The Brando Resort

“They built a paradise within a paradise… Hands down, this is the most beautiful island I have ever visited.”

Jeffrey K.

We would love to welcome you to The Brando Resort on the breathtaking Atoll of Tetiaroa​

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The Story of The Brando

Located in the French Polyensian, Tetiaroa is an atoll made up of twelve small islands, located less than 50kms (30 miles) away from the northeastern areas of Tahiti. It was once a favorite summer retreat for Tahitian royalty, who chose this island over the other 117 atolls that make up French Polynesia. The unbeatable peace and tranquility that Tetiaroa provides was later rediscovered by Marlon Brando, an American actor, film director and activist, and became his personal retreat. 

Brando’s goal was not to selfishly hog the wonders of this incredible private atoll and it’s three-mile inner lagoon, but rather to preserve and admire its immense beauty and cultural history. Marlon Brando wished that one day Tetiaroa would serve as a model example to the rest of the world, of just how incredible Polynesia and its people are.

About The Brando

The beauty and uniqueness of the culture and history of Tetiaroa and French Polynesia is undeniable. First discovered by explorers from Southeast Asia roughly four-thousand years ago, and later rediscovered by European explorers, the guiding stars have been guiding travellers through the South Pacific to French Polynesia for millennia. 

Despite complications that came with the Europeans unearthing, Tetiaroa remained sacred to the local people, which can be seen through the preservation of the land.

Getting to The Brando

Accessible only by a 20 minute, private, eight-passenger plane ride, operated by Air Tetiaroa out of Tahiti’s Faa’a International Airport, The Brando was created to bring Marlon’s dream to life. The resort itself is located on a 190-acre island, named “Onetahi”. 

Guests are now able to visit not only the main island of the resort, but are also able to explore any of the remote, unspoiled private islands surrounding the lagoon, all of which can be reached by either outrigger canoes, or by foot.

The Islands of Tetiaroa

Each of the other eleven islands has something special to offer. The largest of the group of islands, Tiaraunu is home to a huge number of coconut palm trees, while Honuea offers glistening white sand beaches to explore. 

Tauini, Tauroa and Hiraanae,located on the northern side of the lagoon, are separated by a small break in the coral reef, referred to as a “hoa”. This break is home to a vast array of ocean life, and very often visitors are lucky enough to discover the lemon shark nursery in the area. Once a coconut plantation, with its very own dock and village, Rimatuu was the very first one of these islands to be inhabited by Europeans. Reiono, home to a large population of coconut crabs, is the only islet that has preserved its primitive rain forest. 

If you are a lover of tropical birds, Tahuna Iti and Tahuna Rahi provide sanctuaries for these incredible creatures. Last, not least, but certainly the smallest, is the island of Aie.

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