Bora Bora Extreme Sports

French Polynesia’s little island of Bora Bora is renowned for its magnificent beaches, clean waters, and greenery. It’s hardly surprising that travelers seeking to rest and relax flock to the island, but did you know that Bora Bora also features a number of extreme sports? Five of the most popular extreme sports on the island will be covered in this article.


Person paraglidingParagliding

On Bora Bora, paragliding is a well-liked extreme sport, and for good cause. The island is the ideal location to soar above the sky because it has some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth. Paragliders take off from Mount Otemanu’s 727-meter summit and fly over the island’s verdant landscape and pristine waterways. You won’t soon forget the 20–30 minute flight, which is a unique experience.

A unique experience, paragliding in Bora Bora allows you to soar above the island’s stunning beaches, lagoons, and even the renowned Mount Otemanu. It is impossible to compare with the wonderful feeling of viewing anything from above. From a different angle, you can see the island’s luxuriant green flora, glistening waters, and white sandy beaches.

Local tour companies often plan the paragliding activity and supply all the required gear and safety training. Additionally, they offer a guide who will travel with you on the flight and make sure it is both safe and fun for you. Whether you are a novice or an expert paraglider, the tour operators also provide various packages to meet your demands.


Another well-liked extreme sport in Bora Bora is kiteboarding. The island’s warm seas and consistent trade winds make it the ideal location to study and engage in this thrilling activity. Kiteboarding is a fun way to discover the island’s stunning beaches and lagoons. It combines windsurfing, wakeboarding, and paragliding. On the island, there are a number of kiteboarding schools that provide instruction for both novice and expert riders.

A thrilling and exhilarating experience is kiteboarding in Bora Bora. The warm waters and consistent trade winds on the island are ideal for kiteboarding. The experience is made much more delightful by the gorgeous surroundings of the crystal clear waters and lovely beaches.

Experienced teachers oversee the kiteboarding schools on the island, which offer instruction for both novice and expert riders. The sessions are customized to the needs of the person and include all required equipment and safety guidelines. Along with individual lessons, the schools also provide group classes, private lessons, and even kiteboarding vacation packages.

Bora Bora provides a variety of kiteboarding locations, from flat lagoons to wave places, for those who are already expert kiteboarders. With its consistent winds and clean waters, Matira Beach is the most well-liked location for kiteboarding.

A couple jetskiingJet Skiing

On Bora Bora, jet skiing is a well-liked water activity that is a wonderful way to discover the island’s stunning beaches and lagoons. You can rent a jet ski for a few hours or for the entire day from one of the many jet ski rental businesses on the island. A different perspective on the island and a little adrenaline boost can both be obtained by jet skiing.

Jet skiing is a thrilling and enjoyable way to discover the island’s stunning beaches and lagoons in Bora Bora. The island has a number of jet ski rental businesses that give all the required gear and safety instructions. Your encounter will be safe and pleasurable thanks to the jet skis’ excellent maintenance and functionality.

In Bora Bora, riding a jet ski is a singular experience since it allows you to travel through the island’s crystal-clear waters and observe the lovely beaches and lagoons from a new angle. The warm waters around the island are ideal for jet skiing, and the tour companies also offer guided tours that let you discover the island’s secret spots and hidden gems, which are difficult to reach by foot or boat.

The “lagoon safari” tour, which lets you ride through the island’s lovely lagoons and get up close to the aquatic life there, is a well-liked jet ski excursion. The tour takes you into the coral gardens of the island, where you may see a variety of tropical fish and possibly even run into some of the manta rays and sharks that live there.

The “motu hop” tour, which lets you ride to the island’s little motus (islets) and visit their lovely beaches and lagoons, is another well-liked jet ski excursion. By taking this tour, you may avoid the throng and take in the island’s natural beauty in a more private setting.

Shark and Ray feeding

A well-liked pastime on Bora Bora is shark and ray feeding, a fascinating way to get up up and personal with the marine life of the island. Local tour companies arrange for a boat journey to a certain location in the lagoon where you can snorkel, scuba dive, and feed the sharks and rays.

An unusual and thrilling activity in Bora Bora is feeding the sharks and rays. The activity is overseen by knowledgeable instructors, and the tour operators supply all essential gear and safety instructions. The activity is often carried out in a regulated setting to protect both the marine life and the guests.

The event offers a wonderful chance to learn about the marine life on the island and the significance of conservation efforts. The tour guides also talk about the various types of sharks and rays that may be found in the lagoons of the island and the dangers they face.

A couple paddleboardingStand-up Paddleboarding

Stand-up Bora Bora is a popular destination for paddleboarding (SUP), which is a wonderful way to explore the island’s stunning beaches and lagoons. The activity can be done in the lagoons’ calm waters or the open ocean’s waves and is appropriate for persons of all ages and fitness levels.

Stand-up Bora Bora paddleboarding is a tranquil and pleasurable activity. The idyllic environment for the activity is provided by the island’s warm waters and stunning beaches. The lagoons’ pristine waters let you get up close to the island’s marine life, while the open ocean offers greater difficulty for seasoned paddlers.

There are numerous tour companies on the island that offer guided excursions and stand-up paddle board rentals. The excursions give you a new perspective on the island’s natural splendor as they take you through its lovely lagoons and along its coastline. In order to ensure your safety and enjoyment, the trip operators also supply the necessary gear and safety instructions.

In conclusion, extreme sports aficionados should visit Bora Bora. The island has a wide selection of activities to suit a variety of tastes and abilities. Bora Bora features activities for everyone, including stand-up paddleboarding, shark and ray feeding, kiteboarding, paragliding, and jet skiing. In addition to being exciting, these activities also provide you the chance to discover the island’s natural beauty, learn about its marine life, and support conservation efforts.

Our Top FAQ's

Safety precautions for jet skiing in Bora Bora include wearing life jackets and helmets, following the tour guide’s instructions, and staying within designated areas. Tour operators also conduct safety briefing before the activity.

Some of the different species of sharks and rays that can be encountered during a shark and ray feeding tour in Bora Bora include lemon sharks, blacktip reef sharks, and eagle rays.

The best time of year to do paragliding in Bora Bora is between June and October during the island’s dry season, when the weather is stable and the winds are favorable for flying.

Kiteboarding in the lagoon is more suitable for beginners, as the water is calm and the winds are more predictable. Kiteboarding in the open ocean is more challenging and requires more advanced skills and experience, as the winds and waves can be stronger and more unpredictable.

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