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Aranui Cruise Itinerary

Join the Aranui 5 on its voyages through the South Pacific. Here you will have a chance to visit the exotic Marquesas Islands.

The Aranui departs from Tahiti then visits islands such as Fakarava, Ua Pou, Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva, Tahuata, Ua Huka, Rangiroa, Bora Bora and back to Papeete (itineraries may vary).

Below you will find a sample itinerary and a description of what goes on each day on the Aranui. Or Read our Blog Here.

Aranui 5 Pre and Post Cruise Add-On Options

Are you interested in any pre or post cruise add-on options for the Aranui 5 cruise? We offer a multitude of additional options for your cruise to give you the best possible travel experience. Add on hotels, sightseeing experiences and more. For a full list of popular Aranui 5 cruise add-on options, visit our Add-Ons page

*2024 Aranui Itineraries

Marquesas Classic (12 Days)

Includes Bora Bora in 2024

Pitcairn Tuamotu & Gambier Islands (11 Days)

February 17 - 27, 2024

Austral & Society Islands (11 Days)

March 30 - April 9 & November 2 - 12, 2024

*2025 Aranui Itineraries

Marquesas Classic (12 Days)

Austral & Society Islands (11 Days)

April 5 - 17 & September 6 - 18, November 1 - 13 2025

Sample Aranui Cruise Itinerary & Blog

Aranui Cruise Day 1: Papeete, Tahiti

You will depart in the morning and set sail for your exciting adventure aboard the Aranui 5.

Aranui Cruise

Aranui Cruise Day 2: Tuamotu Archipelago, Fakarava

Fakarava is one of the many atolls in the Tuamotu Islands, the first of which has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The beach and crystal clear water is a popular spot for people of all levels to participate in snorkeling and swimming and to watch schools of brightly colored fish in the lagoon. Time is also available to wander around the small village of Rotoava to see the church built of coral and local arts and crafts. You may also rent a bicycle to visit the old lighthouse at the airport.
The entire morning will be spent on the island. Later in the day, we take off for the Marquesas.

Aranui Cruise Day 3: At Sea

You can relax in the pool, read a book on one of the sun decks, or just enjoy views of the peaceful South Pacific ocean.
The Polynesian crew will treat you as their welcomed guests, happy to talk about where they are from and introduce you to their rich culture. Many evenings the crew will sing and strum on their ukuleles, songs and rhythms from their home islands.

Aranui 3 Cruise

Aranui Cruise Day 4: Nuku Hiva

The Aranui sails into Taiohae Bay, an incredible volcanic amphitheatre filled with towering cliffs and covered in waterfalls. As the Aranui unloads it’s cargo, you are free to explore Taiohae, the small Administrative capital of the Marquesas Islands

Aranui Cruise Day 5 - The Marquesas Archipelago – Ua Pou

From the Aranui deck, you will see the soaring mountain peaks of Ua Pou. When the Aranui stops in port, villagers greet it as the crew unloads supplies. The Aranui brings supplies to the small islands with everything from cement and sugar. They then load up the local traditional copra (dried coconut meat) to be brought back to Tahiti. In the small town of Hakahau you can explore its ancient church with a hand-carved wooden dais. You will also have the opportunity to meet talented woodcarvers and take a hike up a breathtaking mountain for a view of the distant cloud-covered hills.
At Rosalie’s Restaurant, you will experience your first true Marquesan lunch: breadfruit (a marquesan staple food) along with barbecued rock lobster, curried goat, taro, poisson cru (raw fish soaked in coconut milk and marinated in lime juice), and sweet red bananas.

Aranui Cruise Day 6 - Ua Huka

Ua Huka is small but beautiful island. We will see a presentation of island dancing from a group of locals, visit a market where the islanders sell there drums and handicrafts and then visit a mountain view point with a stunning view of the island.


Aranui Cruise Day 7 - Tahuata & Hiva Oa

This little town only a few years ago, was opened up to the rest of the island when it received access via a small road. As a result the first cars in this village only appeared around that time. It is a very traditional village that has kept its friendly traditions and old way of life. Later in there day you will have time to get off the Aranui and explore Atuona, the second largest village in the Marquesas. This is where Paul Gauguin lived died and created some of his best works of art


Aranui Cruise Day 8 - Fatu Hiva

Because Fatu Hiva does not even have an airport, it is the most remote and adventurous island on the Aranui’s cruise itinerary. In Fatu Hiva you can take the optional 10 mile, 4 hour hike through the lush tropical mountains or explore two of the most remote villages in the Marquesas Islands!

Aranui Cruise Day 9 - Hiva Oa

You may have the option to walk or rent a jeep to visit an archeological site up the hillside. Here you can participate in a lecture on this historical site and find out more about the people who made it.

Aranui Cruise Day 10 - Nuka Hiva/Ua Pou

On day 11 we have a chance to visit an ancient Tohua (Marquesian gathering place) where we learn about the ancient uses of this site. Also we will have the opportunity to see some traditional Marquesian dancing and real petroglyphs.

Aranui Cruise Day 11 - Out On The Ocean

You will get the opportunity to enjoy views of the ocean, swim in the pool or a variety of other Aranui facilities.

Aranui 5

Aranui Cruise Day 12 - Tuamotu Archipelago – Rangiroa

One of the best snorkeling and scuba diving stops is Rangiroa. We will have an opportunity to picnic on the beach then snorkel the translucent waters exploring the vibrant coral and fish that live here. An excursion to a local black pearl farm is also provided.


Aranui Cruise Day 13 - Society Archipelago – Bora Bora

A breathtaking blue lagoon with its iconic mountain towering in the middle, Bora Bora is famous for its small villages and aquatic activities. Stop for a visit on a private island or take a lagoon tour to see manta rays, sting rays, schools of fish or the world war 2 cannons perched on the mountainsides. Bora Bora is no longer included on Aranui cruise Marquesas itineraries. We can however add on a side trip to Bora Bora following your cruise.

Aranui Cruise Day 14 - Tahiti

Arrive around 9:30 am in Papeete, Tahiti when you will disembark from the Aranui 5 and say goodbye to an adventure of a lifetime.

Feel free to visit the Aranui blog page!

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Aranui Cruise FAQs

Answer: There are two ways to regularly connect to the internet. 1) Order a cell tower powered Wifi hotspot routher or 2) Use the onboard wifi. If you want your own wifi hotspot that works off cell towers order a personal wifi hotspot before going to Tahiti. With Tahiti Wifi you will receive a router on arrival at the airport. Enter discount code FARANDAWAYWIFI when ordering to receive 5% off. Onboard the Aranui, two different Internet packages are available while on the Aranui. For 3500 cfp ($35) you will receive 150 megabytes of Internet connectivity and for 300 megabytes the cost is 5000 cfp ($50). Internet connectivity can be slow especially at peak time periods when large numbers of passengers are trying to connect at the same time. Connectivity is not available in staterooms and cabins but it is available in the Verandah Bar, Lounge, Sky Bar, Reception area, Dining Room and Fitness Centre. On some islands internet is also available. This includes villages on Takapoto, Taiohae – Nuku Hiva, Hakahau – Ua Poe, Atuona – Hiva Oa, Omoa – Fatu Hiva and Vaitape – Bora Bora.

Answer: Unlike many other areas of the South Pacific, the Marquesas Islands have weather patterns which are very consistent year round. There is only a two degrees change in average temperatures from month to month throughout the year. While September to December has about 30% less rainfall than other months, there is only and average of 2.6 to 6.9 inches of rain per month. Visit the weather page of our website for more details on the average weather patterns by month. As far as sea conditions, from September to May you will notice the seas are less rough than June, July and August.

<b>Answer: European format 220 volt power plugs are located throughout the ship. One North American style 110 low voltage electric razor plug is located in the washroom as well for very low voltage devices. Power adaptors should be brought if your device uses another current. Power adaptors are available for purchase in the gift shop.

Answer: Parents take primary responsibility for their children during an Aranui cruise. While daily kids activities may be arranged by Aranui staff (especially during school holidays), these activities are not guaranteed to operate as they may depend on staff resources. Know however that Aranui staff will do their best to make your family holiday exceptional for both children and adults.

Answer: Deep Sea Fishing (3 hours) 10,000 xpf,
Fakarava: bike rental 1500 xpf, Scuba for certified divers (2 hour) 9900 xpf, Guided Quad tour (1.5 hours) 28,600 xpf, guided jet ski tour (1.5 hours) 15,600 xpf
Rangiroa Scuba Diving 9,900 xpf, Glass Bottom Boat 6,000 xpf, and the following for
Bora Bora Otemanu Snorkel tour of Bora Bora in a 14 passenger motorized pirogue (canoe) 7,000 xpf (3 hours), A 20 to 60 passenger Shark Boy snorkeling with rays and sharks tour 5,500 xpf (2.5 hours), a guided Island Truck Tour for 15 to 40 people 6,000 xpf (3 hours), Lagoon Island Tour by boat (3.5 hours) 8,500 xpf, Beginner Diver (1 hour) 11,000 xpf, Certified Diver (1 hour) 9,900 xpf

Answer: There are 5 times during the Aranui’s two week voyage where the Aranui band will perform local and Polynesian music. The band consists of members of the crew who love to share the songs and sounds of the islands. The evening’s entertainment is located in the Veranda bar on deck 6. On select days usually from entertainers can also be found on the deck around the swimming pool area. On other days movies relating to the islands and destinations being visited, are played in the main lounge on deck 5.

Answer: The Aranui 5 has a swimming pool, conference room, 3 bars, indoor and outdoor lounges, a dining room, wireless internet in common areas, 2 small exercise rooms, a gift shop, library, games room, medical office, reception area and laundry room.

Answer: We recommend arriving in Tahiti at least one to two days before your Aranui cruise or 3 to 5 days early if you would like to visit the nearby island of Moorea. Tahiti has some 2 and 3 star hotels in the city of Papeete which are great for a short stay where you can walk to the main market and evening roulottes (food trucks) for dinner. 4 star resorts are located within a 10 to 20 minute shuttle ride from the city. Moorea is a short 10 minute flight or 30 minute catamaran ride from Tahiti and is where the Tahitians go to vacation away from the busy port of Papeete. Bora Bora is also stunning and worth spending 3 to 4 nights. We recommend disembarking the Aranui at 3:30 pm on day 13 (you only miss one dinner and breakfast as disembarkation is at 8 am on day 14). Depending on if you prefer B&B style accommodation, a resort with bungalows or even over water bungalows, we can help put together a variety of extensions to your Aranui trip.

Answer: Dietary requests can be accommodated provided you make arrangements at the time you make your Aranui reservation. Your passenger information form that is filled out and provided to the Aranui also asks questions and clarifies details of your dietary requirements. When boarding the ship, please make sure to reconfirm your dietary needs with the kitchen staff.

Answer: There is a doctor on each sailing of the Aranui. This doctor will change from one sailing to the next. A resident nurse can also be found on each sailing. This nurse can also assist with typical needs at the infirmary located on deck 3 in the hallway behind the reception desk and beside cabin 3502. Waiting area chairs are located outside of the infirmary room door.

Answer:• There is a money exchange office open once each day to exchange money into the local Polynesian Franc. This is located adjacent to the front reception desk of the ship. The exchange rate is set at the beginning of the cruise for the duration of the cruise. A fee of 500cfp is charged as a transaction fee on all cash exchanges no matter the amount. If using a credit card, an additional 2% is charged.

Answer: There is a store with varying hours located on the Aranui. The store sells souvenirs, t-shirts, Tahitian bug spray, Internet packages, pareo’s, sun dresses, hats postcards, magazines, sandals, black pearls, shell carvings, local jewelry, candles, vanilla, bags, umbrellas, raincoats, sunscreen sundries, sarongs, books, snacks, mugs, Cd’s alcohol, SD cards, power converters and much more. Store hours are posted in the lobby outside of the store entrance.

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