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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions:


Where are we located?

Our offices are located in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada, at 2407 Bevan Avenue. Our Asia gateway is Vancouver International Airport. If you would like to meet with one of us at the office, please call us for an appointment.

How can you check us out?

We are registered, licensed, and regulated by the Province of British Columbia under the Business Practice and Consumer Protection Authority. Their telephone number is (604) 320 -1667. Our Registration number is 25952. We are the China Dept of Far and Away Adventures / Cheap Tickets and Travel Inc.

What are the Hotels like?

All of the hotels we use are 4 to 5 star, as are the hotels of every other tour operator who caters to western tourists. They are western style, tourist-approved and government rated. In some cities, it is the only hotel in town, so you know that everyone else uses it! Each room is what you would expect in a North American hotel: clean, with two beds, and a private, western style full bathroom. The hotels have at least one bar and restaurant, shopping, overnight laundry for clothes, a hair salon and usually a massage service. They all have a thermos of hot, boiled water, or an electric kettle and tea in the room on a table separating two comfortable chairs. Most have expensive minibars, a writing desk, and refrigerators. All have TV and telephones.

What is the food like?

The food is northern Chinese. Meat, potatoes, rice, fish, vegetables and soups, generally at ten person round tables, served “homestyle, help yourself” from a Lazy Susan turntable in the centre of your table. Breakfasts are western style, bacon/ham, eggs, fruits, croissants, etc. and usually are buffet style. Most of our previous participants comment that all they did was eat, eat, eat! Absolutely no one has ever starved with us. Beer and soft drinks as well as tea with lunch and dinner, and coffee with breakfast.

How do we book one of your tours?

Call us and we will email you a booking form.

What should we wear and Pack?

Our tours are very casual and informal. There is no reason to bring a jacket and tie, or dress apparel for women unless you are dressing for personal comfort. Wear comfortable walking shoes. You are there to have fun as well as see China. Jeans and sweatshirts are perfectly acceptable. After 3 days, everyone in China is an urban camper anyway.

Can we buy the land package only, and use our air miles or frequent flyer plans to get to China?

Yes, you can, call us and we will provide you with the land only package rate. Do not book your flight until you know that the departure is guaranteed and that we discussed how and where to meet up with the group.

What currency should I bring?

Bring the currency of the country you live in. You don’t need any Chinese currency until you get to your hotel, and they have a currency exchange in every hotel and major shopping centre. They all have the same exchange rate and will change virtually any currency to Chinese Renminbi (People’s money). Renminbi is decimal and the main unit is the yuan.

Do I need vaccinations?

Consult your personal health professional or your local public health facility for the most up to date information. No shots are required as of this date, but different health professionals have different professional views. Our advice is – talk to your health professional.