10 Secret Spots to Visit Off the Beaten Path in Tahiti

For tourists looking for sand, sun, and leisure, Tahiti is a stunning and well-liked resort. The island is well-known for its opulent resorts and breathtaking beaches, but there are also many undiscovered gems to explore. These ten secret spots in Tahiti will make your trip one to remember.


A great rainforest sceneryFenua Aihere

On Tahiti’s southern coast, in a stunning valley called Fenua Aihere, visitors can find a tranquil haven away from the activity of the island’s busier tourist areas. The lush forests, secret swimming holes, and breathtaking waterfalls that are tucked away across the valley are all enjoyed by visitors to Fenua Aihere. Fenua Aihere is a must-visit location for anyone seeking a closer connection to Tahiti’s stunning natural surroundings due to the hiking trails that run through the valley and provide beautiful views of the surrounding scenery. (secret spots in Tahiti)

Vaipahi Gardens

In the Papeete hills is the magnificent botanical garden known as Vaipahi Gardens. With a variety of indigenous plants, flowers, and exotic birds, the gardens give visitors the chance to fully experience Tahiti’s rich tropical landscape. The gardens are the ideal place to unwind and recharge because they offer a calm refuge away from the bustle of the city. (secret spots in Tahiti)

The Arahoho Blowhole

On Tahiti’s northern coast, there lies a natural wonder called the Arahoho Blowhole. The blowhole is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the island since it produces a strong eruption of water that shoots high into the air. Even though the blowhole is a well-liked tourist destination, it is still undiscovered and less crowded than some of the island’s other points of interest. (secret spots in Tahiti)

Vaihiria Lake

A tranquil crater lake in the mountains of Tahiti is called Vaihiria Lake. While taking a leisurely swim or having a picnic by the shore, visitors can take in Tahiti’s natural beauty at the lake. Anyone looking for a closer connection to the island’s natural beauty must check out the hiking trails that encircle the lake because they provide breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. (secret spots in Tahiti)

Mataiea Village

On Tahiti’s southern shore, in the picturesque Mataiea Village, visitors can get a taste of the real Tahitian way of life. The community is renowned for its classic architecture, stunning beaches, and welcoming residents. Visitors to Mataiea Village can unwind on the beach, learn about the community, and take pleasure in the island’s slower pace of life. (secret spots in Tahiti)

Man surfingTeahupoo

A surfer’s paradise can be found in the little settlement of Teahupoo on Tahiti’s southern coast. Surfers travel from all over the world to the town to test their prowess on some of the largest waves in the world. For those who don’t surf, Teahupoo has breathtaking ocean vistas and is a wonderful spot to unwind and appreciate the island’s natural beauty. (secret spots in Tahiti)



Papenoo Beach

The stunning black sand beach of Papenoo Beach is situated on Tahiti’s northeastern coast. The beach is less congested than some of the other beaches on the island and is an excellent place for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Visitors to Papenoo Beach can take in the spectacular ocean views, relax in the serene environment, and take in the natural beauty of the shoreline. (secret spots in Tahiti)

Maraa Grotto

On Tahiti’s northern coast is the magnificent underground cave network known as Maraa Grotto. The grotto is a well-liked location for swimming and exploration because of its clean pools and unsettling rock formations. Visitors to Maraa Grotto can enjoy a relaxing swim in the grotto’s chilly waters while viewing the island’s natural beauty from a unique vantage point. (secret spots in Tahiti)

The Three Waterfalls of Faarumai

The stunning waterfalls known as The Three Waterfalls of Faarumai are scattered along Tahiti’s north coast’s verdant forests. Visitors must travel through the forest to get to the waterfalls, which are hidden gems. Visitors will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the cascading waterfalls and the surrounding natural beauties, so the effort is definitely worthwhile.

Two coconut on the beachTahiti Iti

The smaller of Tahiti’s two major islands, Tahiti Iti, is frequently disregarded by visitors. However, it is a well-kept secret that is highly recommended for anyone looking for a more sedate and genuine glimpse into Tahitian life. Beautiful beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, and quaint fishing villages may all be found on the island. Tahiti Iti offers visitors the chance to see the island’s natural beauty, slower pace of life, and indigenous culture.

All things considered, Tahiti is a stunning and diversified island that has something to offer everyone. Even though the island’s more well-known tourist attractions are undoubtedly worthwhile, the less-traveled-by attractions offer a special chance to experience Tahiti’s unspoiled beauty and genuine culture. These ten undiscovered Tahiti locations, which range from tranquil crater lakes and grottos to hidden waterfalls, will make any trip there unique. Book Far and Away Adventure’s latest packages to explore these secret spots in Tahiti!

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Fenua Aihere, Vaipahi Gardens, The Arahoho Blowhole, Vaihiria Lake, Mataiea Village, Teahupoo, Papenoo Beach, Maraa Grotto, The Three Waterfalls of Faarumai, and Tahiti Iti are some of the secret spots in Tahiti.

Fenua Aihere offers lush forests, secret swimming holes, breathtaking waterfalls, and hiking trails with beautiful views of the surrounding scenery.

Vaipahi Gardens is a magnificent botanical garden with indigenous plants, flowers, and exotic birds, providing visitors a chance to experience Tahiti’s rich tropical landscape.

The Arahoho Blowhole is a natural wonder that produces a strong eruption of water, offering a unique and less crowded attraction compared to other points of interest in Tahiti.

Vaihiria Lake is a tranquil crater lake with hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, providing visitors with a closer connection to Tahiti’s natural beauty.

Mataiea Village on Tahiti’s southern shore offers a taste of the real Tahitian way of life, with classic architecture, stunning beaches, and a slower pace of life for visitors to enjoy.

Teahupoo is a surfer’s paradise with some of the largest waves in the world, attracting surfers from around the globe. It also offers breathtaking ocean vistas and a serene environment.

Papenoo Beach, located on Tahiti’s northeastern coast, is a less crowded black sand beach perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing, providing visitors with a serene and beautiful environment.



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