We at Far & Away Adventures love wild stories and mystical yarns. We love adventure, and with each traveller we take on, we are satisfied knowing your story is in the making.

If you love off-the beaten path destinations like Iceland, the South Pacific or the Arctic, you’re in the right place.

Where Do You Want to Go?

HAnd Picked Expeditions

Kayaking Tonga

Trips range from easy to moderate paddling. They can include whale watching, island walks, mountain biking, sailing, scuba diving and warm, friendly greetings from the locals.


Hop aboard a luxury cargo-cruise ship and explore Tahiti, the Marquesas and Bora Bora. This trip of a lifetime will take you into the heart of French Polynesia. Here you will explore its history, culture, lagoons and sea life.

The Brando LUX

Escape to Marlon Brando’s secluded private island. At this award-winning eco-friendly resort, you will be pampered in ultimate luxury at one of its 35 villas.

What Our EXPLORERS say

I've travelled with Far & Away Adventures on trips all over the globe. Each is just as unique as it is amazing.

Jaeden K.

I am obsessed with travelling and have seen more amazing places with Far & Away Adventures than I ever thought possible.

Emma Velasquez

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