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Battambang Trip Itinerary:

All our Battambang trip planned activities need to have flexibility; weather and road
conditions, unplanned facility closures, delays of any kind can happen –
even guests can have minor issues that need to be resolved during the
planned tour. Flexibility is a “must”.

Battambang Trip Day 1 -- Guest Arrival in Siem Reap

Our English speaking guide will pick you up at the airport, bus depot or boat landing and bring you to your hotel in Siem Reap.

Siem reap 2 (Large)
  • Siem Reap is the gateway to Angkor Wat, the millennium-old temple ruins of the Khmer Empire. Set along the Siem Reap River the small provincial capital boasts numerous sightseeing opportunities: wellpreserved colonial buildings, museums, traditional markets, and cultural performances.

Enjoy your new surroundings, relax at the hotel or we can arrange an optional activity (cost not included in tour price), such as: 

  • Attending an evening show at the Phare Cambodian Circus or an Aspara dance show.
For something unusual and uniquely Cambodian we can suggest a visit to APOPO — a humanitarian organization that has come up with a unique way to locate and disarm land mines throughout Southeast Asia: They use giant African rats! These rats have a very strong sense of smell, allowing them to sniff out land mines buried in the ground and these animals only weigh about a pound — too light to set the bombs off! Once the rats sniff out a bomb, specially trained humans will disarm and remove them. During a tour at the APOPO Visitor Center you will get to watch a training demonstration with the African rats.
  • Our guide will arrange for a suitable time to meet you in the evening for a Cambodian style dinner – either at your hotel or in Siem Reap (Cambodian style meal included in the tour cost – but no alcohol, please).
  • In the evening we will introduce you to our planned travel and – if possible – adjust our schedule to include and touch on some of your special interests.

Battambang Trip Day 2 -- Full Day Trip: leave Hotel at 4:00 am

To experience the sunrise at Ankor Wat the hotel pick-up at 4:00 am is a “must” – a really early morning.

At 5:00 am the visitor center opens and each Ankor Wat visitor has to purchase an entry pass in person – which also includes a photo as identification – made at the visitor center.

  • Sunrise at the Angkor Wat Temple:
A jewel in the jungle: the centerpiece temple of an entire area, exquisite bas-relief carvings in the surrounding galleries – representing the Cambodian country.
The largest religious monument in the world.
  • Followed by a Cambodian style Breakfast near the Temple
  • Ta Prum Temple
Alongside Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, Ta Prum is definitely one of the ‘big three’ temples – lush trees intertwined within the temple itself making it the most attractive; also famous for the setting of the Tomb Raider movie, with Angelina Jolie pictured under one of the trees. 
  • South Gate Of Angkor Thom
  • Angor Thom City:
The last capital of the Angkor Empire — founded in the late 12th century by King Jayavarman VII — is famous for its “face-towers” at its city gates and at the central Bayon temple: emblematic of Angkor and the ancient Khmer culture. The meaning of those slightly smiling colossal statues – a synergy of Hindu and Buddhist faces – is still under debate. Is it the Buddha or the Bodhisattva Lokeshvara or King Jayavarman VII himself or a combination of them?
  • Bayon Temple 
The Bayon Temple is a “must visit temple” in Angkor Thom City – it is located in the center of the city &represented the centre of universe. Its 54 Gothic towers are decorated with 216 gargantuan smiling faces of Avalokiteshvara, and adorned with 1.2km of extraordinary basreliefs incorporating more than 11,000 figures.
  • To allow for a rest during the day, we will enjoy a Cambodian  style Lunch at a Restaurant in Angkor Wat Complex
Angkor is one of the most important archaeological sites in SouthEast Asia. Stretching over some 400 km2, including forested area, Angkor Archaeological Park contains the magnificent remains of the different capitals of the Khmer Empire, from the 9th to the 15th century. They include the famous Temple of Angkor Wat and, at Angkor Thom, the Bayon Temple with its countless sculptural decorations. UNESCO has set up a wide-ranging programme to safeguard this symbolic site and its surroundings.
The tour will last until mid-afternoon – a long day of walking.
  • We will return to your Overnight Hotel in Siem Reap
  • If requested, we can arrange an optional activity in the evening (cost not included in tour price)

Battambang Trip Day 3 -- Full Day Trip: leave Hotel at 8:00am

A morning pick-up at your hotel, followed by a drive through some of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Siem Reap and then leaving the City and travelling towards Tonle Sap Lake to board a boat to
Kompong Plok –
An old traditional village located at the bank of the largest waterbody in Cambodia: Tonle sap Lake.

Siem reap 1 (Large)

Kompong Plok Village:
A cluster of three villages of stilted houses built within the floodplain about 16 km southeast of Siem Reap. The villages are primarily Khmer and have about 3000 inhabitants between them. Flooded mangrove forests surround the area and are home to a variety of wildlife. During the dry season, the buildings seem to soar atop their 6-meter stilts — exposed by the lack of water.
Kampong Phlok’s economy is mainly based in fishing

  • Cambodian Style Lunch at a Restaurant along the way. 
After returning to Siem Reap we will visit the: 
  • Angkor National Museum 
During the Golden Era of the Khmer Kingdom, one of the ancient civilizations of this world was being created: the origin of Khmer art, culture, and architecture. These great creations became one of the wonders of the world that still amaze people through generations and still hold a great impact in present Cambodian society. The Angkor National Museum takes pride in revealing the history of the Golden Era of the Khmer Kingdom through state of the art multimedia providing visitors a full pictorial story of the legend.

To obtain a deep and clear understanding of each artifact the Angkor National Museum is glad to assist visitors with personal translation devices or audio tour sets (available in Khmer, English, French and other languages).
The Angkor National Museum will take its visitors through the journey back in time from the creation to the highest point of Khmer civilization — visitors will develop a deeper understanding of customs, traditions and different beliefs of the ancient empire. 
All artifacts are divided into 8 galleries in the order of the evolution which are enhanced by a realistic atmosphere – allowing the Khmer legend to slowly reveal before your eyes.
On average visitors will spend about 2 hours in the National Museum.
  • Siem Reap Silk-Farm
The silk farm is a social-business enterprise aiming at reviving Khmer cultural heritage; giving job opportunities to young Cambodians living in rural areas.
With an area of eight hectares, the farm gives a unique insight into the different stages of silk production — from the mulberry tree orchards, silkworm breeding, and the spinning mills to the dying and traditional weaving process.
  • We will return to your Overnight Hotel in Siem Reap
  • If requested, we can arrange an optional activity in the evening cost not included in tour price)
Siem Reap (Large)

Battambang Trip Day 4 -- Full Day Trip: leave Hotel by 8:00am

A 4-hour-drive through the pastoral countryside, heading west from Siem Reap:

  • Visit Buddha Sculpture along the way
A stone sculpture of the Khmer Empire ( 9 th to the 13th century) which ruled a territory much larger than modern Cambodia.

Continue to the rural village of Thamey to meet the extended family of your guide – this will also be your homestay family.

Most of the economy in the Battambang Province is based on agriculture: dominated by rice paddies, vegetables, fruits and irrigation systems.

Enjoy wandering around the Home Stay Village (Thmey Village) Visit the village activities of farming, gardening, traditional wood carving and wooden furniture factory.

A home style Cambodian lunch, prepared with local ingredients, will be served

  • Visit Baddish Temple near Battambang
We will accompany you when walking through the village and if required will assist you and translate engaging conversations.
Prepared with local ingredients a home style Cambodian multi-course dinner will be served in the evening. 
  • Overnight at Home Stay
Stay in a large traditional Khmer house, veranda and hammocks – surrounded by pastures, and lush gardens that produce enough fruits and vegetables to support the entire family.

Battambang Trip Day 5 -- Full Day Trip: leave Homestay by 8:30 am

A Cambodian style breakfast at the homestay followed by a leisurely 2 1/2 hour drive – going north – towards the Pailin area in the Cardamom and Elephant Mountain region

Cambodian Breakfast

Visit Phnom Pram-pie (Rang of 7 mountains) 

A Khmer Rouge cave to store weapons between 1980 and 1997 is now a Buddhist monastery and is used as a holy shrine to worship or to hold memorial ceremonies in dedication to the souls of the family members executed during Khmer Rouge regime

 The trip to Pailin continues to follow the 53-Mountains-Range (Samlot district) along the border to Thailand – rolling hills and a lush tropical countryside:
Hill-tops, combined of 53 mountains, largely covered by forests and mango and longan fruit farms — with a stunning scenery overlooking Cambodia & Thailand 
Cambodian style Lunch at a restaurant on the way in an outdoor restaurant with lovely atmosphere, relaxing and near a waterfall
  • Overnight at Hotel in Pailin
Pailin is a town born by the local gem trade.
It attracted immigrants from Burma working in the gem trade and this confluence gives it a unique culture that is neither strictly traditional Khmer nor Burmese. But with the successful invasion of the Khmer Rouge the more recent history is particularly dark. 
  • Wat Phnom Yat, is a pagoda well known among Cambodians. It features a Burmese-style stupa built by Shan immigrants in 1922. It can be found atop Phnom Yat, a hill 500m south of town-the one with the town-dominating Buddha statue. It’s quite a walk to the top and fantastic views of the surrounding area can be appreciated any time of day. 
Phnom Yat is known to be a sacred place of worship for the natives of Pailin Province. It is considered the heart of this border province.
On top of the hill you will find Kola Pagoda. 
  • At about 50 meters from the foot of the mountain is WatRattanak Sopoan. A pagoda walled with bas-relief depicting the Hindu saga the story of the churning of the ocean milk similar to those in the Angkor Wat temple. Several ancient structures can be found in Phnom Yat including stupas and asroms in various sizes.
O’Tavao Waterfall , actually a cascade, is a beautiful spot up in the mountains south of Pailin. Due to its proximity to the spring, the water is very clean and it is popular with the locals for swimming, despite being only knee deep at best.
 The Boyaca Valley part of Pailin boasts some of the most scenic and majestic views of the Cardamom Mountains and the countryside. When exploring the area, the locals are very friendly and welcoming. Hiking, biking, and general outdoor adventures are popular for tourists.
The Memoria Palace & Resort is a good central point for starting and finishing adventure outings.
At the foot of the Cardamom Mountains in the Ba Yakha Valley, you can delight in the sweeping views of the green rolling hills of Cambodia’s beautiful landscape from Memoria Palace’s open air restaurant.
The Ba Yakha Valley part of Pailin boasts some of the most scenic and majestic views of the Cardamom Mountains and the countryside.
Your Tour Guide Vanna 1 (Large)

Battambang Trip Day 6 -- Full Day Trip: leave Hotel at 8:00 am

Day ( 6 ) Pailin to Battambang

  • 8:00am
  • Phnom Yeay yard
  • Buddhist temple
  • An hour drive from Pailin to Samlot
  • Mangoes farm river & Lunch, enjoy “Relax and Swim”
  • A cloud of flying fruit bats

An hour drive from Pailin to Samlot – a delightful about 40 km journey through highland areas, all dominated by mountains, green plant, farm & rivers: Mango farms, rivers to relax and swim

Cambodian style Lunch at an outdoor restaurant with lovely atmosphere on the way; near a waterfall with an opportunity to relax in a lush forested location and to swim.

The cloud of flying bats
Flying bats offers an amazing spectacle at around 5 pm each day – thousands and thousands of bats leave the cave as dusk falls, a steady stream flying overland to orchards and rice fields; the spectacle lasts for about 45minutes.

  • Overnight at Hotel in Battambang
One of the suggested hotels “La Villa Guest house” itself is a renovated 1930s French colonial period villa with art-deco furniture and aunique and stylish art deco ambience.
Initially established as a trading city in the 18th century, Battambang is Cambodia’s second most populous city. With many ancient temples and Buddhist shrines nearby it is a combination of modern city, smalltown friendliness and some well-preserved colonial architecture – to give the town a unique charm.

Following colonization, the French administration developed a still visible urban layout to enlarge the town.

Battambang is known for its statues which seemingly decorate every public place; mostly mythical & real animal divinities. The most famous of these statues is on the main road to Phnom Penh: an ancient Khmer King holding a stick which he used to quell rebellions in the Battambang area. The name of the town / province comes from this legend.

  • The Governor’s Residence is the most impressive colonial building, a legacy of the early 1900s with balconies and wooden shutters and grand reception room with a 5m ceiling. It was designed by an Italian architect for the last Thai governor, who departed in 1907. The interior is closed but you can explore the grounds at leisure.
  • Battambang Museum displays fine Angkorian lintels and statuary from all over the Battambang province, including Phnom Banan and Sneng, and it has multi-lingual signs.
  • Wat Ek Phnom, another Angkor-type temple ruin, about 15 km north west of Battambang. The road runs along lovely small rivers flanked by trees and small villages making it a generally nice area. Approaching Wat Ek Phnom, you suddenly encounter a giant Buddha statue in the Wat, which is certainly picture-worthy. The grounds of the Wat also have an Angkorian era temple which is in relatively good shape and with some interesting carvings.
  • Wat Samraong Knong, roughly translated as ‘Wat in the forest’ is an extremely old pagoda on the eastern side of the Sangker River. The eerie old Wat was used as a Khmer Rouge prison, and there were many executions on the premises. A new pagoda is now being built, and there is a memorial to the victims of the Khmer Rouge regime, with graphic illustrations just to the north.

Battambang Trip Day 7 – Full day trip: Leave Hotel by 7:30am

We will provide a rental pedal bike and helmet for your use and will accompany you on an approximate 4 hour pedal bike tour through the hectic and colourful market areas of Battambang:

Your Tour Guide Vanna 3 (Large)
  • Cycle along quiet roads– stopping at markets, shops, small businesses along the way
Bicycling into the more rural countryside around Battambang gives an opportunity to learn about the authentic Cambodia life and culture. It also indirectly contributes to community development by connecting local families and small businesses with the tourism industry.
  • Enjoy, visit and connect with local families:
Rice Wine tasting, Rice-Paper making, banana chip making, fish-paste factory, rice-milk factory and many other small ventures.
Enjoy a Cambodian style Lunch at a restaurant along the way 
In the afternoon visit a Traditional Khmer house and talk to the owner (only in French!!) about the long history of French colonialism in Cambodia Traditional house ( Wat kor village )
Wat Kor is the “homeland” of Khmer traditional houses, most of them built from 1920 – 1956. The traditional house belonged to a noble family or dignitary and was built during the French colonial era. In spite of its age, the original, robust construction remains intact; some of these houses are already occupied by the same family from many generations — up to now.
  • Ride with the Bamboo Train Bamboo-train 
A “norry” from the French word “Cambodia’s bamboo-train” an improvised rail vehicle by villager after railway was built by French. The Bamboo train run at speeds of up to 50 km/hour and was used as public transportation before the Cambodian roads were paved.
  •  Overnight at Hotel in Battambang 

There is still an opportunity to arrange for an optional activity (cost not included in tour price) or enjoy the nightlife in Battambang – the second largest city in Cambodia.

Attending an evening show at the Phare Cambodian Circus is definitely worthwhile. The shows are fun, energetic and exciting and include a range of circus disciplines.

The ticket price helps support the NGO School which works with disadvantaged children and teenagers.

Ankor Wat Sunrise

Battambang Trip Day 8 – Full day trip: Leave Hotel by 8:00

After breakfast, early morning is a good time to walk through downtown Battambang; new impressions await.

Phsa Nat
A very large market situated in the centre of town. Many stalls inside and outside — selling all you could imagine. Spend a couple of hours wandering around enjoying the sights, sounds and smells. Great place to get interesting and cheap food.

Traditional Cambodian medicine
Traditional medical practices mostly based on herbal knowledge are widely used in Cambodia.
Healers and herbalists associated to the Cambodian traditional medicine are collectively referred to as Kru Khmer (Traditional Khmer Healer). There are many regional variations and several traditional medicine systems in Cambodia. 

The town also has a number of fine early-20th-century French colonial buildings found along the waterfront especially — just south of the Psar Nat market. Famous Art Deco buildings are the Central market itself, the swimming pool and the train station.

A 5 hour trip back from Battambang to Siem Reap.

Along the way, we will stop at various locations to get a hands-on impression of Cambodian street food — looking at and tasting it.

Before arriving back in Siem Reap, the guide will arrange a traditional Cambodian monk blessing at one of the numerous monasteries dotting the Cambodia countryside.

Afternoon arrival in Siem Reap and check-in at the chosen hotel.

Late afternoon, the family of the local guide will arrange for a Cambodian style Family Farwell Dinner 

  • Family Farewell Dinner
After the Farewell Dinner we will return you to the
  • Overnight at your Hotel in Siem Reap
…. and at this time our guided Battambang – Pailin Tour ends with a Good Bye and Farewell – but please do not hesitate to ask us if you need assistance to arrange for an airport taxi, tuk-tuk to the local bus depot or boat landing.

… and please keep in mind:

 If you require reliable and comfortable transport to Phnom Penh, Kampot, Saigon, Vientiane, Bangkok, Phuket or any other location in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam or Thailand – our vehicle and driver/ guide are available to chauffeur you in comfort.

Day Morning Afternoon Cambodian Style Meals Overnight

Day 1:

Arrival in Siem Reap
Pick-up at airport, boat landing or
bus depot and accompany to

Free leisure

Cambodian style
Dinner in Siem Reap
“meet the Guide”

Overnight at Hotel in Siem Reap
Option 1: Siem Reap Cyclo Hotel – Nat. Road # 6 ( approx. $ US 50)
Option 2: Borei Ankor Resort & Spa ( approx. $ US 100)
Option 3: FCC Hotel Angkor ( approx. $ US 200)

Day 2:
Full Day Trip
Start: 4:00am
Local Drive only

Sunrise at Angkor Wat temple
(Breakfast after sunrise)
Ta Prum Temple
South Gate Of Angkor Thom

Angor Thom City
Bayon temple

Cambodian style
Breakfast & Lunch at
Restaurant in Angkor

Overnight at Hotel in Siem Reap
Option 1: Siem Reap Cyclo Hotel – Nat. Road # 6 ( approx. $ US 50)
Option 2: Borei Ankor Resort & Spa ( approx. $ US 100)
Option 3: FCC Hotel Angkor ( approx. $ US 200)

Day 3:
Full Day Trip
Start: 8:00am,
1hour Drive

Kompong Plok-(Boat Trip)
Visit traditional village on the
bank of a largest natural reservoir
of Cambodia: Tonle sap Lake

Angkor Natural

Cambodian style
Lunch at Restaurant
along the way.

Overnight at Hotel in Siem Reap
Option 1: Siem Reap Cyclo Hotel – Nat. Road # 6 ( approx. $ US 50)
Option 2: Borei Ankor Resort & Spa ( approx. $ US 100)
Option 3: FCC Hotel Angkor ( approx. $ US 200)

Day 4:
Full Day Trip
Start: 8:00am
4 hour Drive

Drive: Siem Reap to Battambang
Visit Buddha Sculpture
on the way

Visit Baddish Temple
Village walk: farming
families & local furniture
/ woodcarving business

Cambodian style
Lunch, Dinner &
Breakfast (next day) at
Home Stay

Overnight at Home Stay
Located in Thamey Village, north of Battambang

Day 5:
Full Day Trip
Start: 8:30
2 hour Drive

Drive to Pailin
Visit Phnom Pram-pie ( Range of
7 Mountains) Khmer Rouge cavenow Buddhist monastery

53 Mountain Range
overlooking the Thailand
and Cambodia border

Cambodian style
Lunch at Restaurant
on the way

Overnight at Hotel in Pailin
Option 1: Memoria Palace Eco Resort ( approx. $ US 70)
Option 2: Ruby Resort ( approx. $ US 70)

Day 6:
Full Day Trip
Start: 8:00am
2 hour Drive

Phnom Yeah Yard & Buddhist
monastery -- Yeah Yard Shrine
Drive through unique landscape,
rolling hills dotted by mountain
peaks, lush vegetation, farms,
homesteads and rivers

Visit Mango farm
Waterfall including
relaxation & opportunity
to swim in waterfall pool
Experience the flight of
millions of bats at dusk

Cambodian style
Lunch at Restaurant
on the way

Overnight at Hotel in Battambang
Option 1: King Fy Hotel ( approx. $ US 40)
Option 2/3: La Villa Hotel (approx. $ US 100)

Day 7:
Full Day Trip
Start: 9:00 am

Cycling ( about 4 hours) through
Battambang market areas:
markets, visit home based
businesses: fish paste plant,
rice plant, rice wine, rice paper

Visit traditional Khmer
Bamboo Train
Evening: walk through
Bat’bang or Phare Circus

Cambodian style
Lunch at Restaurant
on the way

Overnight at Hotel in Battambang
Option 1: King Fy Hotel ( approx. $ US 40)
Option 2/3: La Villa Hotel ( approx. $ US 100)

Day 8:
Full Day Trip
Start: 8:00am
5 hour Drive

Visit Phsa Nat market in
downtown Battambang
En route: stop, look and
experience local street-food

Drive to Siem Reap
En-route: participate in a
traditional monk

Cambodian style
Family Farewell
Dinner in evening

Overnight at Hotel in Siem Reap
Option 1: Siem Reap Cyclo Hotel – Nat. Road # 6 ( approx. $ US 50)
Option 2: Borei Ankor Resort & Spa ( approx. $ US 100)
Option 3: FCC Hotel Angkor ( approx. $ US 200)

Home-Stay at the extended family of the Cambodian Tour Guide

Vanna’s Parents are of Cambodian ancestry – originally from the Preah Trapieng province, which is now part of South Vietnam. In 1958, during the turmoil of the Vietnam War, the family escaped to Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

Floating Village

During the Khmer Rouge regime in 1976 the family was moved to Thmar Koul and is living in this area until today.

The family was always self-supporting — living and working on a medium sized farming homestead

Vanna’s parents had 8 siblings: 4-boys and 4-girls.
One boy and one girl died during Khmer Rouge regime.
The remaining 6 children are married: 4 children in each family.

Vanna’s father passed away in 2013 at the age of 74.
The mom is now 84 year old and enjoys the rest of her life dedicated to the Buddhist fate.

All three boys are working in the same occupation: Government licensed Cambodian tourist guides.

Of the three girls the oldest sister lives and works on the family farm (homestay family), the second sister works at a local artisan center and the third sister is a nurse in Battambang. 

Overnight Home-stay at Vanna’s Family Home
The Home Stay is run by the oldest sister of the family
The residence is about 500 m away from the paved road, located in a
quiet agricultural area

Flat-house (single storey) surrounded by large shady verandas Private, separate bedroom & plus the option of out-door beds including mosquito protection (if desired) Shared bathroom (no hot water) and toilet

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