Bora Bora Bora

French Polynesia’s tropical paradise of Bora Bora has been enticing travelers for years. It is not surprising that this island is regarded as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world with its crystal-clear waters, rich greenery, and breathtaking beaches. This essay will discuss five facets that make Bora Bora the ideal holiday spot.


tropical fishOverview of Bora Bora


Small island Bora Bora can be found in the Pacific Ocean in the French Polynesian Society Islands. Bora Bora is a well-liked vacation spot for anyone seeking a tropical paradise because of its clear waters, rich flora, and beautiful beaches. The island is a well-liked location for diving and snorkeling because of the barrier reef and lovely lagoon that surround it. The island is a well-liked location for newlyweds and others seeking a romantic holiday because it is also home to a number of opulent resorts.


The waters of Bora Bora are among its most stunning features. Tropical fish, sharks, and rays can all be found in the lagoon that surrounds the island, which is a vivid shade of blue. The fish and coral are visible from the surface due to the water’s exceptional clarity. The barrier reef that encircles the island offers a home for marine life as well as fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities.


The island is also covered in beautiful flora, including tropical gardens and deep forests. The island’s natural beauty is enhanced by the presence of coconut trees and vibrant flowers. Hiking around the island’s verdant woodlands and gardens allows visitors to see a variety of birds and other species. Numerous fruit plants, including papaya, banana, and pineapple, may be found on the island.


Gorgeous beaches are another feature of Bora Bora. White sand and crystal-clear waters can be seen on the island’s beaches. The beaches are ideal for swimming, water sports, and tanning. At dusk, visitors can stroll down the beach and take in the breathtaking views of the island and the nearby lagoon.


The island is also home to a number of opulent resorts that provide guests the chance to unwind and indulge in a tropical paradise. The resorts provide breathtaking views of the ocean because they are either on the beach or on stilts above the lagoon. In addition, guests have the option of lodging in a private villa or a traditional Polynesian hut. Additionally, the resorts provide a variety of activities, such as spa services, yoga sessions, and excursions.


Background of Bora Bora


The history of Bora Bora goes all the way back to the early Polynesian era. Around 300 AD, Polynesian sailors arrived on the island and gave it the name “Pora Pora,” which means “first born.” Later, European explorers such as Louis-Antoine de Bougainville and Captain James Cook visited the island in the 1770s. The island was given the name “Bora Bora” by them because they were the first Europeans to arrive there.


After becoming a French colony in 1888, Bora Bora served as a military outpost during World War II. The US military established an airbase on the island because it was a key strategic site. Bombing raids against Pacific islands occupied by the Japanese were launched from the airbase. The airbase was shut down after the war, and the island resumed its idyllic life as a tropical haven.


Today, Bora Bora is a well-liked vacation spot and a French overseas territory. Visitors can perceive the French influence on island culture and that the island’s economy is mainly reliant on tourism. The French Pacific Franc serves as the island’s official currency, and French is its official language. The cuisine, architecture, and art of the island all reflect French cultural influences.


scuba diverEntertainment options in Bora Bora


Outdoor fans will find heaven in Bora, which provides a variety of activities for tourists to enjoy. Swimming and snorkeling in the lagoon and barrier reef’s crystal-clear waters are two of the most well-liked pastimes. Tropical fish, sharks, and rays are among the many marine species that call the island’s lagoon home. Visitors can also go snorkeling or scuba diving to explore the coral reef and get up close views of the vibrant fish and other aquatic life.


Jet skiing is another well-liked water sport that lets tourists explore the lagoon and the nearby islands and atolls. Visitors can also enjoy the lagoon’s breathtaking vistas and explore it on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Another well-liked sport is parasailing, which gives guests the chance to soar above the water and view the island from above.


On the island, hiking is a popular pastime for people seeking a more on-land vacation. There are numerous routes leading to Mount Otemanu, the island’s highest peak, which provides tourists with expansive views of the island and the nearby lagoon. A guided tour of the island’s rich greenery is another option for visitors to see a variety of birds and other species.


Visits to the island’s historical and cultural attractions, like the World War II American Memorial and the prehistoric Polynesian marae, are among the other well-liked things to do there. Visitors can also enroll in classes in traditional Polynesian dance and drumming or visit the island’s museums to learn more about its history and culture.


crab mealBoth Lodging and Meals


From inexpensive guest houses to opulent resorts, Bora Bora has lodging alternatives to fit every price range. Many of the facilities are situated on the shoreline or on stilts above the lagoon, providing breathtaking sea views. In addition, guests have the option of lodging in a private villa or a traditional Polynesian hut. Numerous resorts include a range of amenities, such as spas, fitness centers, and swimming pools.


Bora Bora has a wide range of dining alternatives to suit every preference. Traditional Polynesian cuisine, which has been greatly influenced by French and Asian cuisine, is available to tourists. Taro, poison fish, and coconut milk are common ingredients in Polynesian cuisine. Additionally, visitors can eat international food including sushi and pizza as well as French dishes like escargot and coq au vin. Many of the island’s resorts and eateries provide exquisite dining alternatives, with an emphasis on local products and fresh seafood.


A traditional Polynesian feast, or “mahana,” is one of the most well-liked dining options on the island. The feast typically includes a range of traditional Polynesian dishes and is held in a venue typical of the region, such as an open-air hut. Additionally, tourists can enroll in cooking classes to learn how to make traditional Polynesian fare.


Many of the island’s resorts and eateries also provide special dining experiences for couples, such intimate seaside dinners or meals delivered on a traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe. A romantic sunset dinner cruise is another option for tourists, who may dine while admiring the breathtaking views of the island and the nearby lagoon.




Bora Bora is a tropical haven with magnificent beaches, pristine oceans, and greenery all around. The island is a widely-liked vacation spot for couples on their honeymoon and other couples seeking a romantic retreat, as well as for active nature enthusiasts. The island’s rich history and culture, together with the variety of lodging and dining options, make it a special and unforgettable destination for tourists. Bora Bora is undoubtedly a place not to be missed because of its incredible natural beauty and countless activities.

Our Top FAQ's

Some popular activities to do in Bora Bora include swimming and snorkeling in the clear waters of the lagoon and the barrier reef, jet skiing, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, parasailing, hiking, visiting cultural and historical sites, and taking traditional Polynesian dance and drumming classes.

Bora Bora offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets, from budget-friendly guest houses to luxury resorts. Many of the resorts are located on the beach or on stilts over the lagoon, offering stunning views of the water. Visitors can also choose to stay in a traditional Polynesian bungalow, or a private villa. In terms of dining, Bora Bora offers a variety of options to suit all tastes, including traditional Polynesian cuisine, French cuisine, international cuisine, and fine dining options.

Bora Bora was first settled by Polynesian sailors around AD 300, who named the island “Pora Pora” meaning “first born”. The island was later visited by European explorers in the 1770s, including Captain James Cook and Louis-Antoine de Bougainville. They were the first Europeans to set foot on the island, and they named it “Bora Bora”.

A traditional Polynesian feast, known as “mahana”, is a traditional Polynesian meal that features a variety of traditional dishes such as poisson cru, taro, and coconut milk. It is usually held in a traditional Polynesian setting, such as an open-air hut, and visitors can enjoy the feast while taking in the culture and atmosphere of the island. Traditional Polynesian feasts can be found in many resorts and restaurants in Bora Bora. Visitors can also take a cooking class and learn how to prepare traditional Polynesian dishes.

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