Bora Bora Rainy Season

The French Polynesian Society Islands contain the idyllic tropical island of Bora Bora. It’s a well-liked vacation spot for couples on their honeymoons and affluent vacationers due to its beautiful overwater villas, thick foliage, and crystal clear waterways. However, Bora Bora has a rainy season just like many other tropical locations. This article will go over the specifics of the Bora Bora rainy season, such as when it occurs, what to anticipate, and how to make the most of your trip while it’s going on.

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When does the Bora Bora rainy season occur?


The rainy season in Bora Bora normally lasts from November to April, with January and February seeing the most precipitation. The island receives an average of 8 inches of rain per month during this season. The island’s low season, which coincides with the rainy season in Bora Bora, may result in reduced pricing for lodging and entertainment than during the high season. For travelers who want to cut costs while still enjoying Bora Bora’s splendor, this can be a great chance. But it’s crucial to remember that weather can be erratic, and the rainy season might change from year to year. Always check the forecast before making travel plans, and be flexible with your schedule.


What to expect during the Bora Bora rainy season


You can anticipate seeing more clouds and rain during the rainy season in Bora Bora than you would during the dry season. It’s crucial to keep in mind that rain in Bora Bora is frequently light and sporadic, so it’s typical to have a few bright days in between wet days. The island is kept lush and green by the rainfall, which also contributes to its beauty. Since there are typically less people around at this time of year, the rain also contributes to a calmer atmosphere. For those seeking a more quiet and private time on the island, this may be suitable.


Additionally, bear in mind that Bora Bora’s weather is subject to fast changes. It happens frequently to have a beautiful morning and a rainy afternoon. Although it can be challenging to arrange activities because of this, the island’s charm also stems from it. The weather is often highly erratic and changes frequently. Always check the forecast and have a fallback plan ready in case the weather isn’t cooperative.


beautiful waterfallActivities to enjoy during the Bora Bora rainy season


There are many things to do in Bora Bora during the rainy season, even though it may not be the best time for swimming and other water sports. For instance, you can go on a tour of the island’s interior, which has lovely waterfalls and a lot of greenery. The waterfalls and the surrounding vegetation are both enhanced by the rain. Furthermore, a lot of the island’s eateries and bars are inside establishments, allowing you to dine or drink without being concerned about the weather.

Spending some time in one of the island’s opulent spas is another fantastic way to pass the time during the rainy season. There are spas inside several of the resorts where you can unwind while listening to the rain outside. It’s a remarkably serene and restorative experience.


Consider going on an interior hike if you’re looking for something a little more challenging. Rain might make the routes more difficult, but it also enhances the beauty of the surroundings. It’s crucial to have appropriate footwear and to dress for the weather because the trails can get slick during the wet season.


indoor poolHow to prepare for the Bora Bora rainy season


It’s crucial to plan ahead if you want to enjoy your trip as much as possible during the rainy season in Bora Bora. If you intend to go trekking, bring a lightweight raincoat or umbrella and think about bringing a pair of water shoes. It’s a good idea to have a fallback activity in case the weather isn’t cooperative as well. Consider scheduling a tour that includes a stop at a nearby island where the water is calmer and cleaner, for instance, if you want to go snorkeling. In this way, you still have the chance to explore the underwater world if the weather on Bora Bora doesn’t permit snorkeling.


Your accommodations are a further crucial factor to take into account. On Bora Bora, many resorts have indoor areas and features like swimming pools and spas so you can still indulge in the luxury of the island even when it’s raining. To make the most of your time on the island, it’s also a good idea to see whether your resort has activities or events scheduled during the rainy season, such as movie nights or culinary lessons.


Last but not least, it’s critical to be adaptable and willing to go with the flow. Things may not always go according to plan during the Bora Bora rainy season. But you may still have a beautiful and unforgettable holiday on the island if you come prepared and keep an open mind.




If you want to spend a lot of time in the water while visiting Bora Bora, the rainy season might not be the best time to go. However, it is still a fantastic time to travel to the island and take in its splendor. Rainfall keeps the island lush and green, and the daily changes in the weather, which can add to the island’s appeal, assist to keep it that way. There are many things to do during this period, including spa treatments, guided walks, and excursions of the island’s interior. The rainy season in Bora Bora doesn’t have to ruin your holiday; all you need is the right planning and a flexible attitude.

Our Top FAQ's

The average amount of rainfall during the Bora Bora rainy season is around 8 inches per month, with the heaviest rainfall occurring in January and February.

The best time to visit Bora Bora to avoid the rainy season is typically from May to October, which is the island’s dry season.

Yes, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy during the rainy season on Bora Bora such as taking a tour of the island’s interior, visiting indoor restaurants and bars, indulging in spa treatments, and taking guided hikes.

It’s important to pack a lightweight rain jacket or umbrella and to consider packing a pair of water shoes if you plan on doing any hiking during the rainy season. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan for activities in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

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