Pitcairn IslandPitcairn Island is a remote South Pacific islands between Easter Island and French Polynesia. It is Britain’s only inhabited overseas territory in the Pacific and has about 56 to 68 residents. Most residents are descendants of Mutineers of the famous Bounty and the Tahitian Polynesians who came with them.

MV Claymore 2There is no airport on Pitcairn Island and few ships sail to this destination. Far and Away Adventures can help to arrange a trip that will have you take small 150 passenger expadition cruise or a 2 night freighter cruise (each direction) on the Claymore II that will give you 1, 4 or 11 days on Pitcairn Island.

Bounty AnchorThe MV Claymore II is chartered by the Pitcairn government to provide supply runs from Southeastern French Polynesia, February to December of each year. The Claymore is a 486 ton vessel with a crew of 8. Far and Away Adventures can arrange up to 12 paying passengers for the expedition during the regularly scheduled supply runs.

PitcairnOne week Packages from Papeete, Tahiti start at $4938 US per person and include flights to Southeastern French Polynesia, round-trip freighter passage (2 days each direction), 3 nights accommodation on Pitcairn Island, meals and transfers.

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