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Vava’u 3 day Starter


24-26 Jan

21-23 Feb

07-09 Mar

11-13 Apr

23-25 May

06-08 Jun

20-22 Jun

04-06 Jul

18-20 Jul

15–17 Aug

29-31 Aug

05-07 Sep


19-21 Sep

17-19 Oct

14-16 Nov

12-14 Dec

B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner

Day 1: Kayaking

Meals: L, D.

Destination: Kapa Island.

Paddling Time: 3-4 hours.

An orientation and safety briefing commences 9:00 a.m. at The Adventure Centre in Toula Village before departing for the first of 3 days of kayaking. Please call us to reconfirm the time and venue. It is important that all participants attend this informative talk. Our journey begins in the Port of Refuge, reputedly the most protected and beautiful harbour in the Pacific. We paddle into renowned Swallows Cave, past Port Maurelle southward to Mui Houma point on inhabited Kapa Island. Tonight’s campsite faces picture postcard Nuku Island, a short swim or paddle across a narrow channel. The snorkelling in these shallow aqua waters is superb owing to the sandy bottom and mild current creating an aquarium of colourful coral and diverse fish life. For those interested in how the outer islanders live, Falevai Village is a 5-minute stroll along the beach. Finish the day in quiet contemplation watching the sun set on one of the best views in the Vava’u Group.

Day 2: Kayaking

Meals: B, L, D.

Destination: ‘Euakafa Island.

Paddling Time: 2-3 hours.

On today’s paddle our Tongan guide leads us south eastward through reef-strewn turquoise waters and across a wide deep channel to uninhabited ‘Euakafa Island. While paddling we may be fortunate enough to sight turtles, dolphins, and humpback whales, the latter of which migrate annually to Tonga’s warm sheltered waters (July-October) to breed and calve. This afternoon is free for snorkelling exquisite reefs and combing expansive beaches.

Day 3: Kayaking

Meals: B, L.

Destination: The Adventure Centre.

Paddling Time: 2-3 hours.

In the cool hours of the morning, a guided walk through tropical bush to ‘Euakafa’s distinctive tabletop summit takes us to the site of a legendary royal tomb within the fortress of a Tu’i Tonga king. On this final day of paddling, our journey back to the Port of Refuge is broken with a picnic lunch at Mala Island. Once the home of a cannibal demi-god who ate passing outrigger canoeists, Mala is now home to a friendly tourist resort! From the beach or kayaks we snorkel the entrancing Japanese Gardens before returning to The Adventure Centre.

Dates of Departure

24 – 26 January
21 – 23 February
7 – 9 March
11 – 13 April
23 – 25 May
6 – 8 June
20 – 22 June
4 – 6 July
18 – 20 July
15 – 17 August
29 – 31 August
5 – 7 September
19 – 21 September
17 – 19 October
14 – 16 November
12 – 14 December


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