Bora Bora Airport

The Society Islands of French Polynesia contain the small island of Bora Bora, which is renowned for its beautiful waters, white sand beaches, and lush green highlands. The Bora Bora airport, which is the principal point of entrance for tourists to the island, is a compact but functional space that can hold both private and commercial aircraft.


Location and Access

The airport serving Bora Bora, also known as Motu Mute Airport, is situated on the island’s northwest coast. It is the only airport on the island and is located on Motu Mute, a little islet that is easily accessible by boat from the main island. The island’s appeal is enhanced by this distinctive setting, which also creates a memorable welcome. Visitors can take commercial or private charter aircraft to arrive at the airport. Major airlines like Air Tahiti, Air France, and United Airlines all provide service to the airport. Regular flights are provided by these airlines from well-known cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Paris. This makes traveling to Bora Bora convenient for tourists from all over the world.

For visitors coming from adjacent islands, the airport is also reachable by boat or ferry in addition to commercial aircraft. If you’re already in French Polynesia and want to see more of the islands, this is a fantastic alternative. For instance, visitors can board a ferry from Moorea and take a beautiful boat ride to Bora Bora. This choice enables guests to enjoy the island’s stunning seas and vistas of the main island before they ever set foot on the ground.

Facilities and Services

A modest terminal building houses the baggage claim area, a duty-free shop, and a few restaurants and cafes at the airport in Bora Bora. The terminal is up-to-date and well-maintained, offering all the amenities guests may possibly need. A terrific spot to find gifts and mementos for loved ones back home is the duty-free store. Before going to their hotel or resort, guests can have a bite to eat at one of the restaurants or cafés, which provide a variety of regional and international cuisine alternatives.

There is a car rental agency at the airport in addition to the terminal building. For tourists who wish to tour the island independently and at their own leisure, this is a fantastic choice. Renting a vehicle allows visitors to travel the island and stop at the many vantage sites to take in the breathtaking views. For those who require currency exchange before arriving at their hotel or resort, the airport also features a currency exchange office.

A doctor and nurse work in the airport’s modest clinic, which also offers medical services. This is a fantastic resource for tourists who might require medical care while visiting the island. The clinic can administer traveler immunizations and is equipped to handle minor illnesses and injuries. For travelers who have a layover or want to store their bags before going to their hotel or resort, the airport also includes a baggage storage room.

cars parkedTransportation to and from the airport

It’s simple and convenient to go to and from the airport. The shuttle bus, which often travels between the airport and the island’s major hotels, is the most well-liked method of transportation to and from the airport. Visitors who want an easy and comfortable method to go to their hotel or resort can consider using the shuttle bus. The drivers are amiable and informed about the island, and the buses are air-conditioned and comfy.

For individuals who would like a more private form of transportation, taxis and private automobile rentals are also an option. For travelers who want a more direct and swifter route to their hotel or resort, taxis are a fantastic option. Visitors who prefer to explore the island independently and at their own speed might consider private automobile rentals as well. On the island, there are a lot of resorts that provide free transportation for visitors. For travelers who seek a hassle-free and practical way to get to their hotel or resort without having to bother about making their own transportation arrangements, this is a terrific alternative. For guests who want to begin and end their trip in elegance, several resorts now provide airport pickup and drop-off services.

The traditional boat transfer is a different and interesting way to go to and from the airport and is another well-liked mode of transportation. Before stepping foot on the island, visitors can take a boat trip across the crystal-clear waters of Bora Bora and take in the breath-taking sights. You can start and end your holiday in style by taking advantage of the boat transfer services that many resorts and hotels provide for their visitors.

cloud viewPrivate Charters and Scenic Flights

For those who desire a different perspective of the island, Bora Bora airport also provides scenic and private charter flights. You can take a private charter flight to Tahiti, Moorea, or Raiatea, among other Society Islands’ islands. This is a fantastic choice for tourists who wish to discover more of French Polynesia and its various islands and cultures. The neighbouring island of Taha’a, which is renowned for its stunning beaches and vanilla plantations, is also accessible to tourists as a day trip.

Visitors who want to see the island from a new perspective frequently choose scenic flights. Visitors can take a fly over the island’s breathtaking scenery and pristine waterways to get a completely fresh perspective on it. Many businesses on the island provide scenic flights, which are an excellent opportunity to explore the island’s well-known attractions such Mount Otemanu, the main island, and the stunning coral reefs. The numerous vibrant fish and coral that have made Bora Bora renowned can be seen by taking a flight above the lagoon on the island.


In conclusion, the island’s small but cutting-edge airport provides all the services and amenities required by travelers. The island’s appeal is enhanced by the airport’s placement on a small islet, which makes for a special arrival. The airport is a terrific place to start discovering all that Bora Bora has to offer because it is easily reachable by both commercial aircraft and private charter flights. The Bora Bora airport is the ideal entryway to this paradise, whether you want to unwind on the beach, explore the island’s beautiful interior, or take in the vibrant culture. To and from the airport, visitors have a number of transportation choices. They can also take advantage of private charters and scenic flights to get a different perspective of the island. With its amenities and services, Bora Bora Airport makes traveling to this idyllic island simple and delightful.

Our Top FAQ's

What airlines operate flights to Bora Bora airport?

The most popular way to get from the airport to hotels or resorts is by shuttle bus. Taxis and private car rentals are also available for those who prefer a more private mode of transportation. Some resorts also offer complimentary transportation or airport pick-up and drop-off services for their guests.

Yes, scenic flights over Bora Bora are offered by several companies on the island. These flights allow visitors to see the island’s stunning landscapes and crystal-clear waters from a different perspective.

Yes, the Bora Bora airport has a currency exchange office for visitors who need to exchange their currency before heading to their hotel or resort.

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