is the principal settlement there. The primary market on the island is located in this settlement, where you may get regional crafts and mementos.


Organizing Your Travel


There are a few things to consider while organizing a round-trip from Tahiti to Bora Bora. First and foremost, you should schedule your trip for the island’s dry season, which lasts from May to October. The best time to go is now because it’s nicer outside and there’s less danger of rain.

Additionally, it’s crucial to reserve your lodging and activities in advance because the island can get extremely crowded during the summer. Booking as early as possible is recommended because many resorts and travel companies provide discounts for early reservations.


Transport is a further factor to take into account. You will need to rent a car, a scooter, or use a cab to go around the island since there is no public transit. A domestic trip to the island is also something to think about since it only takes about an hour and is a great way to see the island from the air.


As a whole, Bora Bora is a wonderfully stunning and enchanting place that has something to offer everyone. It’s the ideal place for a round trip with its gorgeous beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and opulent resorts. You will have a wonderful experience in Bora Bora if you carefully plan your vacation and take into account the best accommodations, visiting the island, food, and nightlife.

Our Top FAQ's

Some popular activities to do in Bora Bora include snorkeling and diving, jet skiing, cruising on a traditional Polynesian boat, and taking a tour of the local villages.

The best time to visit Bora Bora is during the island’s dry season, which runs from May to October. The weather is milder and there is less chance of rain during this time.

Yes, many of the resorts on the island offer fine dining options. These restaurants often feature international and French cuisine, and many have wine lists featuring a wide range of wines from around the world.

Yes, many of the resorts also offer private dinner options, such as a candlelit dinner on the beach or a dinner cruise on a traditional Polynesian boat. These experiences make for a truly memorable evening.

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