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Adventure Travel in Vanuatu: Volcano Tours and Jungle Treks

Vanuatu, a nation of roughly 80 islands in the South Pacific, offers a unique blend of adventure, culture, and natural beauty. From the fiery spectacle of Mount Yasur’s eruptions to the serene underwater worlds of shipwrecks like the SS President Coolidge, there’s something for every type of traveler. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-fueled activities like volcano tours and jungle treks or looking to immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions, Vanuatu’s islands provide an array of unforgettable experiences. Join us as we explore the top adventure travel opportunities in Vanuatu, including volcano tours on Tanna Island and hidden gems on Espiritu Santo.

Key Takeaways

  • Vanuatu’s Tanna Island offers a chance to witness the active Mount Yasur volcano, immerse in local culture, and explore lush rainforests and stunning waterfalls.
  • Ambrym Island is known for its volcanic landscapes with hikes to lava lakes and unique black sand beaches, alongside rich traditional practices.
  • Erromango Island invites eco-adventure enthusiasts to experience its rugged beauty, with opportunities for cave exploration, wildlife spotting, and waterfall swims.
  • Luganville serves as the gateway to Espiritu Santo’s diverse attractions, from historical dive sites to pristine beaches and freshwater springs.
  • Pentecost Island provides a cultural tapestry with its famous land diving ceremony, serene waterfalls, and rainforest expeditions that showcase Vanuatu’s hidden wonders.

Exploring the Heart of Vanuatu: Volcanoes and Culture on Tanna Island

Exploring the Heart of Vanuatu: Volcanoes and Culture on Tanna Island

Mount Yasur: Witnessing the Fury of an Active Volcano

Tanna Island is home to the awe-inspiring Mount Yasur, an active volcano that offers a rare opportunity to safely approach the rim of a live volcanic crater. The experience of standing at the edge, feeling the ground tremble, and watching the earth’s raw power as it ejects lava into the air is truly unforgettable.

Visitors are encouraged to embark on guided tours, especially at night, when the fiery spectacle of the glowing lava against the dark sky creates a mesmerizing display. The tours are not only thrilling but also educational, providing insights into the geological forces that shape our planet.

The ascent to Mount Yasur is a journey through the forces of nature, culminating in a panoramic view that captures the essence of adventure travel.

For those planning to visit, here’s a quick checklist to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Ensure you’re accompanied by an experienced guide.
  • Wear sturdy footwear suitable for uneven terrain.
  • Bring a flashlight for evening excursions.
  • Keep a safe distance as recommended by your guide.
  • Respect the natural environment and local customs.

Erromango Rainforest Reserve: A Journey Through Biodiversity

The Erromango Rainforest Reserve stands as a testament to Vanuatu’s commitment to conservation, safeguarding a plethora of native species and ecosystems. As you trek through this untouched paradise, you’ll encounter a symphony of bird calls and the rustling of leaves, a clear sign of the rich biodiversity that thrives here.

Among the many natural treasures, the reserve is home to vibrant orchids and the majestic Vanuatu imperial pigeon. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts will find themselves in a haven, with each step unveiling a new marvel of the island’s fauna.

The reserve not only offers a glimpse into the island’s ecological wonders but also serves as a vital sanctuary for the preservation of its unique wildlife.

For those seeking a more exhilarating experience, the nearby Dorrigo Falls presents an opportunity to engage with nature in a more adventurous manner. Whether it’s rappelling down the cascading falls or swimming in the serene pools below, the falls cater to both the thrill-seekers and those looking to unwind amidst nature’s splendor.

Dorrigo Falls: Rappelling and Swimming in Nature’s Splendor

Dorrigo Falls presents an exhilarating opportunity for adventure enthusiasts to engage with Vanuatu’s natural beauty. Rappel down the 160-foot waterfall to feel the rush of the water and the thrill of the descent. After the adrenaline-pumping activity, you can unwind in the tranquil pools at the base of the falls, where the water’s clarity invites a refreshing swim.

The designated viewpoint offers a stunning perspective of the cascading water, allowing for a moment of reflection amidst the splendor of nature.

For those seeking a comprehensive experience, here’s a list of activities available at Dorrigo Falls:

  • Rappelling down the waterfall
  • Swimming in the clear pools
  • Enjoying the panoramic views
  • Relaxing at the designated viewpoint

Each activity is designed to connect you with the raw beauty of Vanuatu, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Cultural Immersion: Experiencing Tanna’s Traditional Villages

The heart of Tanna Island beats to the rhythm of its traditional villages, where the essence of Ni-Vanuatu culture is preserved and shared. Step into Yakel, a kastom village where the past is a living part of the present. Here, locals live in harmony with nature, adhering to age-old customs that have been passed down through generations.

  • Participate in a kava ceremony, a key social event that offers a taste of local hospitality and tradition.
  • Learn about the unique John Frum Cargo Cult, a distinctive cultural insight that reflects the island’s history and beliefs.
  • Engage with the villagers and witness their sustainable way of life, from traditional weaving to the rhythms of customary dances.

Embrace the opportunity to connect with the people of Tanna, gaining an understanding of their deep connection to the land and their ancestral ways. This immersive experience is not just about observing; it’s about participating and learning, creating memories that resonate with the soul of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu offers adventure at Mt Yasur, marine exploration, rich cultural experiences, and delicious cuisine, making it a diverse and captivating destination. Whether you’re exploring the lush rainforests or the rugged terrain, Tanna Island provides a tapestry of experiences that weave together the natural and the cultural, inviting travelers to become part of its story.

Ambrym Island: A Blend of Natural Wonders and Traditional Practices

Ambrym Island: A Blend of Natural Wonders and Traditional Practices

The Volcanic Majesty of Ambrym: Hiking to the Lava Lakes

Embark on a guided hike into the heart of Ambrym to witness the awe-inspiring volcanic activity of Mount Marum and Mount Benbow. The challenging climb rewards adventurers with breathtaking views of bubbling lava lakes and vast volcanic landscapes, making the journey an unforgettable experience. Local guides ensure a safe and enriching trek, steeped in the respect for the customs and beliefs of the local people.

The stark contrast of Ambrym’s black sand beaches and the fiery glow of its lava lakes offers a serene escape and a unique adventure that is quintessentially Vanuatu.

Accommodation options on Ambrym range from guesthouses to homestays, providing a genuine taste of local hospitality. As you prepare for this adventure, consider the following essentials for your hike:

  • Respect local customs and obtain permission from chiefs before hiking
  • Wear appropriate attire for rugged terrain
  • Bring sun protection, insect repellent, and plenty of water
  • Ensure physical readiness for a challenging ascent

The island’s extraordinary landscapes frame an adventure that is both a testament to nature’s raw power and a nod to the rich cultural tapestry of Vanuatu.

Black Sand Beaches: Uncovering the Island’s Unique Shorelines

Ambrym Island, known as the ‘Island of Volcanoes and Black Sand Beaches‘, presents a striking contrast to the typical white sandy shores of the South Pacific. The black sand beaches, a product of volcanic activity, offer a unique and serene escape for those seeking a different kind of beach experience. These dark sands not only provide a dramatic backdrop for leisurely strolls and picnics but also serve as a gateway to the island’s vibrant marine life.

The warm waters surrounding Ambrym are perfect for snorkeling, revealing an underwater world teeming with colorful coral reefs and diverse fish species.

While the island’s landscapes range from rainforests to grasslands, the beaches remain a highlight for their distinct beauty and the opportunity they provide to connect with nature in a tranquil setting. For a comprehensive exploration, consider the following activities:

  • Relaxing walks along the shoreline, taking in the unique black sand vistas.
  • Picnicking by the sea, with the soothing sounds of the waves.
  • Snorkeling in the warm waters to discover the rich marine biodiversity.
  • Visiting nearby local markets for refreshments and handcrafted souvenirs.

Rangusuksu Waterfall: A Hidden Oasis in the Jungle

Tucked away in the dense foliage of Pentecost Island, the Rangusuksu Waterfall emerges as a serene retreat for those seeking tranquility away from the adrenaline-pumping activities. The gentle cascade of water invites visitors to indulge in the cool embrace of its natural pool, offering a moment of respite and connection with nature.

The journey to Rangusuksu is as enchanting as the destination itself, with paths meandering through the lush rainforest, unveiling the island’s rich tapestry of flora and fauna.

While the waterfall is a highlight, the surrounding area is ripe for exploration. Here’s a brief guide to making the most of your visit:

  • Follow the guided trails to uncover the diverse ecosystem.
  • Engage with the local guides to learn about the island’s cultural heritage.
  • Take a moment to relax and soak in the waterfall’s pool.
  • Capture the beauty of the falls and the jungle with your camera.

This hidden gem offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, making it a must-visit spot for any adventurer in Vanuatu.

Rainforest Treks: Discovering Ambrym’s Flora and Fauna

Embark on a journey through the lush rainforests of Ambrym Island, where the air is filled with the calls of exotic birds and the rustle of unique foliage. The island’s diverse ecosystems are a haven for nature enthusiasts and provide an unparalleled opportunity to observe a myriad of plant and animal species in their natural habitat.

The trek is not just a walk in the woods; it’s an intimate encounter with the island’s vibrant biodiversity. Each step unveils new wonders, from the tiniest insects to the towering ancient trees that tell stories of the land’s volcanic past.

For those keen on identifying the various species encountered, here’s a simple list to get started:

  • Vibrant orchids and other endemic plants
  • Colorful parrots and the majestic Vanuatu imperial pigeon
  • Rare insects and butterflies unique to the island
  • Native reptiles basking in the dappled sunlight

Respecting the customs and beliefs of the local people is essential, especially when it comes to sacred sites within the forest. Engaging with the environment harmoniously ensures a richer experience and contributes to the conservation efforts that protect these precious ecosystems for future generations.

Erromango: Unveiling the Thrills of Eco-Adventure

Erromango: Unveiling the Thrills of Eco-Adventure

Mota Lava’s Caves and Peaks: Exploring Erromango’s Rugged Beauty

Erromango’s Mota Lava offers an unparalleled adventure for those seeking to explore the island’s rugged beauty. Venture into mysterious caves adorned with ancient rock art, and witness the island’s dramatic rocky coastlines. The lush green forests provide a stunning backdrop for your journey, leading to crystal-clear waters perfect for a refreshing swim or snorkeling.

Embark on a guided hike to the island’s highest peak, Mount Vetmélé, where you’ll traverse lush jungles teeming with exotic wildlife. The reward for your efforts is a summit graced with breathtaking panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and neighboring islands.

The ancient Kauri Forest offers a unique opportunity to walk among massive trees that have stood for thousands of years, enveloping you in a sense of timelessness and wonder.

For those drawn to the sea, the coastal areas of Erromango are a treasure trove of vibrant underwater ecosystems. Whether you’re snorkeling or whale-watching, the rich marine life during the migration season is a spectacle not to be missed.

Mount Vetmélé Hike: Panoramic Views and Exotic Wildlife

The ascent to Mount Vetmélé is an exhilarating journey through the diverse ecosystems of Erromango. The summit offers a spectacular panorama, encompassing the vast Pacific Ocean and the verdant islands dotting the horizon. Along the way, hikers encounter a variety of exotic wildlife, making each step an adventure in itself.

The trail to Mount Vetmélé is a testament to Vanuatu’s natural beauty, with its lush jungles and rich biodiversity beckoning explorers.

The hike is accessible to various skill levels, ensuring that everyone from seasoned trekkers to casual walkers can enjoy the experience. Local guides are available to enhance the journey, sharing insights into the island’s flora and fauna as well as its cultural significance.

  • Local guide availability
  • Diverse wildlife sightings
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Cultural insights

Vanuatu offers stunning hiking trails for all skill levels, ensuring that every visitor has the opportunity to witness the country’s natural splendor.

Mele Cascades: A Refreshing Escape to Waterfalls and Pools

The Mele Cascades in Vanuatu present an idyllic escape for those seeking the tranquility of nature and the thrill of adventure. A short drive from the hustle of Port Vila, this natural wonder offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a serene environment, where the sound of cascading water complements the lush greenery of the surrounding rainforest.

Swimming in the natural rock pools beneath the falls is an invigorating experience, providing a refreshing respite from the tropical heat. The journey to the cascades is an adventure in itself, with guided tours leading through vibrant ecosystems, revealing the rich biodiversity of the area.

The Mele Cascades are a testament to Vanuatu’s top waterfalls, offering rejuvenating experiences in natural rock pools and secluded settings.

For those looking to extend their adventure, the nearby Hideaway Island awaits with its pristine marine reserve, excellent for snorkeling and diving, and white sandy beaches perfect for relaxation after a day of exploration.

Hideaway Island: Snorkeling and Relaxation in a Marine Reserve

Nestled just a ferry ride from Port Vila, Hideaway Island is a sanctuary of marine biodiversity and serene beauty. This marine reserve is a snorkeler’s paradise, offering crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral gardens teeming with colorful fish. The island’s white sandy beaches provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation after a day of underwater exploration.

The calm and inviting waters around Hideaway Island make it an ideal spot for both novice and experienced snorkelers to plunge into an aquatic adventure.

Visitors can look forward to a seamless experience, with snorkeling gear readily available for rent and guided tours ensuring a safe and enriching journey through the underwater world. For those seeking a more leisurely pace, the island’s beaches offer a tranquil retreat to bask in the South Pacific sun.

Here’s a quick guide to making the most of your visit to Hideaway Island:

  • Rent snorkeling equipment or bring your own to explore the underwater marvels.
  • Join a guided snorkeling tour to discover the best spots and learn about the marine life.
  • Take time to relax on the white sandy beaches and soak up the tranquil atmosphere.
  • Visit the underwater post office, a unique feature of Hideaway Island, where you can send waterproof postcards to friends and family.

Whether you’re looking to explore the depths or simply unwind by the sea, Hideaway Island offers a slice of paradise for every traveler.

Luganville: The Gateway to Espiritu Santo’s Hidden Gems

SS President Coolidge: Diving into History

Just a stone’s throw from Luganville, the SS President Coolidge stands as a submerged monument to history and adventure. This former luxury liner, transformed into a troopship during WWII, now rests as an underwater sanctuary for divers. Its hulking form creates a playground for marine life and an unparalleled dive site for history enthusiasts and underwater explorers alike.

Divers can navigate through the ship’s remains, encountering remnants of its storied past. The cargo holds still cradle military supplies, personal artifacts, and the famous ‘Lady and the Unicorn’ statue, providing a haunting glimpse into the vessel’s final voyage.

The dive site is not only a journey through time but also a testament to the resilience of nature, as coral gardens flourish amidst the wreckage, weaving life back into the fabric of history.

For those looking to delve into this watery wonder, here’s a quick guide to what you can expect:

  • Depth: Ranges from 20 to 70 meters, suitable for both novice and experienced divers.
  • Visibility: Generally clear, offering a vivid view of the wreck and its marine inhabitants.
  • Marine Life: Home to a diverse array of species, from colorful fish to sea turtles.
  • Dive Type: Both recreational and technical dives are possible, with something to offer every level of diver.

Champagne Beach: Sun, Sand, and Sea at a South Pacific Gem

Champagne Beach on Espiritu Santo is a quintessential paradise, boasting powdery white sands and waters so clear you can see the dance of colorful fish from the surface. The beach is a haven for relaxation and aquatic adventures, with opportunities for snorkeling and swimming in the warm, turquoise sea. A short stroll away, local markets offer a taste of Vanuatu with refreshing drinks, traditional food, and unique crafts.

Champagne Beach is not just a stunning locale; it’s a place where time slows down, and the joys of island life can be savored to the fullest.

Visitors often find themselves captivated by the serene beauty and the friendly atmosphere. Here’s a quick guide to making the most of your visit:

  • Arrive early to enjoy the tranquility of the morning.
  • Explore the vibrant marine life with a snorkeling session.
  • Relax under the sun or take a leisurely swim in the clear waters.
  • Visit the nearby market for local delicacies and souvenirs.
  • Stay for the sunset, a spectacular display of colors over the Pacific.

Blue Holes: Exploring the Crystal-Clear Freshwater Springs

The Blue Holes of Santo are a natural wonder, offering visitors the chance to swim in some of the clearest waters on earth. These freshwater springs are renowned for their deep, vibrant blue color and excellent visibility, making them a paradise for snorkelers and swimmers alike. Notable Blue Holes include Nanda and Matevulu, each with its own unique charm.

The allure of these springs lies not only in their beauty but also in the tranquility they offer. Surrounded by lush greenery, the Blue Holes provide a serene escape from the bustling world outside.

For those seeking an unforgettable experience, here are a few tips to enhance your visit:

  • Arrive early to enjoy the stillness of the morning.
  • Bring eco-friendly sunscreen to protect both your skin and the environment.
  • Consider a guided tour to learn about the geological formation of the springs.

As you plan your adventure in Vanuatu, make sure to include these hidden gems in your itinerary. The Blue Holes are a testament to the island’s pristine natural beauty and are not to be missed.

Millennium Cave: An Adventurous Trek Through Vanuatu’s Largest Cave

Embark on a journey to Millennium Cave, Vanuatu’s largest and most awe-inspiring natural wonder. This trek is not for the faint-hearted but promises an unforgettable adventure through dark, echoing chambers and along underground rivers. Prepare to be amazed by the sheer size and beauty of this subterranean marvel.

The excursion to Millennium Cave often includes a series of activities that enhance the experience:

  • A guided walk through the lush tropical forest.
  • Descending into the cave’s depths with the help of ropes.
  • Wading and swimming through the cool waters of the cave’s river.
  • Emerging into the daylight to witness a stunning display of waterfalls.

The Millennium Cave tour is a full-day commitment that combines physical challenges with the reward of experiencing one of Vanuatu’s hidden treasures. It’s a testament to the island’s natural beauty and the spirit of adventure that it inspires.

Safety is paramount, and all visitors are equipped with helmets and guided by experienced locals who know the cave’s secrets. This is an adventure that will leave you with stories to tell and memories to cherish.

The Cultural Tapestry of Pentecost Island

The Cultural Tapestry of Pentecost Island

Land Diving: Witnessing the Thrilling Naghol Ceremony

The Naghol ceremony, a precursor to modern bungee jumping, is a heart-stopping spectacle unique to Pentecost Island. Every year, from April to June, the island becomes a stage for this ancient tradition, where men leap from towering wooden structures with nothing but vines tied to their ankles. The ritual, deeply embedded in the island’s culture, marks the yam harvest season and is a test of courage and faith.

The land diving ritual is not only a test of bravery but also a communal event that strengthens the bonds within the village and serves as a rite of passage for young men.

For those who prefer a more tranquil experience, Pentecost Island offers serene alternatives. The Rangusuksu Waterfall and the island’s lush rainforests provide a peaceful counterpoint to the adrenaline of the Naghol ceremony. Visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the island, with guided tours revealing rare flora and fauna, and hidden springs that contribute to the rich tapestry of Vanuatu’s cultural heritage.

Rangusuksu Waterfall: Serenity Amidst the Jungle

Tucked away in the dense foliage of Pentecost Island, the Rangusuksu Waterfall emerges as a serene sanctuary, perfect for those seeking tranquility in nature. The gentle cascade of water creates a soothing ambiance, ideal for a refreshing swim or simply unwinding by the water’s edge. The waterfall’s secluded location offers a peaceful retreat from the outside world, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the island’s natural beauty.

The Rangusuksu Waterfall is not just a picturesque spot but also a testament to the island’s commitment to preserving its lush landscapes and rich biodiversity.

Visitors can enhance their experience by exploring the surrounding jungle, where the symphony of wildlife and the rustle of leaves underfoot accompany them on their journey. The area is ripe for discovery, with guided tours available to unveil the hidden gems of the rainforest, including encounters with unique flora and fauna.

  • Swimming and relaxation at the waterfall
  • Guided jungle treks to explore local biodiversity
  • Cultural experiences with traditional ceremonies

For those looking to combine adventure with cultural insights, the island’s traditional ceremonies offer a glimpse into the lives of the indigenous communities. The blend of adventure and culture makes a visit to Rangusuksu Waterfall a truly enriching experience.

Rainforest Expeditions: Encountering Pentecost’s Hidden Wonders

Pentecost Island is not only known for its adrenaline-pumping land diving but also for its serene and unspoiled natural beauty. The island’s rainforest expeditions offer a tranquil escape into a world of lush greenery and vibrant biodiversity. Visitors can embark on guided treks to explore the dense jungle, home to a variety of unique species and hidden natural treasures.

The rainforest is a living mosaic of ecological wonders, each step unveiling a new layer of nature’s artistry.

Here’s what you can expect on a typical rainforest expedition:

  • A chance to witness rare and diverse flora and fauna, some of which are endemic to Vanuatu.
  • Encounters with hidden springs and traditional ceremonies that enrich the cultural tapestry of the island.
  • Opportunities for bird watching, including the chance to spot the majestic Vanuatu imperial pigeon.

Vanuatu offers unparalleled eco-tourism experiences with diverse ecosystems, lush rainforests, vibrant coral reefs, and sustainable travel options for nature enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a curious traveler, the rainforest expeditions on Pentecost Island promise an adventure that resonates with the soul.

Cultural Encounters: Engaging with Local Traditions and Ceremonies

The cultural tapestry of Vanuatu is as vibrant and diverse as its landscapes. Engaging with local traditions and ceremonies offers a deeper understanding of the island’s heritage and the unique way of life of its people. From the spirited dances to the sacred kava ceremonies, each experience enriches the journey with unforgettable memories.

The best way to truly connect with the culture is through participation and observation. Visitors are often welcomed to join in the festivities and learn directly from the locals. This immersive approach allows for a genuine exchange of stories and traditions, fostering a sense of community and respect.

Here are some activities that encapsulate the cultural essence of Vanuatu:

  • Participate in a traditional kava ceremony, a central social event in many communities.
  • Learn about the John Frum Cargo Cult, a unique aspect of Tanna’s culture.
  • Witness the intricate craftsmanship of Ambrym’s woodcarvings and pottery-making.
  • Experience the Rom Dance, a significant cultural performance with elaborate masks and costumes.

Prepare with local currency and language basics for a fulfilling experience. Embrace the opportunity to explore Vanuatu for a unique adventure that goes beyond the usual tourist paths.


As the sun sets on our exploration of Vanuatu’s rugged beauty and cultural richness, we are left with a tapestry of unforgettable memories. From the fiery spectacle of Mount Yasur’s eruptions to the serene cascades of the Mele waterfalls, each adventure has been a testament to the island’s diverse allure. The cultural immersion in traditional villages and the adrenaline-fueled treks through lush rainforests have allowed us to connect deeply with this South Pacific gem. Whether you seek the thrill of volcano tours, the tranquility of jungle treks, or the simple joy of pristine beaches, Vanuatu offers a unique escape into a world of adventure and discovery. So pack your spirit of adventure and let Far and Away Adventures guide you to the heart of Vanuatu, where every journey is more than a trip—it’s a transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Vanuatu a unique destination for adventure travel?

Vanuatu offers a blend of natural wonders, from active volcanoes like Mount Yasur to lush rainforests and stunning waterfalls like Mele Cascades. The rich cultural heritage and traditional ceremonies, such as land diving on Pentecost Island, add to the unique adventure experience.

Are the volcano tours on Tanna Island safe?

Yes, volcano tours on Tanna Island, such as those to Mount Yasur, are conducted with safety in mind. Tours are guided by experienced locals who ensure visitors maintain a safe distance while witnessing the volcanic activity.

What kind of wildlife can I expect to see in Vanuatu’s rainforests?

Vanuatu’s rainforests are home to a variety of wildlife, including colorful parrots, the majestic Vanuatu imperial pigeon, and rare bird species. The Erromango Rainforest Reserve offers opportunities to see vibrant orchids and native plants as well.

Is Vanuatu suitable for family adventure trips?

Absolutely! Vanuatu caters to adventure seekers of all ages with activities ranging from snorkeling in marine reserves like Hideaway Island to gentle treks to waterfalls and cultural village tours. There are also family-friendly kayaking trips available in regions like Vava’u.

What are some must-visit places for first-time visitors to Vanuatu?

First-time visitors should not miss Mount Yasur on Tanna Island, the underwater wonders like the SS President Coolidge wreck near Espiritu Santo, the pristine beaches such as Champagne Beach, and cultural experiences in traditional villages across the islands.

How can I book an adventure tour in Vanuatu?

You can book an adventure tour in Vanuatu by contacting tour operators like Far and Away Adventures, which specialize in custom tours. They offer a range of packages that include volcano tours, jungle treks, and cultural immersions. You can call them at 1-888-883-2929 to customize your trip.

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