Bora Bora Huts

French Polynesia’s Society Islands contain the tiny island of Bora Bora. Bora Bora is a popular location for tourists seeking a tropical paradise because of its clear waters, rich flora, and beautiful beaches. The experience of staying in a traditional Bora Bora hut is one of the most distinctive and memorable on the island. This page will examine the origins, varieties, features, and activities of Bora Bora huts while also offering advice on how to organize your own trip to a hut there.


Woman looking through the windowHistory of Bora Bora Huts

The early Polynesian immigrants left behind a rich history for the Bora Bora homes, sometimes referred to as “fare.” These traditional homes were constructed from regional supplies including bamboo, pandanus leaves, and coconut palm fronds. Usually built on stilts, they had thatched roofs and open walls to promote natural ventilation. Coconut fronds, pandanus leaves, and even bamboo were used to make the thatched roof. The floors were composed of woven bamboo, and the walls were constructed from both materials.

Modern conveniences like electricity and plumbing have gradually been added to Bora Bora bungalows while yet preserving their distinctive Polynesian style. Today, tourists seeking a distinctive and genuine experience on the island frequently opt for Bora Bora bungalows. Nowadays, many resorts combine traditional huts with contemporary features like air conditioning, private toilets, and minibars. For tourists seeking a distinctive and genuine experience, Bora Bora huts are the perfect option because to their fusion of history and innovation.

Types of Bora Bora Huts

Travelers can choose from a number of different styles of Bora Bora huts, each with their own special features and facilities. Among the most common varieties are:

Overwater bungalows: These huts are perched above the water on stilts and provide breathtaking views of the lagoon. The glass floor panels in many of these huts let visitors view the aquatic life below. For tourists who want to get a close-up view of the lagoon’s grandeur, these huts are ideal. They provide privacy and isolation, making them perfect for romantic getaways for couples.

Huts on the beach with direct access to the sand and ocean are known as beachfront huts. For tourists who wish to spend the most of their time on the beach, they are ideal. Because they are typically situated outside of the main resort area, they also provide a feeling of privacy and seclusion.

Garden huts: These huts are situated in the resort’s verdant grounds and provide a more private and quiet experience. They are ideal for those who want to take in the island’s natural splendor while also enjoying the solitude and seclusion of their own hut.

Family huts: These huts have several bedrooms and bathrooms and are made to accommodate families. They are ideal for families seeking an interesting and enjoyable vacation. They are a great option for family vacations because they provide lots of room and solitude for families.

Amenities in Bora Bora Huts

A variety of facilities are provided in Bora Bora huts to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Among the most typical amenities are:

  • Air conditioning: To keep visitors cool and comfortable, many huts have air conditioning. This is crucial in the sweltering summer months.
  • Private restrooms: The majority of huts offer private restrooms with showers. This provides visitors with the convenience and privacy they need to feel at home.
  • Mini-bar: There are mini-bars in several huts that are supplied with drinks and food. This is ideal for tourists who wish to unwind in their huts with a drink or a snack.
  • Numerous huts include private terraces with lounge chairs, which are ideal for unwinding and admiring the scenery. After a busy day of activities, this is the ideal spot to unwind and rest.
  • Many huts provide guests with a safe in which to keep their possessions. For travelers who wish to keep their possessions safe and secure while visiting, this is ideal.
  • Wi-Fi: With Wi-Fi available in many huts, visitors can stay in touch with the outside world while taking in the tranquillity of the island.
  • For guests who wish to unwind and watch a movie or listen to music, some huts feature a TV or sound system.
  • Many resorts provide room service, allowing visitors to order meals and beverages to be delivered right to their cabanas.

Two people fishingActivities Available in Bora Bora

Travelers can enjoy a variety of activities on Bora Bora. The most well-liked pastimes include:

  • Scuba diving: Bora Snorkeling is ideal in Bora’s crystal-clear waters because they are home to a variety of marine life. Renting snorkeling equipment allows visitors to explore the lagoon and see the coral, fish, and other marine life.
  • Scuba diving: Bora Bora is well-known for its fantastic prospects for scuba diving. Visitors can reserve diving excursions to discover the stunning coral reefs and shipwrecks on the island.
  • Jet skiing is an option for those who want to tour the island’s shoreline and lagoon. This is an enjoyable and thrilling way to view the island from a unique angle.
  • Parasailing: Visitors get the opportunity to fly over the island while experiencing breathtaking aerial views of the area’s natural beauty.
  • Fishing: Excellent fishing chances can be found in Bora Bora. Visitors can reserve fishing expeditions and try their luck at catching a variety of species, including marlin, tuna, and mahi-mahi.
  • Island tours: Visitors can reserve island excursions to learn more about the island’s past, present, and natural splendor. It’s a fantastic approach to discover more about the island and its inhabitants.

How to plan for a Bora Bora Hut vacation

There are a few considerations to make when booking a Bora Bora hut holiday to guarantee a hassle-free and delightful experience.

Choose the hut style: Select the hut style that best meets your demands and budget. When making a choice, keep things like location, view, and facilities in mind.

Study the resort: Do some research on the one you intend to visit. Verify if it delivers the activities and amenities you’re searching for by reading reviews and ratings.

Make reservations early because Bora Bora huts tend to sell out quickly, especially during the busiest times of year. To guarantee availability, make your bookings as early as possible.

Pack appropriately: Bring along comfortable clothing, sunscreen, and any other necessary personal goods. Beach towels and snorkeling equipment are frequently included by resorts, although it is best to inquire beforehand.

Being open to new experiences is important since Bora Bora is a special and lovely location where there are many chances to try new things. Be willing to try out new things and immerse yourself in the local culture.

In conclusion, staying in one of the island’s luxurious Bora Bora huts is a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience. A Bora Bora hut holiday is the ideal method to decompress and unwind in a tropical paradise because of its rich history, numerous types of amenities, and selection of activities. Your Bora Bora hut holiday might be one you will always remember with a little advance planning and preparation.

Our Top FAQ's

There are several types of huts available in Bora Bora, including overwater huts, beachfront huts, and hillside huts. Each type offers different views and amenities, depending on the location and type of hut.

Some popular activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, fishing, and island tours. These activities allow guests to explore the island’s natural beauty and marine life, and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Amenities can vary depending on the type of hut and resort, but many huts offer private bathrooms, air conditioning, and mini-fridges. Some huts also offer Wi-Fi, a TV or sound system, and room service.

When planning a Bora Bora hut vacation, consider the type of hut, the resort’s amenities and activities, and make your reservations early. Pack accordingly, and be open to experiencing new activities and immersing yourself in the culture.

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